‘The Crew’ online play, servers, and crew level up system detailed by Ubisoft recently spoke with Ander Willans – a senior game designer at Ubisoft Relections – about how The Crew will approach online play, how the servers will work, and how the crew system will function in solo play.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Well, it is a MMO after all! and just like a MMO game, it's always online.
I'll just rent it first and i'll decide if i accept this always online thing or not
because i do have a great internet service despite i had minimal issues with it, maybe it'll be ok. Since they'll let players go solo without forming a crew up at any time, i'll just avoid co-op play.

jaymart2k1392d ago

I played the beta, they never fixed the issue that wouldn't let you see other players in your world for more then 5 seconds.

Hard to invite someone when everyone on the map disappears so dam quick.

Also sometimes I play for an hr & there's no other players, again even they did they only show up for 5 seconds.