11 Classic Jack Thompson Face-Palms

After nearly two decades of increasingly fruitbat activism and an alleged disregard for professional conduct, Jack Thompson now faces the very real prospect of being disbarred if the Florida Supreme Court rules against him in his current misconduct hearing. And GamesRadar are actually almost sad about that. Given that he hasn't posed a real threat for years, they will miss his ROFL-worthy idiocy if they ban him from the courtrooms.

So while GamesRadar have been loath to give him any publicity on Radar before, now that they are close to losing him they have decided to pay tribute to his long career of car crash comedy. Over the next few pages you'll find Jack Thompson's Archives of Fail; GamesRadar's collation of his greatest mess-ups and the events which have led him to this potentially career-ending conclusion.

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xionpunk3839d ago

the different headslaps were a nice touch.

MK_Red3839d ago

Wow, I didn't know most of that stuff.

With a history like that, I wonder how he wasn't barred from court much sooner and more, why he isn't in an asylum already?

PSWe603839d ago

I knew he was a complete douche, but I didn't know the extent of his stupidity...Goddamn, he should really seek counseling

kylegtheassman3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

video games are not bad drugs are bad games keep kids out of trouble Jack Thompson is one of the dummies people on this fuc*en planet