Sources: Crytek USA's Leadership Quit Last Week

Kokatu :

"This afternoon, Crytek announced that they had downsized their Texas-based USA studio and moved development of the free-to-play co-op shooter Hunt: Horrors of the Guilded Age to their main offices in Frankfurt, Germany.

What they didn't say is that Crytek USA's senior staff, including studio head David Adams, quit over a week ago because they weren't getting paid, according to people familiar with goings-on at the company.

As of last week, the bulk of the studio—which employed 30-35 people—was gone, and as a result of their departure, Crytek was forced to shift development of Hunt (pictured above) to their Frankfurt office.

It's a sad case of lightning striking twice for the folks at Crytek USA, which mostly consisted of people who worked at the studio Vigil, which dissolved when publisher THQ went bankrupt in 2012. "

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XiSasukeUchiha1360d ago

Crytek is going to be bankrupt, and their done.

Angels37851360d ago


Good. Crytek have made nothing but bad business decisions and terrible games. Only a few showed any promise...that was never realized.

Godmars2901360d ago

More like okay games that had an overemphasis on graphics, which ironically they never really delivered.

showtimefolks1360d ago

That's what happens when all you do in your games are push graphics. Gameplay in crysis 2-3 was dull/boring and just not fun. Ryse was more of a tech demo than an actual game

sad thing is this studio had potential, time splitters,farcry1 and Crysis1. How can they go so far in the wrong direction is beyond me. I hope sony buys the time splitter IP. its amazing how we all wanted a damn HD collection and never got it

I hate seeing people quit or get laid off but end of the day, its a business and there were many wrong business decisions made

now question is will someone buy crytek or just buy their IP's like how THQ went

ChuckTheIceMan1359d ago

I think they had high hopes for the cry engine which also never panned out.

SuperBlur1359d ago

they already started selling assets , homefront owner is DeepSilver now . It's just getting started me think.

Joey_Leone1360d ago

I think the first crysis (PC) was the only good game they made lol.

TheDevKit1359d ago

Then they went multiplat and both their game design and sales suffered.

ATi_Elite1360d ago

So much Doom and Gloom!

Quit, resign, selling off, closing, etc. this is Crytek slimming the fat trying to stay alive.

Deadpoolio1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

No this is the end of a mediocre developer who made mediocre games full of flash with little to no substance, first they stop paying employees, then they sell off Homefront...

Which part is hard for you to grasp about this being the beginning of the end, those employees who left could also potentially sue for their wages...Unless someone comes along and buys them they're done plain and simple...Your delusional if you think this is trimming the fat to stay alive...Ryse was a flop and with all the money they blew through to make it, that was most likely the beginning of the end

Hopefully they do the right thing and sell all their crap to get the money they owe people and keep those IPs alive...BTW that is 2 studios they closed in the last week

ramiuk11359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

puting so much time into WARFACE ,which is a awfull atempt at a shooter when u compare to games aready out and ryse not selling well due to xbone exclusive and poor sales ,it was a huge risk they took and it didnt pay off.
i liked ryse(ps4 owner here)but it did fall short imo

fingers crossed homefront stays multiplat.

on another note i pray we get a decent company (NOT EA) buying timesplitters and a new one comes out and good luck to all the employees that have gone or been shafted

MightyNoX1360d ago

First Crytek UK and now Crytek USA. Any word on Crytek Shanghai?

XiMasterChief1360d ago

Wasn't Crytek USA formed after THQ bankruptcy?

TheRacingX1359d ago

yeah. It's pretty much the old Vigil games that did the Darksiders games....although the Darksiders IP was sold to 505 or Deep Silver I think....

barb_wire1360d ago

Crytek UK is closed. Homefront: Revolution, Deep Silver bought the IP and assets and gave it to their new studio Dam Buster Games in Nottingham.

Inzo1360d ago

Why? because there was a sudden realisation that Crytek will never make a game worth mentioning unless its about graphics?

kingduqc1359d ago

Crysis 1 and far cry where great. They stopped being good when they started making games for consoles

Inzo1359d ago

Not really. Crisis and FarCry were good but you cant blame consoles for lack of talent, thats like saying UC2 and TLOU which are arguably two of the best games ever made and many more other games are not really that good because they are on consoles.

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