The Daily Five: Questions Raised by EA Access

"Yesterday, EA revealed the Xbox One exclusive premium service, EA Access. This new subscriber service offers an all-you-can-eat plan to play some recent releases from the publisher behind Battlefield, Madden, FIFA, and Need for Speed. Whether you fall in the extreme "This is the best thing ever!" camp or the much more negative "This is the end of gaming" group, this announcement certainly raises more than a few questions about what EA Access could mean for the gaming industry." - Travis Tucker, Stealthy Box

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700p1270d ago

At this moment, it doesnt seem that EA cares about sony. That may hurt them.

OrangePowerz1270d ago

I don't they will do more in game Ads. They won't give you new games because that wouldn't be smart you make a lot more money with normal sales so they will add them to the vault when they don't really make anymore money from normal sales.

I'm still waiting to find out what the catch is because let's be honest it's EA after all so there must be a huge catch.

Einhert1270d ago

Its EA, Avoid.

That is all you need to know.

700p1270d ago

Why do i need to avoid them? I love their games.

Voozi1270d ago

But I work for them so I can't avoid :P

RedCloud881270d ago

I for one am thrilled with EA Access. Feels like the Sega Channel all over again. Really wish playstation now was handled like this(subscription access instead of per title fees). Admittedly, for me the initial Access offering is a bit lacking. I've already had Madden, not a fan of fifa, and have peggle and battlefield. But for anyone else and for me once more games are present, it's a steal.

DigitalHope1270d ago

From what I have read, its my understanding that any discounted games you buy through EA Access get locked under the subscription. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Because if that were the case I dont see how this service is any good. It's like paying to DRM yourself, which caused a shit storm back at E3 2013.

What I want to know is, are you always going to need to be online to authenticate the subscription before you play. Seems this service is more in line with Microsofts original vision. Again I may very well be wrong and correct me if im wrong.

JD_Shadow1270d ago

But isn't that what the PS Plus free game thing does now? Once your sub ends, so does your access to the games unless you renew. How is that any different?

DigitalHope1270d ago

PS Plus gives me free games that I dont pay a cent for and yes I need to keep the sub to play the game. Discounted games I dont need to keep the subscription going.

EA Access to me seems, ok I pay 5 a month, save 6 on a brand new game. The moment that 5 a month ends I can no longer play a game I saved 6 bucks on. Completely different. Still have to pay your fees to play online.

If Sony, EA, and Microsoft were smart the ea access would allow you to play online without plus or gold. At the very least do that for vault and/or sports games. That would be fantastic value.

JD_Shadow1270d ago

Big difference right now, though, in that EA is allowing you to pay 30/year for EVERYTHING in that library that they decide to add (might just be EA published games to start out with, but they could strike deals with other publishers down the line). Right now, with PS Now, you have to pay a separate fee for each game and keep all of those up.

If PS Now offered a subscription model where one price gave you unlimited access to all titles (which they've said was requested by nothing is guaranteed), then there could be more of a good thing there, but right now, EA Access could be the better deal here from that pricing model alone. Either way, Sony did no favors for themselves by putting out that statement.

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