10 X-Men quotes too awesome for Made With Code Bracelets

From the article, "So, there’s this thing happening at Google. As part of a big project to promote coding as a worthwhile thing to do, you can hop over to this website and play with a Made With Code bracelet customizing tool. You can even have it sent to you free of charge, fresh out of a 3D printer. At GamerTell, we pride ourselves in our silliness. We decided it would be a fun idea to pick out memorable quotes from our favorite games, lines we feel are perfect for a giant hunk of nerdy plastic. Old Japanese games are certainly easy targets for this kind of thing, but even so there’s no topping the goldmine that is X-Men: The Arcade Game. I wrote a list of my 10 favorite quotes from this classic, thoroughly stupid arcade brawler, then immediately jumped on the site to create my very own “WELCOME TO DIE” bracelet.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out."

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