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No Man's Sky: Our own sun would die before seeing every planet, says Murray

No Man's Sky's creator Sean Murray shared when asked what would happen if someone visited a planet every second, would they get to the end? (No Man's Sky, PC, PS4, Sean Murray)

Madderz  +   557d ago
This Indie developers ambition astounds me.

If these guys can pull this off it is going to be an absolute slammer of a game.

Good luck to them.
Mega24  +   557d ago
He has the determination to pull it off, I can't wait any longer for this game, love exploration.
Hanuman  +   557d ago
By now we all know these guys talk the talk. But can they walk the walk? Why not reveal some more about the game to go along with all that bluffing.. Just exploring looks like a really boring thing to do in a game..
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DanteVFenris666  +   557d ago
Exploring is half the reason I and a lot of others buy games. No one bought skyrim to go on a narrow path, no one bought any open world game ever because they didn't think exploring was important. Exploring is a big part of games and I refuse to buy any games that aren't open world unless it's a split screen fighter or free
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Hanuman  +   557d ago
Sure, exploring in games like Skyrim and Fallout is awesome! I've spend hours and hours doing that.
The difference is that it get's rewarded with new plotlines, missions, NPC's, information\history facts from the game and of course... loot! No Man's Sky, until now, only seems to reward you with...uhh...??
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DevilOgreFish  +   557d ago
"No Man's Sky: Our own sun would die before seeing every planet, says Murray."

I'm a little Interested now. however, no objectives, story, or even a solid enough reason to explore these planets means no purchase from me. exploration can be pretty boring by it's self.
ATi_Elite  +   557d ago
Sorry to ruin the HYPE train but........

NO more silly talk! Give us gameplay video now or just cool it with the wishful thinking and absurd comments.

I hope they can deliver but I'm at the point where Only actual gameplay video is TRUTH!
user7402931  +   557d ago
strangeaeon  +   557d ago
Put a shirt on, not many chicks in here, unless....
Aleithian  +   557d ago
Why are you assuming he's into girls.
Ares84HU  +   557d ago
This game should be picked up by a publisher and released on a disc. It will be an amazing game. Can't wait.
kydrice  +   557d ago
It's procedurally generated worlds right? Then of course there can be an infinite number of them. The real question is, is it going to be any fun?
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mahmoods26  +   557d ago
Please don't tell me they're going to pull a Molyneux
aliengmr  +   557d ago
I doubt it.

They aren't promising things that can't be achieved or anything. Its entirely possible to do what they want to do. Its more a matter of expectations.

I think of it like my personal opinions of Spore. I was so hyped at the creation system that I didn't even consider the rest of the game. I was really excited to create my own units in an RTS. But that RTS was so watered down that it got boring, I hated it. A similar thing happening here is what I worry about.

They 'could' end up focusing so much on exploring infinite worlds that all the other aspects of the game get watered down.
Einhert  +   557d ago
Sorry but what is the point of this game?

What is the incentive to fly around empty space?
N8  +   557d ago
I hope this game doesn't suck. I'm extremely interested in this game.
wynams  +   557d ago
yeah random number generators are pretty infinite ... I dig a good procedurally generated game but No Mans Sky is no different than minecraft in that regard (start a new random world, won't be the same twice).

More concerned about this game actually being fun than how many (infinite is the answer) planets it can have.
Ripsta7th  +   557d ago
Too ambitious.. I hope for their sake this isnt a lie
The Meerkat  +   557d ago
And somehow a complete youtube walkthrough of every planet will be available within hours of its release. /s
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vikMage  +   557d ago
Please make it fun, make it unforgettable, make it unique, make it interesting, make it right, I can't wait for No Man's Sky :)
mayberry  +   557d ago
After multiple interviews with the devs, including Sean Murry, I don't see this title falling too far bcelow the general consensus that No Man's Sky will be extraordinary. Just on the premise alone of an "infinite" game is far too intriguing to not at least be very curious.
ricochetmg  +   557d ago
Is there Miulti player..
Theory  +   557d ago
Challenge Accepted
aliengmr  +   557d ago
Hmmm, why aren't 'galaxies' mentioned?

My guess: (based on what's been said so far)

The focus is on generating single solar systems, with planets, life, etc., and you visit each and explore them. Actual space travel doesn't seem to be a priority.

Thing is though, they aren't saying they are making an actual galaxy. Galaxies have lots of planetary systems, but a finite amount. Multiple galaxies would make sense as the amount of planetary systems may as well be referred to as an "infinite" amount, but there isn't any mention of that either.

I honestly don't think those who are excited for this game on the PS4, need to worry to much about the gameplay. I mean, it could suck, but I doubt they would release a game that doesn't fit the expectations of console gamers.

Though I will say, they should probably lay off the 'hype' talk and focus on details. I don't think this is the type of game you surprise people with. They really should be giving more specifics and getting their audience comfortable with it first. IMO, surprising gamers may create polarization, which could hurt sales. Just my opinion though.
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RAAMzilla  +   557d ago
I'm interested but I'm still not entirely sure what the player is 'supposed' to be doing.

Exploring new Worlds and discovering new life sure sounds hella fun, but I can't help but think it will get a little boring if there isn't anything to actually..., well, do.

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