IGN UK: Dead Space Preview

Games have long looked to their cinematic counterparts for inspiration, be it Resident Evil's skewed appropriation of George Romero's Dead canon or Halo's unmistakable premise of melding James Cameron's entry into the Alien series with its own cullings from the front line of seventies sci-fi pulp, and Electronic Arts Dead Space looks to plunder further than most as developer Redwood Shore endeavour to create the most terrifying experience committed to the digital medium.

So keen has been its borrowings that many have expressed dismay at the weary familiarity of protagonist Isaac Clarke's traipse through the strobe-lit corridors of Dead Space's Ishimura ship, and while the game's Product Manager Derek Chan won't be drawn on specifics, it's clear that Dead Space wears its celluloid influences on its sleeve. "It's the best stuff," says Chan when pressed on where the Dead Space team turned to for inspiration. "We're influenced by the best horror films and the best sci-fi films and there are obvious homages to survival horror games."

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