The Big Bosses of Metal Gear Solid

A hero's true worth lies in his ability to overcome the greatest of villains. Metal Gear Solid's slithery protagonist, Snake, has conquered not only the greatest of villains, but the weirdest mustache-twirlers gaming has ever seen.

Join Joystiq as they examine their favorite fearsome foes, kooky killers and big bosses.

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Mr_Kuwabara3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Decoy Octopus had the most retarded death but yet again, it helped us understand how powerful FoxDie really was.

Solidus still stands as my favorite of the Snake bros. A true Son of Liberty.

vitz33839d ago

Sorry man, Shoot Gunner, and Running Man FTW.

Mr_Kuwabara3839d ago

LOL, they should had at least given props to some classic Metal Gear villains.

cmrbe3839d ago

Is wrong in Snakes case imo. Snake is a true hero because of his ability to overcome the trauma of events that happened in his career. Unlike Big Boss and other of snakes siblings. He didn't let things that happened in his life twist him like the others. Snake is a true hero because despite all the sh*t that happened to him, he still remained a very nobel person.

niall773839d ago

But he is one badass MFer and that go along way.

If you smoke a smoke that you kepth in your stumic for a few hours you can be as cool as snake to.

madness3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

vulcan raven <=> raging raven
psycho mantis <=> screaming mantis
decoy octopus <=> laughing octopus
sniper wolf <=> crying wolf

kojima up to his classic trickery again

Mr_Kuwabara3839d ago

Well, Liquid Snake was probably lonely so he wanted his FOXHOUND team once again. =P

I just want to see how they fight compared to those of MGS1.