Why people are worried about Destiny, and why Bungie's response doesn't ease my concerns

GameZone's Joe Donato writes, "I don’t think the worry is whether there will be enough to do in Destiny -- the beta already showed how someone can get obsessed with grinding away for hours on end. The concern is about a broader sense of exploration. In a game like Skyrim, a player could go on quests for dozens of hours and barely scratch the surface in terms of seeing new landmarks. In Destiny, players can hop into Free Roam and explore entire zones in an hour or two. When we finally play the moon story in the final game, the cutscenes will be a surprise, but we’ll have already seen the environment."

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thorstein1362d ago

Then don't buy it. That way, you won't be on my fireteam and ragequit when the other team owns you.

Whine whine whine... "WHY WON'T THIS GAME BE EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT IT!?!?!!!!"

All of this is your speculative opinion and your speculative opinion concerns you? Ego much?

admiralvic1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

"All of this is your speculative opinion and your speculative opinion concerns you? Ego much?"

Speculation can be good and sometimes asking questions reveals information you might have thought was a given, but turns out to be untrue. For instance, I figured there would be matchmaking for raids, since there was matchmaking for Strikes in the beta. This was a logical assumption and one I would have bought the game assuming. However, we later learned that is not the case and we're instead being forced to be social. While I personally don't have an issue with that, I can't help but think that this idea is counterproductive.

Most people probably aren't going to change their lifestyles / play style just because Bungie says to join clans / make friends and will no doubt post topics on forums looking for people and quickly add them to do the raid or will join some random clan just for raids with no intention to be social or contribute beyond their own needs. So if I'm going to be using randoms in situation A and in situation B, the only difference is that Bungie is forcing me to go about things in a very tedious manner.

With that being said, the mined information also revealed some things that I could understand people being worried about. Despite these rumblings, I still plan on getting the game since I put 20+ hours into the beta and had a lot of fun. So even if the game is short or some of the mechanics are weak, I still expect I will get my fill / enjoyment out of the title. Though I wouldn't hold anything against anyone if they lost some faith due to believing the hype or want to hold out for some more information.

HacSawJimThugin1362d ago

Well said. The raid news today has given me some concern as well because my friends don't all game at the same time.

Some of them only play on the weekends, have crazy work schedules, just busy lives in general so trying to get 5 people together at the same time for a few hours to do raids is going to be difficult for me.

I may get 2 or 3 but 5 people at the same damn time? I don't mind talking to randoms but some personalities just don't click and who wants to play a game like this with someone you can't make communicate with? I think that they need to reexamine this situation.

KwietStorm1362d ago

Completely missed the point, but hey, it's your opinion.

liquidhalos1362d ago

So what you're saying is that if we have concerns about a game we should just shut up and put up. How dare gamers want the biggest bang for their buck.

You know, i think ill go the other route and exercise my right to an opinion and wade in with caution.

By the way, the only whine whine whine... i see is coming from your comment and not from the article.

thorstein1362d ago

That's not what I said. Did you read his article?

His concerns are based solely on his own speculation about the size of the game and other aspects. He has no knowledge of the actual size of the game or even talk about the places that were closed to us in the Beta.

Calling out a clickbait artist is whining now? Okay. Awesome. Stop whining about it.

liquidhalos1362d ago

You just don't get it. Plus the reply proved one of my points. I'm leaving it at that as I generally agree with most of your comments and I don't want to fall out over nothing.

thorstein1361d ago

Ok. Nothing wrong with disagreeing over one simple thing. I do often find myself agreeing with what you say also.

Jeff2571362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I swear people are treating this as if Destiny when it releases will remain that way forever. It will change with new content added all the time and no doubt future expansions and titles in the franchise will add new areas. It is nice to know for once that while yes their will be DLC/Expansions and sequels, it all fits together and the characters we start out with can also be taken into the future titles. We aren't just playing an MP game for 11 months only to have to buy a new one the next year. Instead they want to support this for years to come and allow the players to really dive into it and feel like they are going somewhere.

Eizhale1362d ago

I enjoyed the beta and I'm not worried about this game lacking some features. Not everyone cares about these things as long as the game overall is enjoyable. I cant wait to get back in there and continuing to blast the living crap out of my enemies.

averagejoe261362d ago

Amen, brother...Or sister

Eizhale1361d ago

Its my photo im on the left of the stage :)

dc11362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Perspective is a beautiful thing. 1.The Alpha and Bata was wonderful. Bungie knows what their doing.
2. Bungie has communicated that each continent has more content than Halo Reach...and there are 5-6 world's at launch to progressively move through. No one can truthfully say the game will be shallow or think content will be sparse.
3. The game will have frequent updates outside of dlc. Does anyone truly thing that Bungie will drop the ball on this?

I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to jump on it at 12am - 9/9.

MatriXcian1362d ago

I happen to be one of those that are dissapointed with the news of only one location per planet. Bungie hyped Destiny to be this huge living world with a plerethra of things to do. After playing in both the Alpha and Beta the game got old rather quickly. The story so far seems just tacked on and the enemy AI is a major dissapointed in the open areas. Another major gripe I had is the boring and half assed explore mode which in reality had absolutely nothing worth exploring. No interesting loot or side quests no npcs to speak of nothing but wandering and killing the same dull ai over and over again. I fear Bungie has created a cash grab where limited content comes at launch so they can continue to release dlc after dlc to keep people spending money. After playing games like Skyrim, Fallout, GTA 5 and the way Bungie hyped Destiny I guess I just expected more.

averagejoe261362d ago

You expected more from a game that nobody... Including yourself... Has actually played yet... Makes perfect sense!

beerzombie1362d ago

I have been saying this from the beginning. this is a very dry and paint by numbers game just to get you to spend lots of money.

JeffGUNZ1362d ago

@ Beerzombie

Do you mean just on DLC like exploring areas? The best/rare/exotic gear and weapons will be found during weekly/daily nightfall missions, or raids, or daily challenges. They are also earned through PVP in Iron Banner and Crucible. Bungie has stated they don't want to be called a MMO as they fear people will tag the "paid subscription" ideology with it. I put close to 20 hours in the beta and could have put 20 more easily. In that little amount for the beta I could have spent 40 hours total. Now, if it is like 10% of the game like they said the beta was, 90% more content will keep me occupied for a long. I hope for DLC to continue expanding the universe and keeping the game fresh.

Read up if you haven't brother, they have teams on this game 24/7 and every day their will be something new. It's crazy the support.

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