Sigourney Weaver Alien Isolation Interview – ‘It Was Exciting For Me To Have a Flamethrower’

GameCentral - "Over the years we’ve interviewed many of the great and the good of the video games industry, from company presidents to gaming’s most talented creatives. But until now we’ve never come close to experiencing the peculiar mix of fear and excitement that is being truly starstruck."

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user74029311419d ago

cant wait for alien isolation

Neonridr1419d ago

preordered it so I could get the Nostromo bonus missions. Looks awesome.

WilliamUsher1418d ago

Wow they actually got to interview Sigourney Weaver? That's very impressive.

WitWolfy1418d ago

This game better not disappoint!

WilliamUsher1418d ago

Just read the entire interview. That was extremely well done... great stuff.

It's interesting -- the topic about making new material using the actors' likeness from when they were younger... man, I hope they do that with a Clint Eastwood or Steve McQueen game.

Dannycr1418d ago

Agreed! The interview was really interesting and fun and it succeded in exposing SW as the kind and down to earth woman she is, plus, the topics they talked about were interesting and fun.

ironmonkey1417d ago

that would be an honour to be in the same room with sigourney.