You don’t need Xbox Gold for EA Access unless you play online

EA has some good news for you regarding EA Access: no double subscription on Xbox One unless you want to blast people online in Battlefield 4.

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user74029311423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I wonder how many people are going to play battlefield 4 for the offline -_- smfh EA knew this. And that ladies and gentlemen is your "catch"

WilliamUsher1423d ago

Technically, it's better than what I thought.

I had imagined that the entire thing would have required an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Still, like you mentioned, EA knew that a game like Battlefield 4 would be useless without its online component.

BiggCMan1423d ago

This is pretty expected honestly. It's not really EA's problem, it's just that multiplayer on Xbox Live requires Gold no matter what. PS4 as well, but I guess it won't be on PS4.

Either way, I don't like what EA is doing with this. Because now EVERY major company is going to do the same exact thing and it's not as valuable as people believe.

Let me put this in simple terms then. Would everyone be happy with Netflix if all it provided was Steven Spielburg movies?

This is basically what EA Access is, and I don't agree with it.

I also believe it will open the floodgates for more frequent DLC at higher prices since people are getting the base games for much cheaper.

Dudebro901423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Comparing movies to gaming is pointless. Two very different markets with very different strategies.

ABizzel11423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Then there's little to no reason for Sony to not allow it, as it basically treats games as F2P (excluding the subscription). If anything include it after he service improves it's "Vault collection"

The main question I should ask is once the Vault collection changes do you no longer have access to those games, or as long as you have them downloaded you get to keep them (like PS+ games).

Oh and congrats to MS and EA for trying something different, although I'm not a fan of the service just yet since it needs some big improvements, specifically a much larger catalog of Vault games (PS460Wii games would make it worthwhile).

GiggMan1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I think MS should have included this with Gold. They could have just gave exclusive rights to EA games and beefed up their already existing Games With Gold program.

Imagine just having to pay for Gold and get EA exclusive content without having to pay another sub. It would've made PS+ seem less of a value.

Also why no 360 support? MS will drop a console in a heartbeat...

4Sh0w1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

lmfao a "catch"
Uhm where have you been?..of course you have to pay for xbl to play online, just like ps4, EA has no say in that as it's been standard policy since 360. Stop the fanboyism iis making you sound drunk. The good news here is that if you don't already pay for xbl then this is not behind a paywall like in the past. I personally don't think it affects that many X1 owners but still a nice choice by micro/EA.

Are you kidding me, microsoft is rich but they aren't going to foot the bill and give you "Exclusive rights" and all of EA "exclusive content" for free. Your logic amounts to saying "imagine having to just pay for psn and getting all of sonys games and exclusive content for free". You sound like a dreamer wishing everything was free. These are business's, they sometimes offer deals to spur sales growth/extra revenue/goodwill but they can't be expected to stay in business if they run it like a charity.

GiggMan1423d ago


You are not getting all EA content for free. Who said that? You are getting some old EA games for free while you are subscribed.

It's not that much different than PS+.

Full game trials, access to older game, and discounts. What's the difference? you get all this with just your PS+ subscription.

What's wrong with wanting more for your money? I also think that Sony should incorporate PS Now into their subscription service also. The less subs the better. Nothing wrong with that and only a fanboy would want to spend more money than they have to.

dcbronco1423d ago

I'm not sure how anyone but a fanboy can't see the value in this if you don't already own these games. It also includes all of the DLC. That alone is a huge savings. For BF4 it's like getting a limited edition for $30s. Along with all of the other titles. And according to EA, there are no current plans to eventually remove anything from the vault. If you normally buy FIFA or BF, this is a great deal. It means everything else is free. And it gets better as the years go on.

thorstein1423d ago

So, now you pay %80 a year to play Battlefield? Do you at least get DLC with that?

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Lawboy21423d ago

How is that a catch...u dont need xbox live for alot of things but who would have an xbox one without xbox live when most games on the system requires online...such as

Plants v zombies

Ghost_Nappa1423d ago

3 games is not "most" of the x1 library.

Bonkerz1423d ago

LMAO how is that a "Catch" you clown? This is actually damn good news, since everyone always says "paywall" this is giving you the oppurtunity to use this pretty cheap service even if you arent gold. Also why are you acting as if this only gives you Battlefield? Yea, what a dumb comment by you...

Ghost_Nappa1423d ago

The catch is that you need Xbox Live Gold to to play multiplayer on Xbox Live? Shocking.

nicksetzer11423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

LOL the spin in you guys is hilarious. You do realize you need XBL gold or PSN to play the online components of the retail copy of these games as well right?

