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Neverwinter Is Coming To Xbox One

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are proud to announce that their MMORPG Neverwinter is coming to the Xbox One console, somewhere early 2015. (Neverwinter, PC, Xbox One)

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Dlacy13g  +   218d ago
YES! I want more games like this on console.
Abash  +   218d ago

Apparently it's also coming to PS4
Dlacy13g  +   218d ago
Good, the more the merrier!
MasterCornholio  +   218d ago

Thank you Abash.
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bicfitness  +   218d ago
My favorite part of N4G is how you have more 'disagrees' than 'agrees' just for posting a factual link.
MazzingerZ  +   218d ago
actually old news, they just needed a date but it was already known it was coming to both consoles

tbone567  +   218d ago
Is EA Access coming to PS4?
troylazlow  +   218d ago
700p  +   217d ago
You're very informative.
KuroKazuma  +   218d ago
this is sooooooo old news
Chrono  +   218d ago
Played it on PC during beta, wasn't bad. But it was struggling to keep the players, most of them quitted.
Roccetarius  +   218d ago
The first mistake was relating it to D&D, then there's Perfect World.

It's no wonder people quit the game, because PWE is known for using Pay2Win schemes. Hell, you could even pay with real money, in order to obtain the best gear in the game.
Ashlen  +   218d ago
I will never argue that PW doesn't employ a P2W strategy that sells power. But people also have to acknowledge that you can obtain most everything by farming and selling things on the auction house.

Granted, the PC versions economy has been broken by rampant exploits allowing certain people to obtain billions of AD and breaking the ZAX (Zen to Astral Diamond Exchange) to the point there is close to a ten million AD backlog.

But the general idea was to allow F2P people to obtain most everything the game has to offer.
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Cryptech  +   218d ago
Also coming to PS4 for those who are interested.
nerdman67  +   218d ago
Be nice to play with some of my console people
Jyndal  +   218d ago
Neverwinter was ok, but I prefer open world MMO's over instanced zones.
TRD4L1fe  +   218d ago
Awesome. Always was interested in this game. Best news of the week right here
DougLord  +   218d ago
Played it on PC. Nothing interesting. Also it's horribly CPU bound and both PS4 and Xbone have horribly gimped CPUs.

Not trying to start a flame war, but with DX12 and a SLIGHTLY faster CPU, this might be the one game that runs better on Xbone.
Ashlen  +   218d ago
While it's true that MMO's use more CPU than a typical single player or small peer multiplayer games I highly doubt either CPU will have any trouble with the game as long as they are properly threaded.

In fact, if there is any difference in the two the PS4 will benefit more from it's faster memory when it comes to quickly loading the many different armor textures and weapon textures in the hub town (Neverwinter).
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