EA Announces Subscription Games Service w/Video of the application

Electronic Arts today announced EA Access, an exclusive gaming subscription service. The beta for this service is scheduled to launch “this summer” for the Xbox Live users on the Xbox One only. $4,99 per month or $29.99 per year gives a users unlimited access to the Vault, EA’s repository of previously released titles...

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XiSasukeUchiha1446d ago

Ok the most controversial service in the world......opinions anyone.

DanTheRobot1446d ago

I personally have no issue with it. If you get a few games a year it pays itself off plus you get access to other games. It's providing an option to consumer. And it's far more cost effective than Playstation Now.

Starks1446d ago

Implying that it's actually rational to compare a subscription service to a rental service.

its_JEFF1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Or a services that are still in beta version.... wait till they're both out before passing judgement, both services could change in dramatic ways before it's released. So what if PS Now turned into a $5 a month sub as well?

It's like the people who were reviewing the Destiny Beta like it was the final release version... Give them. chance before you start to bad mouth it.

donthate1445d ago


They are both services that in the end provide customers with access to games.

So a consumer would naturally compare the two despite them having different advantages.

Consumers will vote with their wallet!


A service in beta is almost a final product. There won't be major changes, and well we can also re-compare the services when there is NEW information.

In the meanwhile....

4Sh0w1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

its_Jeff sure it was Beta pricing which could change but usually you pay less in Betas because it's technically a inferior service/product compared to the full release. I'm sure sony will adjust to more consumer friendly pricing due to the bad feedback but seriously why not start with a more reasonable price structure from the start for a new service you're trying to get off the ground?

As for all the "my service is better than yours" , jeesh can we all just wait until their out, then try to enjoy them? (that's not directed at you Jeff)

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ramiuk11445d ago

most annoying video ever,has he ever even held a xbone pad?

on another note ufc still being over $53 isnt great with no resale.
most of EA games are yearly games and i play the newer title so wouldnt be anything for me.
so $30 a year to play old fifa,nba,bf and peggle,then a few dollars of a EA game which has no trade in or resale value.

i doenst seem a ver good deal to me.

mrpsychoticstalker1446d ago

Two words to explain it:


DanTheRobot1446d ago

It can be, yes. Depends on the individual gamers play style I suppose.

WeAreLegion1445d ago

This is where everyone who thought it was a good deal starts to question it. If mrpsychoticstalker likes it, something's up.

700p1445d ago

It is definitely a great deal!

Insomnia_841445d ago

If this is a great deal, how much would you pay for a service that offers hundreds of games from more than 50 publishers? If this is a great deal for $30 a year for games that are basically the same year after year(Fifa, Madden, etc) what would be a great deal for a service with games from over 50 publishers? Think 😉👈

n4rc1445d ago

Just for the sake of argument.. Who said 50 publishers? And who are the other 40 that I can't think of? Lol

I'm joking and serious at the same time.. I honestly can't name more then 10 or so publishers.

mixolydian_id1445d ago

Hmmm... Im a bit speculative.

I like that it looks really easy to access and functions like a fluid application.

It wasn't clear about what games were in the vault though and what games had to be purchased... there was also no timeline on how long games would be available for.

If EA Access is essentially a direct link to a personal marketplace... then thats not cool.

Lack of information here will be a problem as the customer should know exactly what is available to them at the present time (prioritised), not what services the app provides at a cost.

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kahjah1446d ago

I'm excited to see if they can dig into their back catalogue. This would be a weird funky way to bust out some kind of backward compatibility. GIVE ME EA BIG!!

DanTheRobot1446d ago

I mean right now it looks like X1 games only... but... What if they could do Mass Effect?

n4rc1445d ago

I'm all for it..

Dont get me wrong.. Dont buy it based on assumptions.. You get 10% off digital ea games plus early access.. If you buy 5 ea games a year you're pretty well covered

But let's face it... The vault is the big seller... If you even see one game you'd like, then how can you go wrong?

I'm personally waiting for different games.. I'd try FIFA, peggle and madden for $30 but can't be bothered really.. May end up doing it anyways since its a great deal

I'd bet the next game is NFS rivals.. And I'd probably sign up then for sure

WeAreLegion1445d ago

I don't think this vault is what everyone thinks it is.

n4rc1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

And what is that?

Its a collection of games you can download and play.. It will change up from time to time.. They won't be brand new titles

What part are people missing?

And other guy.. I don't know about where you live, but prices are the same.. Fifa and madden etc are all $59.99.. Digital or retail.. When new anyways.. Think they are $30 now

mixolydian_id1445d ago

I know what you mean... sounds great on paper but I'm concerned about "the vault".

I understand its in EA's interests to pool all content together, but judging by the video, there was next to now clarity on what was subscribed (vault content), and what was simply a marketplace extension for a full game purchase.

I hope it's not 'too good to be true'

I understand that newer games will be shown... available for full purchase price... then they will drop it in as a free download, before reverting back to standard retail price.

Perhaps it is more rental based, all games are purchasable in their own right.. two games are in the vault... they can be played for a month... then they remove them and everyone has to uninstall the game?

35GB uninstalling... could prove to be a pain in the arse on a monthly basis?

WeAreLegion1444d ago

It's a collection that, like you said, will be changed up. You can no longer play those games once they leave the vault. With Plus, you get to continue playing the games. Everyone is ignoring this fact.

Nicaragua1445d ago

But digital EA games are stupidly priced so that discount probably wont even get them on par with store prices - is that really worth paying for?

WeaseL1445d ago

Anyone with business sense knows when you start a service you offer great value out the gate then water it down over time.

I'll wait 12 months before commenting on if they offer great value.

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