Will EA Access Actually Work? Is PlayStation Plus More Worthwhile?

You might have heard that EA has announced an exclusive partnership with Microsoft to launch EA Access, a monthly or annual subscription service that gives you three great benefits; discounts, free games in ‘The Vault’, and access to EA’s game trials. The subscription will cost around $4.99/£3.99 a month, or $29.99 per year (UK price not yet known), and there is a beta coming to Xbox One soon, but will it really work as intended?

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Axios21425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Great deal

Anyone thinking about buying one of those AAA games will get it for 1/2 price plus mich more.

@ thorstein, you should read what you copy, "unlimited access" that's to the games you got to download.

Paying for trials is like PS now...$5.00 for 4 hours of streaming.

thorstein1425d ago

"You get unlimited access to four games initially; Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2. That’s $100 worth of content, surely worth it?
And you can play selected titles five days early with the game trials system. More of a chance for you to choose what you want to buy."

umm.. paying for trials? Seriously?

patsrule3161424d ago

I don't know anybody that would pay $100 for Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Madden 25, and Peggle 2 today. I would have last December, but not now. So I don't consider that $100 worth of content. I personally wouldn't pay $30 for that bundle today, even if I could trade them back in when I was done. I can see other people paying $30 for the bundle, just don't try to pass it off as $100 because that isn't happening.

nicksetzer11424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

EA access may not be for everyone, but the having a choice to use it if it is of value should be available. I find it unbelievable that the PS fanboys on here are happy thinks they are too stupid to make their own choices. Especially after all the complaining about xb1 being stripped of choice after E3 2013...

Letthewookiewin1424d ago

EA access is not worth it right now AT ALL. But in a year or two when the library gets more choices It could be a pretty ok thing. Say in a year someone just wants to play DA: Inquisition, they plop down five bucks for the month and bam. But I don't think it will ever be close to the value of PS+ and PS now. Sony is going to do the same thing with the "Trials" but with 50 company's. You just can't dethrone Sony with a weak thing like EA access.

cemelc1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )


DA: Inquisition will be like 10$ a year from now,so that point is useless.

In plus you get online plus free games, while in EA you get 60+30 for a free game + online.

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thorstein1424d ago

"unlimited access" that's to the games you got to download. "

As long as you keep paying. You don't get that unless you keep up with your monthly or yearly payment.

And then do you get to keep progress if you miss a month?

Ducky1424d ago

I would assume progress is saved locally on the console hardware.
So it'll remain saved. Kinda like how PS+, or pretty much any downloadable title works.

nicksetzer11424d ago

Why would saves be any different than the full game? Considering it is the full game you would be playing...

thorstein1424d ago


Just wondering, I thought XBone was all about the cloud, so if your gaming on the cloud it would stand to reason that your saves are on the cloud too.

Mega241424d ago

It's EA, people easily forget how they treat us, it's a shame they have good dev studios, but poor business practices.

PS Now is overpriced atm, I don't see advantages to it, if it was $5 for 4 to 5 days I would understand, but $5 for four hours, that's too much.

mania5681424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

For some reason people only looked at the ps now beta at the first and last pricing points, some games asked for 5 dollars for 4 hours but they asked at the range of 7 dollars for a full week yet people only see the bad side of everything, that option is to prevent people to beat the games you can beat in 5 hours and pay little to nothing for them but again that was a BETA, the games will go down for how much that is we do not know.
Do not forget many people want to join the playstation family for the first time, they do not have a ps3 to play this games, for someone who missed great experiences the final prices will be more than welcome to people who really want them and buying a ps3 for them is not an option, it also comes to selected tvs for people who have no consoles at all, everyone who complains about the service is most likely a ps3 owner and thus they have reasons to worry, nonetheless the people saying ps now will fail for sure are very wrong but we'll let time tell ;)

OT: EA access is most likely misleading, while it seems good you pay 30 a year for demos that you can play 5 days prior to purchase if that is what you want to do and its not a good value overall, you get 10% off a game means 7$ for 70$ games, now EA releases a average of 5-8 games a year and most people will most likely only want to buy 2 of those a year so lets do some math here
60(xbox gold, you want online with EA games) + 30
90 now you only buy 2 games that means you saved 14$ a year paying 30 on EA access alone, PS+ gives people free games every month and they also have demos, so after good consideration of what EA will really give/what you will get from the service it just isnt worth your money if you do not want to get several of EA games a year and its a service that will be a much better value over time.

thisismyaccount1424d ago

EA Access with its Fifas, NHLs versus PlayStation Plus

... also do not forget this is more a Microsoft service, than an EA one (EA is providing the games, nothing more..) :

Quote Forbes

If you read the EA Access Terms of Service, you’ll notice that the subscription purchase is made directly through Microsoft; that an EA Origin account is required; and that all customer service related questions are directed to Microsoft, not EA.

