Game Characters You'd Probably Sleep With

Lets face it, there has been characters you think are sexy and if they were real you'd take them on a date. Nikki of Gamer Assault Weekly lists the top 5 women and top 5 sexiest men you probably want to sleep with. Who else is on your list?

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VRex71423d ago

uhm, this is all wrong... why is Delsin #3!? He should be 1-10.

Edgetroll1423d ago

*checks list*
*sees Garrus*
Carry on.

thisishxc1423d ago

It was so tough to pick just 5 of each!

FrostbiteGhost1423d ago

I would have had Leon and Nathan higher up the list.

thisishxc1422d ago

The order is pretty subjective and while I was writing I moved them around quite a bit, not so much Leon for me...but Nathan Drake for sure. Honestly I probably should of foregone an actual order, or made them all #1.

FrostbiteGhost1416d ago

lol just "Screw it they all win"

FrostbiteGhost1423d ago

I think Chloe from uncharted would have been on the list too. Loved that accent

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The story is too old to be commented.