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Submitted by Kayant 558d ago | news

Crytek drops U.K. studio and downsizes its team in Austin after Deep Silver buys Homefront


"Crytek just sold the rights to Homefront to Saints Row publisher Deep Silver, and the company is also enacting some major restructuring.

The Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome developer is closing its U.K. studio and cutting jobs from its U.S. team in Austin, Texas. Much of the talent from Crytek U.K. will join Deep Silver’s new studio in England to continue working on Homefront: The Revolution. The Austin wing of the company will remain open to operate as a support team for North American developers that license the studio’s CryEngine development toolkit, but development of co-op thriller Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age will move from Austin to Crytek’s Frankfurt team. This news comes after months of rumors that the developers was missing payroll payments to its employees." (Crytek UK, Industry)

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user7402931  +   558d ago
that sucks
DeadRabbits   558d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Benoski  +   558d ago
A shame, really.

But let's face it: Crytek is dead. There's not a chance in hell that they can recover from this.
Gh05t  +   558d ago
Why not? They have what six or seven offices/studios left?

I'm no Crytek fan but I would say they are far from over and have the chance to restructure multiple times before they sell out completely (Assuming no one makes them an offer that's worth taking before they are truly out of money).
TheGrimReaper  +   558d ago
1 true dev department left -> Frankfurt, Germany
Gh05t  +   558d ago
Crytek in Bulgaria is making Arena of Fate so I don't know how there is only "One true dev department left"
danny818  +   558d ago
i feel bad for the people working on homefront. Its been jumping around like crazy lol to cryteck, and now deepsilver. Starting from THQ
HacSawJimThugin  +   558d ago
Should of sold Ryse to MSFT back in March...
ABizzel1  +   558d ago
I understand why they wanted to keep it, but if the price was right it would have been sold Day 1 without a second thought if I were in charge.

But at the same time when you're an artist it's kind of hard to let your work go.

But back to the real world of business, who else wants Ryse as an IP besides MS? Nobody, so why not go ahead and work with them on a real exclusive. Do like Epic did with Gears of War. 3 game deal, and then sale off the IP.
HacSawJimThugin  +   558d ago
A lo of people wouldn't have lost jobs if they would have sold it to MSFT. They could have save some of their former employees a ton of heart ache and financial woes if they sold the IP instead if making them suffer. I don't respect them for that reason alone.

I hope to see a Ryse sequel on day, I still enjoy playing it and though it was a cool regardless of popular opinion. Other than that, I agree with you...I would have sold it day one.
XUnit  +   558d ago
Perhaps Deep Silver gives the green light for a new TimeSplitters. The guys at the UK Studio (former FRD) really want it.
Daniel_Potter  +   558d ago
I am pretty sure the IP is in Crytek's hands
Artista  +   558d ago
It looks like sacrifices had to be made to stabilize the firm.

at least they won't be closing down. *phew*
Eyeco  +   558d ago
Well that's a wrap, what I'd give for a Timesplitters 4 tho one can dream :-(
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Goro  +   558d ago
Bad news. Koch Media/Deep Silver are the next EA, they're incredibly greedy and tend to rush out as many games as they can. Just look at Dead Island, they release the game buggy as hell, then they don't even bother patching it before moving onto the next one as fast as they can and then continue to repeat the process. The original Dead Island released less than 3 years ago and we already have 5 games in the series now (Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide, Dead Island Arena, Escape Dead Island and Dead Island 2). Meanwhile, i'm still waiting for Dead Island Riptide's first patch to fix the broken way-point system but that's obviously never going to happen which proves my point.
Harmonizer  +   558d ago
Thank god Deep Silver rescued the UK studio from closure and people loosing their jobs.

I hope we'll get to see a release of Homefront as it was meant to be originally.

Hopefully Crytek will learn from this and stop their ridiculous F2P projects and massive investments and focus on their AAA quality games and the wonderful Cryengine.
modesign  +   557d ago
whos gonna by the cryengine

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