Star Wars Battlefront 3 Planet Tatooine Location Confirmed

"Planet Tatooine will be making its way into the upcoming Star Wars FPS."

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TheBurger291326d ago

Hopefully we get some NEW locations and not just doing all the same places.

Lazyeye791326d ago

Lets hope they do as many, if not more, map locations as the second.

I fear that they will release the game with 6 or 7 different maps and then sell the rest as DLC.

Agent20091326d ago

That's like... f*cking obvious, anyway.

WillGuitarGuy1326d ago

Agreed. A SW:Battlefront game wouldn't be the same without Mos Eisley.

ATi_Elite1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Come on what about the Death Star!!!

Planet Tatooine is most likely the training area for crying out loud!

Death Star is where the action is at.

contradictory1326d ago

Death Star should just be a vehicle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

KwietStorm1326d ago

If Tatooine wasn't in it, something would be very wrong.

ThichQuangDuck1326d ago

FPS? Is it confirmed FPS or Third Person or switch between? You would think they would at least confirm that

WillGuitarGuy1326d ago

They confirmed it to be a FPS/ TPS for the longest time now.

ThichQuangDuck1326d ago

Sorry I missed the full confirmation of that. I am surprised at any game that will have to balance both fps and tps between.

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