From 1994 To 2014, The PlayStation Brand Continues To Dominate

TechRez: There have been some truly ridiculous articles on the internet suggesting Apple acquires the PlayStation business unit of Sony, while others have simple screamed in what couldn’t be less than the cry of a frustrated Xbox fanboy that the PlayStation brand simply needs to die! While neither of the opinion standpoints makes any sense, we would attempt to lead you through the journey of the PlayStation brand, one of Sony biggest profitable business units, but it wasn’t all gloom, there were equally doomsdays that would have entirely consumed the PlayStation brand.

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truefan11326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Should probably be 1994-2006, 2013-present. ps3 was outsold by the wii by over 15 million consoles and 360 sold approximately 90 million more games, I wouldn't call that domination.

mrpsychoticstalker1326d ago

Exactly, in terms of sales the wii u dominated. But let's not forget the Xbox 360 was number one for more than 28 consecutive months.

Starks1326d ago

So unfortunate that you cannot even provide a single link to your abhorrent lies about the 360 selling 90 million more games, not one at all. How sad. At least the effort is there, right? Right...?

thereapersson1326d ago

Ah, truefan1... one of the first to comment on a pro-Sony article. Gotta keep flexin' those trollish damage control skillz, ey brah?

Stay classy, my friend!

xHeavYx1326d ago

@Truefan and Stalker
You are like the Sasuke of the Xbox brand, I don't even know how you get the courage to downplay Playstation, when Xbox has always been dead last in this race

jmac531326d ago

I am going to have to amend your timeline to 2011 to present speaking as a 360 owner that is when MS lost it's focus and started chasing the casual crowd. From 2011 - 2013 all we got was one big AAA per year while Sony was dropping exclusive after exclusive.

uptownsoul1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

How about 342 MILLION Playstation Home consoles sold in it's now 4th home console generation? Is that dominating enough for you @Truefan1?

By contrast, Xbox has 120M in it's now 3rd home console generation
Nintendo has 290M in it's now 6th home console generation

Pure Definition of the word Domination!!!

chrisarsenalsavart1326d ago

@ trollfan1
you know that ps3 has been outselling x360 worldwide since 2008, right??
And in 2006, the only territories ps3 was available was north America and Japan .
In 2007 ps3 was finally available in Europe and the rest is history.when u consider all the bad press, the higher price, the network hack, ps3 outsold x360 with a year late in the market and two holidays season behind in europe.
Comprende esse?

uptownsoul1326d ago

I just want to put my last post in some context…At 342M Playstation home consoles compared to 120M Xbox home consoles, Xbox could outsell Playstation by 20Million units and it would still take 11 Generations to catch up

KingofGambling1326d ago

Wasn't this the same guy that stake his pride on Xbox One outselling the PS4 when Microsoft dropped the Kinnect on June to 399?

InTheLab1326d ago

Uptown pretty much wrapped up the conversation. Nothing else needs saying.

Why o why1326d ago

You know those two are full of **** when 360 fans are correcting their notions

Dirtnapstor1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

@ mrpsycho
That's because Xbox gamers where constantly replacing their consoles, alas the "boost" in sales.

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n4gamingm1326d ago

no last gen the wii destroyed both console.

Hellsvacancy1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Sorry but the Wii didn't have many if any, games that I wanted to play

I want/like mature games

I did however buy a Wii for my daughter, she's six but even she's grown out of it and moved on to my PS3

randomass1711326d ago

Wii had far fewer games that I wanted than my PS3 but that doesn't change the fact that the Wii sold more hardware because of its broad appeal to casual gamers.

n4gamingm1326d ago

I'm not a nintendo player there games are for children, but they sold the most consoles last gen and i believe software.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

If Wii had nothing then why did PS3 get ports of
No More Heroes
Tales of Graces
Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World
Goldeneye 007
Rune Factory Tiles of Destiny
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Hellsvacancy1326d ago


Do I want to play any of those games? that's why I said "sorry but the Wii didn't have many if any, games that I wanted to play"

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uth111326d ago

wii sold more units, but their casual user base evaporated.

By the end of its lifecycle, it felt like the system that lost the console war, not won it!

chrisarsenalsavart1326d ago

Wii user base was the mom, girlfriend...
Who bought the machine for Wii fit.
The first 30 million bought it for MK, Mario and Zelda(which was one of the best launch game ever imo)
They were some gems but nobody bought them.

ATi_Elite1326d ago

OK Playstation Domination didn't start until the death of Dreamcast. You could see it coming you could feel it you knew it was happening but Complete Total Iron fisted domination didn't happen until the Dreamcast was killed by Sega's incompetence.

PS1 and PS2 had deep competition from N64 and Dreamcast but once Sega botched the GREATEST console ever made then Sony's Domination started with only a slight dip when that $600 priced Ps3 came out but a price drop fixed that.


Sorry but the GPU in the PS4 is so much more powerful than whats in the XB1 and if Sony backs down form the "Gotta have 1080p" they could really make some kick but 720p games with the GPU doing more GPGPU operations for a far greater experience.

Drop the resolution down to 720p and YES StarCitizen could run on the PS4 because the tflops and Ram are there. Not sure of the network bandwidth though since it would run through PSN they might have caps where as Dedicated PC servers do not.

but overall Playstation has done console gaming RIGHT every friggin time.

Nintendo cough Gamecube WiiU cough are slight mistakes on your overall STELLAR record. Good systems with NO GAMES are systems that have deterred 3rd party support.

Microsoft one word, Kinect!

Starks1326d ago

I don't think Microsoft can hold a candle to both Sony or Nintendo in terms of what they offer. Their choices for what is best for the Xbox has been horrible and one of the main driving factors in why they're not doing well.

danny8181326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

i would like to share a story that really is true to my heart. My aunt and cousin introduced me to the ps1, i would play twisted metal with him. He was in skool in the am when i would arrive for my aunt to take care of me, she would tell me "play with benhurs nintendo" ofcaose she meant the ps1. She passed away in 2005. Since then i have owned every playstation. The brand bbrings me nostalgia and made me a fan at an early age, since then my hobby for gaming has been fun and full of good times

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