The Last of Us Remastered sets new standard for rereleases

ShackNews - "We already know The Last of Us is a fantastic game. Even if you've championed the game on PS3, though, the PlayStation 4 "Remastered" version is well worth experiencing."

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Aldous_Snow1117d ago

What a load of poppycock!!

Angels37851117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Keep trying to stop the waves with a napkin...

OT: I couldnt get my copy yesterday :( They were sold out after work at nearly EVERY gamestop in a 20 mile radius of my house :(

I'm actually VERY surprised by this... I'm interested in seeing the sales numbers for this game. What if the remaster sells more than the PS3 version?? :0

MasterCornholio1117d ago

More than 7 million copies?

I dont think so but I believe it will sell at least a million copies.

SoapShoes1117d ago

^ Maybe not more than 7 Million but give it a year and I'm sure it'll do at least 4 million.

XBLSkull1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Headline will only hold true until the Master Chief collection releases, and that is a fact.

I just bought this game and I don't see what the big deal is. I played to the point where you meet the little girl, stopped yesterday, and don't really have any desire to pick it back up. Seems this game is highly overrated. Maybe it gets better but the hour or two I've played have been underwhelming. Maybe the incredible hype and all the GotY awards have set my expectations way to high. But from what I've played, its clear GTAV should have got all those awards, and I think TLoU just got them because it is a new franchise and not a sequel.

ABeastNamedTariq1117d ago


Game barely started at that point smart one. Smh

marlinfan101117d ago


where he meets ellie? thats the very beginning lol give it a little more time, it gets good. people made it seem like its the greatest game ever made, which i don't agree with, but it is a really good game. id definitely try it again if i were you

Thehyph1117d ago

"I just bought this game and I don't see what the big deal is. I played to the point where you meet the little girl, stopped yesterday, and don't really have any desire to pick it back up. Seems this game is highly overrated."

This guy *literally* hasn't fought ANY infected yet in a post-apocalyptic game where an infection was the cause, and now he's writing the game off and personally discrediting any praise achieved?

nicksetzer11117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Really? I am buying this game as I never got to play it on PS3. That aside, this remaster seems like a pretty lazy port.

The visuals are almost identical other than upres, there is paid dlc releasing AFTER the remaster (i have never heard of a goty or remaster pulling that) and nothing really differentiates it from the original.

Don't get me wrong I believe that this remake SHOULD have happened, and am happy it did, but it is certainly not an impressive port, just a necessary one.

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LordMaim1117d ago

Are you here in another The Last of Us comment thread, trying to drag it down? Don't you get tired of shouting at the hurricane?

truefan11117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

The author of this article doesn't even believe that title. It has been confirmed that there are few differences between the 2 versions. Halo MCC laughs at tlou remastered, hell sony never even showed gameplay.

1117d ago
Angels37851117d ago

confirmed by who?


certainly not the reviews that cite it as one of the best looking next gen games...

Angels37851117d ago

Every time I see one of you idiots say "CONFIRMED" LIKE IT HOLDS ANY FACTUAL makes me feel like I lost a few IQ points

objdadon1117d ago

Once again someone keeps bringing up halo in a tlou article! Laughable! I don't no what world you live in but not everyone likes halo in the first place! I've had the 360 as well as the xbone and ps4 and I never cared for halo! The Last of us needs no defending from anyone! All you have to do is Google it to see its glorious well deserved praise! Kick rocks!

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Dudebro901117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Master chief collection will be the new star. 4 games for $60. That's a deal.

If you ask me $50 for a pretty and smoother version of a year old game is far too much.

thereapersson1117d ago

Uh, don't forget you also get all the DLC / bonus content in that 50 dollar package. But then again your bias would lead you to omit that fact, wouldn't it?

Speak_da_Truth1117d ago

Let me ask you this all those Halo games what are their value right now??? As for TLoU on Ps3 its about $27

Plus all the DLc and with improve visuals its well worth the price plus is you have the Ps3 version and don't want to pay full price just trade it in and pay half the price.

marlinfan101117d ago

@speak da truth

you're comparing prices of a game thats a year old to games that span all the way back over 10 years? lol come on now.

compare sales if you want to compare something.

EData1117d ago

Hard to argue with the value of a newer game, versus a bunch of older games.

I think TLoU is the better value personally.

thereapersson1117d ago

I'm a staunch TLOU supporter but you have to admit that comparison is really flawed.

Speak_da_Truth1117d ago

I made the comparison because of what @Dudebro said thats all.

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Twiggy1117d ago

Can't argue with that really, first timers will be the ones who benefit from TLOUR, I'm buying it simply for an excuse to play it again with all the extra bells n' whistles.

If I had an Xbox I'd probably buy the Halo collection, that is something worth dipping for.

user74029311117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

know whats better than the master chief collection? the sega genesis collection. over 50 games.

Sevir1117d ago

I Just finished The LEFT BEHIND Story DLC! It was so good. I loved how it balanced the Time of present and past! I just wished they'd have told more into the story of how ELLIE Had to deal with seeing Riley turn! It was gripping to say the least, I felt sorry for both of them. Really good mechanics!

GW2121117d ago

Shush... no story spoilers... I am playing through for the first time. Thanks.

Ripsta7th1117d ago

WOW!!! Thanks for effin ruining the dlc for me all of those who read your goddamn comment.

Silly gameAr1117d ago

He didn't really spoil anything.

Sevir1117d ago

I spoiled nothing! You'll see how it goes. Youll enjoy it.

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SuperBlunt1117d ago

Lets also add the notion that this one game is better than all four halo games. God damn overrated arena shooter

Allsystemgamer1117d ago

We could throw it into perspective here you know. Halo 1 and 2 can be bought for less than $5. Halo 3 for about 5 Halo 4 for 20. Just because you're getting more games doesn't make the value any different.

Now that being said it's talking price only. I plan on getting MCC

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MilkMan1117d ago

You mean in how fast they (Sony) can jack your wallet twice?
Yes, it is a new standard. I thought Ground Zeros was a new low. This surpassed it.

Twiggy1117d ago

"Highest rated video-game of all time."

The word gets around, and quite a few people want to experience it, it ain't jacking if you buy it willingly, especially if you haven't played it before.

Zodiac1117d ago

But it isn't the highest rated video game of all time. Not being so doesn't hurt the quality of the game, but it is an easy search to see that it isn't the highest rated.