New on PlayStation Store(EU):The Last of Us Remastered, Rogue Legacy, more

First up this week, The Last of Us Remastered, lovingly brought to PlayStation 4. Whether you missed it before or want to enjoy the decimated world once again with Joel and Ellie, TLOUR is sure to be one of your must own PS4 titles. Included with this release are the single player Left Behind chapter, eight multiplayer maps and a bonus developer commentary.
Also available this week is acclaimed 2D roguelike Rogue Legacy. Explore a procedurally generated castle where dying simply puts you in control of an heir. Oh, but said heir won’t be a bog standard character, oh no! Rogue Legacy mixes it up giving your heirs random traits such as being colour blind or even dementia.
To round it off this week we’re also running our Summer Sale with loads of great stuff discounted, there’s a kawaii little brawler called Phantom Brave for PS Vita (hyped!) and popular ball and stick game Pool Nation on PS4.

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