European Playstation Plus August 2014 Games Revealed

They've left it later than usual, but Sony have revealed the free games you will receive in August if you subscribe to Playstation Plus in Europe.

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TimeSkipLuffy1235d ago

wonder what NA will get... PS4 games probably will be the same for all.

GamingSinceThe80s1235d ago

We get Dragons crown for vita instead of harry potter.

seanpitt231235d ago

Indie fest on the ps4 I don't mind indies but that's all we are getting on the ps4. To be honest ps+ Content has not been to great for 3 months now let's hope it gets better.

Mikelarry1235d ago

damn i was this close to buying fez on ps4... awesome

BadlyPackedKeebab1235d ago

The problem with PS plus (for devs) is that I've paid for a few then months later they have come to plus. I am going to start really questioning purchases. Suspect I am not alone. Hopefully it won't put people off and small devs start loosing sales.

admiralvic1235d ago

I'll probably get a bunch of disagrees for this, but...

"The problem with PS plus (for devs) is that I've paid for a few then months later they have come to plus."

While that is always disappointing (I think I've had it happen to me at least once a month for the past 2 - 3 years), you simply need to change your perception of the issue. Like it might suck that you're losing value / wasted money, but odds are you wanted said game and a life lived in fear is no life lived at all. Like I could have bought LBP Vita on day 1 (like I did) or I could wait for it to hit Plus (23 months later and it still has yet to hit Plus).

Lets also not forget that everything has trade offs. Like having Dragon's Crown or Borderlands at release probably had a more active online and people didn't have stupidly overpowered / amazing gear. In some ways this results in a diminished experience (like there are absolutely no secrets to find in Borderlands) and so forth. Again, there are all trade offs and really, you should support the devs / games you like and just shrug it off if games go free with Plus.

spacedelete1235d ago

i've felt the same. if its an indie then chances are it will go free sooner or later especially as theres two free PS4 games a month. i have other expenses to take care of so PlayStation Plus serves me well. in fairness i've also stopped buying AAA games as unless its multiplayer focused like Destiny i will wait until it goes free.

Aldous_Snow1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

PS+ is getting worse. Sick of them copying every Microsoft idea. I'm going to go tell someone who cares like my bezzie Baghdad Larry

DeadRabbits1235d ago

How often does your mother say "yes dear, that's nice dear, oh really dear" when she has to hear about PlayStation did this and that from you!

G20WLY1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )


The level of ridiculous in your comment makes John Candy's pre-death cholesterol look low. :/

shadowsmoke361235d ago

You have got to be kidding me So completely changing their model to be a ps plus clone adding a web browser and blue ray and this is just the tip please don't say 3d support when ps3 already had that feature and ps4 was likely to get it anyway so what exactly. Remind me when games with gold started? I think it started way after ps plus. Games wise I understand the indy stuff but also understand that this is a business and Developers really are trying to milk as many dollars as they can out of people before so they will offer discounts several times before they actually give up the triple a titles for the ps4 and if your a gamer that has to have everything the day it comes out then your going to lose that way.

Joey_Leone1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

LMFAO! What is up with society today? People are so sensitive to everything it's pathetic lol.

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nope1111235d ago

LOL EU is slightly worse.

Rob_Ko1235d ago

we already had Dragons Crown

fardan851235d ago

I'll check out Road Not Taken and Fez then, Well, I guess it's time to punish myself a little for all the sins I committed in a year, I'll atone by playing Crysis.

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