Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Hidden Multiplayer Info Uncovered

You can see the UI, Planetside style elevators, and the Golden Gate bridge, all from the trailer. And more.

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Codewow1302d ago

I hope this game is good for all those people who just throw their money at them. I'm just gonna wait impatiently for World at War 2. C'mon TreyArch, bring back the GOOD zombies maps!

totalrecoilzz1302d ago

titanfall 2 is basically what advanced warfare is.

USMC_POLICE1302d ago

I don't see the hype this looks like crap. This is an insult to what call of duty was.

Deano73941302d ago

Call of Duty has been crap for a while.

levian1302d ago

Call of Duty has been dead to me since Black Ops when they first started to kill sniping.

Brix901302d ago

8v8 it's called ground war been in every call of duty so I doubt its gona be the standard...

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