AAA Wii third-party support on the way, says Capcom community specialist

"Honestly, I think the lack of AAA titles also has a lot to do with a lot of the 3rd parties simply being caught with their pants down. Triple A take a lot of time to develop; Many years in fact. For them to have been announced/released by now, it would have meant that they were in development/planning before/shortly after the Wii was released. However, nobody, besides Nintendo, expected the Wii sales to be so strong, and anyone who did should be buying lottery tickets.

However, the good news is, now that the industry has seen the rise of the Wii, I'm sure many plans and budgets have been shifted and adjusted, and triple A titles should be in their pipeline (though not ready to be announced). This means soon, you should be flooded with the titles from the franchises you're familiar with, and ones that aren't just spinoffs.

Have a little patience and faith in the little white console that could. I know I am. 'Lost'" - Community Specialist of Capcom Entertainment

There certainly is validity to these words. Twilight Princess alone took years to create and went through many tweaking/perfection processes. The same goes for Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3. It definitely is likely that AAA titles are in development if you're a believer in this type of development process.

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PS360WII3840d ago

Well he does have a point. Those blockbuster titles do take a long time to make and when was the last time Nintendo released the must own home console?!


Megaman Legends 3 incoming

ChickeyCantor3840d ago

If only developers took the Wii more serious...They messed up some time and disappointed lots of gamers.

Love Capcoms support, i wonder if they could reinvent the Megeman legens was horrible with a gamepad!...wii mote might do the trick

Monteblanco3840d ago

I like their honesty. They are basically admitting they screwed in the past but they are taking the challenge to make some AAA titles.

Perverted3840d ago

I still doubt many true AAA titles will come to the Wii....Everyone will just release for the casual crowd...Maybe we'll get lucky and a couple of hardcore titles will release for the Wii.....I can only hope....

bama3840d ago

That hasn't had triple a titles.

cooke153839d ago

Madworld, No More Heroes, RE4, Trauma Center 1 and 2, Fatal Frame 4, Tenchu 4, FFCC Crystal Bearers, Fragile, TOS2, Zack and Wiki etc I love it when people blind themselves to what has/coming to Wii

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The story is too old to be commented.