Neverwinter Free-to-Play MMO to be Xbox One Exclusive

Cryptic Studios just announced their free-to-play MMO will ship as a console-exclusive for Xbox One in 2015, but it may just be timed exclusivity.

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XiSasukeUchiha1269d ago

Timed exclusive sigh, but go though promotes diverse players on all consoles.

AngelicIceDiamond1268d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing. They are implying it could come to other platforms eventually.

"According to an announcement from Perfect World Entertainment, which will publish the game, Neverwinter will be “available first, free-to-play with Gold on Xbox One."

"Available first" on X1 so a PS4 version is possible in the future.

opproject1268d ago

who cares, that game is dead on pc, it's garbage

DiscoKid1268d ago

They are disagreeing because they are biased towards Sasuke's alpha posts.

NewMonday1268d ago

not "free" because you still need to subscribe to Xbox Live.

vishmarx1268d ago

it isnt free(ps4 mmos are free) and its a timed eclusive

Alabamarolltide19901268d ago

@Newmonday like every other "free" games. Including ps4.

700p1268d ago

@newmonday No. Its free because you dont have to purchase the game. Good try though.

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Christopher1268d ago

Very surprised to see an MMO go first and (timed) exclusive to the, currently, lower selling and MMO paywall having system.

Having said that, should be a good MMO to have on consoles. It's not a bad MMO at all. I just think a ton of people have so many MMO options, even with simplistic flash MMOs, that it's so hard to make one that's as popular as the MMOs from a decade ago.

SuperBlunt1268d ago

6 month of exclusivity. Dont lie for gods sake

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Bonkerz1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Neverwinter is a damn good MMORPG. Definitely the best F2P MMO out there without a doubt. This is quite a nice pickup for Xbox One, been playing Neverwinter for some time now, i definitely suggest people try it if you havent and are into MMOs.

ps360s1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

No, it's not the best F2P MMO ><

but it's not the worst either, worth a play if you havnt tried it out (its free anyway!)

Jyndal1268d ago

The best F2P MMO in my opinion is Rift.

nerdman671268d ago

Rift is the best F2P MMO.
Feels just like World of Warcraft.
Check it out

Ashlen1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

To be fair what make Neverwinter fun is the fact that it's NOTHING like Warcraft...

P.S. I didn't click that disagree

Ashlen1268d ago

Hmm... well, i'd have to disagree,

While I really enjoy it's play style it's really hard to ignore the fact that exploits which Cryptic failed to fix and failed to roll back servers or even ban people who used the exploits. This allowed people to gain literally billions of AD and then wreck the ZAX, and manipulate the auction house.

There is currently close to a 10,000,000 AD backlog. It's basically broken the game to the point you can hardly even call it free to play since you can't get ZEN with AD anymore.

On top of that, all the people trying to get Zen using the ZAX are basically the same economy exploiters who are buying up any and all zen they can get there hands on. They're betting that PW will remove the 500 AD to Zen limit making them even richer and more free to break the economy again.

That and the development staff is pretty inept. I mean it took them literally a month to fix the bug that caused the main feature of the Icewind Dale update (Black Ice Domination) to even work. And it wasn't minorly bugged, it flat out didn't work.

WeAreLegion1268d ago

Their comments make it seem like it will come out on both around the same time. That's weird.

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