No Brazilian Clubs Will be Included in FIFA 15

FIFPlay: EA Sports today has informed that Brazilian League clubs will not be included in FIFA 15 due to licensing issue.

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LightDiego1395d ago

Damn, i can't play with my Grêmio, the best team of the world, way better than Bayern, Real Madrid and Barcelona!
I'm kinda sad, that happened because Brazil don't have an association of football players, not EA's fault this time.

Metallox1394d ago

I wouldn't be able to sign Brazilian players in the Manager mode. That's a huge letdown for me. Anyway, doesn't matter that much, I'm planning to buy FIFA 14 very cheap next year, since it seems to FINALLY include South American leagues.

itani1394d ago

PES got the license instead

Nathan1701395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Unfortunately when I'm playing fifa online I only use 4-5 teams,so this becomes
quite irrelevant for me.
What I really want is gameplay improvements and better servers.
This new fifa is all about emotion(let's hope the demo proves me wrong).

mafiahajeri1394d ago

Who cares brazilian teams suck

gamernova1394d ago

I plan on playing FUT so whatever. I'm not a fan of stepping backwards but at least they were honest. Just make up for it with removing scripting and not allowing slow defender to catch 95 pace players and we're good.

ninjagoat1394d ago

Add the J league and I'm happy ;)

pompombrum1394d ago

Won't happen, PES has the license for that sadly. I really want the J League too, want to cause some upsets with the mighty Reds.

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