Sony Needs a Plan for the PlayStation Vita

Since the launch of the PlayStation 4 last year, Sony is dedicated in supporting and furthering their vision with their next-gen hardware. The same cannot be said, however, for the PlayStation Vita, which has remained mysteriously absent for some time.

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user74029311303d ago

yea the vita is in bad shape...fantastic device though.

Neonridr1302d ago

sadly it's primary use for me is so I can play my PS4 in bed with it. If I didn't get free games on PS+ for the Vita I probably wouldn't have any games for it... :P

novurdim1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

That's sad, remembering the solid list of pretty unique games. You should have at least given it a chance, then maybe it wouldn't be in such a bad shape.

TongkatAli1302d ago

It's still young the best is yet to come, can't wait for Gravity Rush 2.

spacedelete1302d ago

too bad Sony are essentially abandoning the this point theres no reason to own a Vita. all it gets are indie games that look like were made in 10 minutes that are on PS3 and PS4 anyway.

its such a shame as its a fantastic handheld that could offer an alternative to the PS4. at this point its shocking Vita has 10 million sold.

i sold my Vita years ago because i saw this coming as its best games were PS1 and PSP games which i could play for free on my cellphone.

TongkatAli1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

This is a list of games coming to the Vita

That is just the tip of the iceberg, almost all you can't find on a mobile device.

novurdim1302d ago

You missed quite a few interesting releases then.

Neonridr1302d ago

@novurdim - I haven't given up on it. I am just saying that right now I just use it for playing my PS4 in bed. If games come out that appeal to me, I will pick them up.

kreate1302d ago

Vita just has a bunch of rpg games.
So if ur not a rpg gamer. There's nothing for u on the vita.

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spacedelete1302d ago

meh. i have a PS1 and PSP emulator on my cellphone and it does the job for me and i get those games free due to roms.

nigelp5201302d ago

What Sony should have done was:

-Include a UMD Drive so we can play our whole psp collection
-Used memory Sticks or Sd cards

The Vita needed huge games such as Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Phantasy Star Online 2 to make sales but the first two went to the 3ds and the last is kust an import

MorfiTM1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

IMO the decision to abandon PSP in December 2013 was an error on PS Asia's part. They should have done it in December 2012 when they saw that the sales are tripping. Because the developers started to create perverted or anime-based games only a year ago the call to go on board the vita train just started in Japan - and that means that we will need circa 1-1,5 years for developers to grow accustomed to it and start creating quirky games like loco roco or Patapons and other games which made PSP THE handheld.

Deciding it only a few months ago had thrown vita into a mudslide which resulted in "no first party games for vita" and "vita is being the remote for PS4". Now it's... too late to change this outlook so many of us vitabros will just stay there like a captain on a sinking ship.

ninjahunter1302d ago

Sony should add intensive for devs to use the vitas features.

A vast majority of the beloved games on vita are beloved because they are better on vita, or have a feature that makes them better than if they had been on another platform.

A couple examples:
Persona 4 golden is the best version of persona 4 and uses vitas online capabilities to an extent. Gravity rush would be inferior with a standard control scheme. Uncharted vita used the camera and touch controls to add charm to the game, wipeout had motion controls that actually worked.

Some people say that the vita needs more AAA games, buttt, vita has whole echosystems of AAA ports, and quite frankly, the only thing they have convinced people of is that the games are better on console.

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