The making of Sledgehammer Games and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

It takes an army to make a Call of Duty game. That’s why, over the past five years, Sledgehammer Games has staffed up to 225 people who have taken over an entire floor of a big office building hidden away south of San Francisco.

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DevilishSix1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Very good read, I remember Glen Scofield co-founder of Sledgehammer games became real popular when he conceived and developed the original Dead Space (that was a great game at the time)he decided to leave EA and form his own studio at Activision. I think we will finally see the fruits of his labor. This COD could finally break the franchise out of its funk if what this article says is true.

The future of video games is story, atmosphere, and character developent with relationships, this is what makes The Last of US one of the greatest of all times. Our hobby is getting diminishing returns in the graphics department year after year so the future is the potential to create worlds and characters we care about. Good Luck Sledgehammer hope you can achieve your goals.

TheBurger291422d ago

Unlike the guys over at Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer games seem to actually care about the game and want the series to evolve.