Godz Kastro1423d ago


That's a really silly comment. Everyone is paying for online now including PS owners. This is on top of... What? Do you think PS now is going to be free with your PS+ subscription? Come on man...stop

gamerfan09091423d ago

You can't play any game online without PS+ or XBL Gold. I don't see your point.

UnHoly_One1423d ago

And as of right now (1 hour after he posted this), this utterly moronic comment has 14 agrees.

So there are at minimum 15 people on N4G just in the past hour that are this stupid.

That's impressive.

truefan11423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Man you are just reaching, but you still have nothing. I know you couldn't wait to say paywall paywall paywell, but Phil Spencer wasn't going to give you the ammo. There are zero negatives to EA Access no matter how hard you try to make up stuff. It's fairly priced and optional.

AS perfectly stated by I3eyond the CIRCLE below DX12 could be huge if it allows older EA games created for PC to be ported to XB1 easily to increase the EA Access catalog. Mass Effect collection, Battlefront, and Mirrors Edge would be a great start.

stiggs1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )


You're a GENIUS! You uncovered the deep seated conspiracy that EA has perpetrated upon the naive gaming public. How did decipher such a convoluted and heinous scheme?

BTW, this is sarcasm (just in case you haven't figured that out).

I love how he though that his statement was so revelatory and clever.

Xb1ps41423d ago

I wonder how many ppl that have a ps4 and or a xb1 don't have there online service?

vork771423d ago

i would play battlefield 4 offline

MeliMel1423d ago

Wheres the catch. Get that mumbo jumbo crap outta here.

DJStotty1422d ago

at the end of the day if you dont agree with EA Access. Very simple, dont pay for it. Just buy the games you want. This is just another option for gamers. Options are always good and should not be grumbled at. Imagine if game developers/manufacturers gave you no options whatsoever???

Grown Folks Talk1422d ago

I am. Haven't played a minute of multiplayer, & won't. Only mp I play in shooters is co-op campaign.

BallsEye1422d ago

Silly argument. When you buy a retail, boxed game on ps4 or xbox one you can't play online unless you have PS+ or XBLG. How is that any different? EA access is a great value that will keep on growing. I hate the early access to betas/demos/etc but I do love the ever growing library in the vault. 30 bucks A YEAR? That's how much I spend on a lunch everyday at work, here in Europe.

Ps4marksthespotnotX1422d ago

If this was ps4 and not xbox one that had decided to do this deal it would be bad according to you spin doctor.

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XiSasukeUchiha1423d ago

The always online option EA you sneaky snakes.

no_more_heroes1423d ago

So its really only great for single player games then.

gamer11381423d ago

Only in the context of not wanting to pay for xbox live gold. If you're happy to pay for xbl gold then you're still getting a good deal.

no_more_heroes1423d ago

Yeah, that's what I meant. Not saying that its bad with the two of them, but was just saying that its only dirt cheap for single player games, or at least games you don't play online.

Rocky51423d ago

Well it's still dirt cheap, £19.99 for a £45 game & all its DLC, I spent £90 on BF4 & premium & I always have Gold so it's really only £19.99 in my eyes, since I buy live every 3 years. (I buy in bulk when I find 12 month + 1 month for £26 quid)

Gh05t1423d ago

No I already have gold so I can play online in other games... this is just another option to run along side gold. Its not like gold somehow costs me more because of this. I was already paying for gold and now I might pay for this... one is not directly related to the other.

Now if you don't have gold right now anyways then again it doesn't mean squat because even if you bought BF4/madden/fifa separately you still wouldn't be able to play multiplayer without gold.

This is just being consistent. If you want to play a game multiplayer you need to have gold.

This at least allows you the option of playing some games cheaply. Although without more games, I want to play, I'm not in on this yet.

Godmars2901423d ago

And since more EA games have or are based around an online component...

Zichu1423d ago

It's just giving people options, it allows people who don't play games online that ability to play single player games. It benefits everyone that sees the value in this service, Gold or not Gold.

Godmars2901423d ago

What are major, $60, EA games that are single player only?

Team_Litt1423d ago

Lol now you are just reaching. Darkride was bitchin that MS are at fault for adding a $30 to their $60 Gold service even though this isn't even their program. Now we find out that Gold isn't even a requirement and you wanna try and m downplay this as well. D minus! Online or not, Fifa 14, Madden 25, Peggle 2 and BF4 for a whole month for $5 is a bargain. Some other publishers want to charge you that for ONE game for a few days but let's not go there.
Mass Effect
Mirrors Edge
Dragon Age
Dead Space
Those games are single player focused. You can play those games without once needing to play the online multiplayer.
Fifa and Madden also have an offline multiplayer, a feature I use all the time on Fifa with my mates. I have yet to play a single game online.

gamer11381423d ago

Interesting...good move MS/EA.