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New Assassin's Creed Ingame Screenshots

The first game in the Assassin's Creed franchise is set in 1191 AD, when the Third Crusade was tearing the Holy Land apart. Shrouded in secrecy and feared for their ruthlessness, the Assassins intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict. Players, assuming the role of the main character Altair, will have the power to throw their immediate environment into chaos and to shape events during this pivotal moment in history. Check out these latest screens.
(Assassin's Creed, PS3)

shotty  +   3362d ago
Hmm looks like Oblivion, which system were these screens taken from?
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amrasmord  +   3362d ago
probably ps3
i would think that these sreens were taken from the ps3.
schnodder  +   3362d ago
Yeah, a bit like Oblivion ....
... but the animations will be amazing.
TheMART  +   3362d ago
That runs really nice on 360 hardware ;)
When would Ubisoft officially declare it's coming to PC/360? And then also say that it will be a 2 month exclusive or so

I must admit: it looks better then Oblivion, if this will be the real in game footage
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clayton  +   3362d ago
Probably running on a 360 covered up with a sheet
There still is no final beta dev kits, so I doubt it is running on a PS3, if it is on a pre-beta dev kit, those have 2 gigs of ram which the Ps3 won't have, plus since blue-ray reads so slow I bet most PS3 games will load alot of data onto the hard drives like they did with the Gran Turismo HD presentation at E3, you could hear the guy say the game was loaded onto the hard drive probably because BooB Ray isn't ready yet.
achira  +   3362d ago
theMart you are so ignorant and envy. i have no words for such a busturd like you.
but the games looks pretty good. the hourse looks very natural. i want a ps3 !!!!!!!!!!!!! now !!!
zypher  +   3362d ago
the game is running off a PS3-emulating PC dev-station
it's PS3, trust me. looking good so far, considerably better than Oblivion did when finalized. can't wait to try it.

to all the XBox fanboys: if you really like what you see in Assassins Creed (and FFXII, DMC4, Mercenaries, Lair etc., all games CONFIRMED as PS3 exclusives yet you seem to HOPE will go multi-platform), why not stop being a fanboy and just get a PS3 for them? better than sitting back waddling in the hope that it MAY come to the 360. i want Oblivion and Ghost Recon so guess what, i'm going out and buying a 360 for them, not sitting back and merely hoping that they'll come to the PS3 (which the next Ghost Recon actually will do anyway).
FamoAmo  +   3362d ago
I dissagree
Assassins Creed was at E3 running on a 360!! And no doubt this game might only be on the PS3 at the PS3 launch the 360 will also have this game. Assassins Creed is also on the 360 so its no exclusive.. Also #6 the 360 exclusive blow PS3 exclusives up.. The 360 has more and better exclusive.. Thats what you don't get MS and the 360 has the games this gen not Sony!!
Schmitty07  +   3362d ago
Assassin's Creed
Ubi has announced it is a timed exclusive.

And in the game are we playing as a Muslim?
jedicurt  +   3362d ago
replay to 6.1
it was not running on a 360 at E3, it was running an a PC dev kit for the ps3. there is a big differance. quite trying to portray rumors as fact
USMChardcharger  +   3362d ago
Well smart one
some of us, for money reasons have to pick and chose one system to support.
and that does not mean that we are poor or do not work hard enough...but some of us have mouths to feed as well.
achira  +   3362d ago
6.2: give me a link please, where it states that ubisoft makes it time exclusive. and please no xbox links.
zypher  +   3362d ago
To 6.4
having mouths to feed is called life. hate to sound harsh: but deal with it! i have mortgage, a car note, insurance, utilities and a slew of other responsibilities called bills. i'm not sitting around complaining that a game i like isn't being made for the SYSTEM i like because i don't have the money to get the system i DON'T like (which makes little sense if you think about it: whats the point of NOT liking the system that has games you DO like?). Sony and Microsoft are in this to get your $ (both of them alike). its their job to get the games/exclusives to ensure that consumers purchase their products. for whatever reason (be it idiotic fanboyism or just plain'ol lack of funds) you can't buy both systems, then get what you can and enjoy it. my thinking is that if you really want a game on another system then you'll get that system. if you can't afford it, then apparently it wasn't meant for you to have. if you don't want to get a system for only one game, then thats a choice you just have to live with.
omansteveo  +   3362d ago
How good is it?
They keep talking about how cool this game is gonna be but they havent given us a Gameplay demo to look at, maybe its bc it doesnt caome out for atleast a year after the system...if it plays as good as it looks then maybe the PS3 will be cheaper when this does finally come out
shotty  +   3362d ago
You can't say it's off the ps3 because we just don't know, especially after E3. We will wait for the game to come out and see if it looks better on the ps3 or the xbox 360.
Marriot VP  +   3362d ago
can't wait for this on the 360
so I wonder how long it'll be for Assassins creed. We all know it's time exclusive, but how exactly long is that.
Anerythristic26  +   3362d ago
Usually 3 to 4 months. Extreme cases can go over 6 moths approaching a year. Ubi loves MS so I figure it will be exclusive for a short time , meaning you'll be able to pick up your copy with added exclusives for the 360 within 4 months.
Marriot VP  +   3362d ago
yup, i thought so. I forgot how long GTA3 and 4 took.
achira  +   3362d ago
10 years or never
Anerythristic26  +   3362d ago
I think it is important for you to realize that I realize that DMC4 and MGS4 are exclusives. Unfortunetly Assassins Creed was NEVER a PS3 EXCLUSIVE and was confirmed by a Ubisoft Rep. on Ubisoft OFFICIAL message board on thier OFFICIAL site that it is not a PS3 exclusive at all. Look it up , soory your upset. I hope the caps make it clear to you.
Marriot VP  +   3362d ago
hey anera, achira's worthless. Trying to set him straight is like trying to teach japanese to an autistic kid.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3362d ago
While not trying to be a "fanboy" and these screen do look very good. Like everyone else said the ps3 kits aren't done, so who knows. But I would believe it more if their were things on screen like life meters, and whatever else
Monolith  +   3362d ago
this looks amazing..............and this definitely looks better than Oblivian. That game is boring so is Morrowind
Monolith  +   3362d ago
this looks amazing..............and this definitely looks better than Oblivian. That game is boring so is Morrowind
ps3willrule  +   3362d ago
the mart ur retarded
if u wern't so ignorant u would actually look it up on the internet to find that this game running on a 360 was a rumor!!!! it was running on pc emulating a ps3 BIG DIFFERENCE....but to people that actually look at games this game looks amazing!! can't wait to get it...and it can only get better.

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