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WWE 2K15 Roster: 15 Overrated Wrestlers That Need Downgrading

WC: A year in the WWE can feel like a lifetime. One minute a wrestler is main eventing, a while later and they can’t even get on the show. That’s partly why it’s refreshing to get an annual WWE 2K video game release, it reflects the changes in the WWE programming. The stars who were considered the best rated talent a year ago are in some instances the weakest wrestlers on the show today. There are guys who won all the time in the run-up to WWE 2K14′s release, who nowadays lose every week in under three minutes. WWE 2K15 is going to have to reflect these changes, so expect the in-game ‘ratings’ system to look very different come the October release.

2K14 ranked its wrestlers out of a hundred. The top level talent, the television main eventers, were mainly attributed to be a 90 plus. Some of those same names will struggle for the mid 80′s this time around! Some of 2K14′s most difficult wrestlers to beat are going to need a serious downgrading… so let’s get straight to it! (PS3, PS4, WWE 2K15, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Ezz2013  +   337d ago
where is John Cena ?
Heisenburger  +   335d ago | Funny
Down our throats.
Nitrowolf2  +   335d ago
man this made me laugh so hard, lol
Ezz2013  +   335d ago
you win
Skate-AK  +   335d ago
Lol. Bubz
Jyndal  +   335d ago
He's like Hulk Hogan...without the charisma, showmanship, draw power, or talent.
Hermionee_granger   335d ago | Spam
darkpower  +   335d ago
So, the main problem with this guy's view is that he's not looking at the abilities of the wrestlers (besides the Undertaker, and he's basing THAT off of a match in which it was rumored that he worked through a concussion and Lesner was protecting him once he realized the situation), and simply looking at if they were on WWE TV at any point and if they are over in any way right now. By that logic, Bad News Barrett would be getting some bad news of his own.

Thing is, Rybaxel is actually getting a push recently, Ziggler is working a program with The Miz right now that could lead to a Summerslam match for the IC strap (and word came out that the real reason the WWE wasn't pushing Ziggler at the time was due to fear of another injury, since he had some bad concussions during that year, too), there's a stable beginning to form out of Kofi, Truth, and Xavier Woods, and Orton and Kane are part of the top stables in the WWE right now (as much as it's very tedious to keep watching The Authority right now without a counter boss to them). That and it's not like the utilization is really the fault of the talent: the WWE needs to be able to find a spot for them on the cards, which isn't easy to do with a loaded roster. The way things change in the WWE with the drop of a hat, too, anyone can suddenly need to be replaced, too (Daniel Bryan's unfortunate shoulder injury sidelining him for who knows how long, for starters).

To me, this could all be remedied by a balanced customization system where you can adjust a star's attributes (note that I said "balanced", as giving too much control can lead to breaking the game in a lot of ways).

Thing is, the WWE has way too much control in what gets added into the game and how things are implemented (why do we have to be restricted, for instance, from ever having intergender matches just because it's not in WWE's "vision" anymore, especially when WWE's history had Chyna and Kharma that weren't afraid to work against males in matches and could hang with them?). I don't think the NFL or NBA has as much control in what devs do in their games as the WWE does (please someone correct me in this if I'm wrong). You can turn off things like penalties and that in Madden to where it's more arcade, anything goes like (at least in past iterations). THAT'S what needs to change!
Aces17  +   335d ago
Why is it now the start of August and we have still seen neither this nor NBA 2k14?
Rainbowcookie  +   335d ago
Problem is if they don't make it this year with the game they will need to change the name (not a problem) . If they push to finish because of the name (and they do that ) we normally get a half-arsed product that does somethings better than the last year's one and some things the previous one had going for it would be nowhere to be found. One thing is certain it will have the same AI it had since the megadrive era

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