There are no NPCs in Journey – A Travelogue

Guy recounts the story of his journey playing Journey, the story he had constructed, and how the game managed to surprise him, in the end.

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Thunder_God1392d ago

Definitely a worthwhile experience. I'd recommend it to everyone, even if people might scowl at 2-3 hours worth of gameplay for $15 (MSRP).

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christian hour1392d ago

I missed this game the first time around, I had to sell my 360/ps3 in 2011 due to unforseen hopsickle bills (and that left me console-less excluding my brothers 360 up until march of this year), was a big fan of Fl0w and Flower (delighted my license carried over to ps4) so I'm eagerly awaiting a release date for a ps4 port.

Hey look, I said I'm eagerly awaiting a port, better downvote my bubbles guys, it's blasphemous!

All Jokes aside, I've done everythign in my power to avoid any footage or in depth discussions on Journey over the last two years so as to keep the experience fresh and exciting when I finally get my grubby mitts on it. Although I will admit there were moments of weakness where I nearly caved and watched a LetsPlay for it.

I only dared read the first paragraph of this article, then ran away in fear :)

Thunder_God1391d ago

Well, you're in for a treat! I don't think you can be spoiled, but sure, others' notes can affect your /experience/ - just as if I had known some things before playing, I'd have made different choices :)