SOOOO if Microsoft is doing the support job, you´re paying microsoft and dealing with microsoft every issue you may encounter during this service? WHY in earth do i still need ro register for an ORIGIN account? and why does EA still have the rights to cancel your subscription or delete games from your account if they wanted to?

Or how about this part :

"(3) access to a limited library of certain EA Content (“Vault Title(s)”) for unlimited online play (“Vault Access”) for the duration of their availability in the Vault."

In other words, once EA announces FIFA 2015 avaib. for EA Access you better start downloading and playing the game, a month later they might remove it from the "vault".. bye bye to your "unlimted" online play.

"Vault Titles are subject to change and may be removed,"

This can only be orchestered by EA and M$ guys, an attempt to win over some PS4 owner to get an XB1 to play EA Games, i bet they have something big to annocune at this years GamesCOm, like Mass Effect 4 only on XB(EA PC is suppose to be 2h long).

psuedo1424d ago

You dont get games 1/2 price. You only get a 10% discount on new games. You get to demo them, but you in NO way get a new game. Youll likely get that game a year after its been out, or when the new version comes out. Theyre just trying to get people to give THEM the money instead of gamestop.

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truefan11425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

EA Access will have a different value for different people, hence why it's an app and if you want it you can get it. For me I spend at nearly $120 per year on Madden and Fifa, but I was taking classes last fall and didn't buy either. So, for me personally this is a good deal in prep for the new games coming soon.

On antoher note, Sony has spun this and I find it hilarious. I guess no one noticed how sony is trying to compare EA Access to ps+, when in actuality they should be comparing it to psnow. The reason they don't want to compare it to psnow, is because the current prices are extremely high 1 game 4 hours $5, but according to sony this is good value. Not to mention that whole spin about ps+ being up 200%, well isn't ps+ required for online gaming now? Not to mention sony execs blasted MSFT for not giving gamers a choice, then goes on to make a choice for all playstation gamers regarding what is value.

Starks1425d ago

Because comparing a subscription service to another subscription service is complete asinine.

As for the topic on hand, EA Access is a horrible deal. I don't know why anyone would want to get a mere 10 percent off on a digital game... when you can simply get a physical version for 6 more bucks, or much less. They were caught using Fifa 13 as Fifa 12 on Wii, using some spyware on Origin, and couldn't even fix the supposed problems BF4 has, but they won't mind offering it for free though.

hello121424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Whereabouts are you seeing Fifa 14 and Battlefield 4 for 6 bucks? Curious if you have an answer to that?

EA is a separate company (entity) Microsoft doesn't control this service. EA is offering games for a knocked down price. Its a great deal.

gaffyh1425d ago

1. EA Access is nothing like PS Now, because it doesn't give you streaming games. In that sense it is more like PS+.

2. PS+ provides bigger discounts AND is cheaper to subscribe to than XBLG + EA Access, because you need both to play online. Unless for someone who is only going to play single player element of the games on offer, and in that case it makes even more sense for them to buy physical, and sell the game on after.

Chanogram1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

The discounts on PS+ are not better than the XBL Gold discounts. There may be more deals on PS+, but thos deals are not better money wise than the XBL deals. At best, it's purely subjective and comes down to preference and opinion.

I own all 4 systems (both XBoxes and Both PS), and a Vita, and i can tell you I get more value out of my XBL than PS+. Others may find it different, but unless you own and subscribe to both, i dont think you have a right to claim one is better. All you can honestly claim is that you like the one you have, and you would be right to do that since it's your opinion.

What i plan on doing, because i typically buy physical copies of new games: Buy the physical copy, and when i'm done with the game, trade it in, knowing that there is a good chance it will come back in the vault at some point if i want to play it again. I wont get any use out of the 10% of thing, but thats fine. The vault makes the price worth it, for me.

hello121424d ago

[email protected] Wasting your time with common sense. Its only a problem because Sony didn't want it.

user74029311424d ago

i don't want cats crapping in my house when i have a perfectly clean sustainable enviorment is that a problem because i don't want it? get it?

on topic, yes ps plus is worthwhile.

OrangePowerz1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

How often do people need to tell certain Xbox doofus guys that it's not like PS now. PS now offers games via streaming from PS1 - PS3, EA access offers next gen (current gen by now) only games and it's not streaming. Plus it doesn't say anywhere that they will have more than a handful games at any time in the "Vault" and it clearly states that if a game is removed from the "Vault" your access is gone as well.

PS+ is requires fpr certain online gaming, it doesn't extend to F2P games or games that are online only. Certain things might be locked away in online only games for non PS+ users.

Anyway now you can be happy that X1 for once has something PS4 doesn't have. EA and MS are a perfect couple anyway since they are both so anti consumer. The first one came up with the idea of the online pass and fake reasons of why SimCity needs to be online and the other one wanted to impose a second hand block and 24 hour DRM check ins.

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Chanogram1425d ago

As others have said: The value of this app/subscription is different for different people. I find tremendous value in it already. Others may not, and that's fine. That is the great thing about OPTIONS and CHOICE. For those of you who would rather buy a cheap used retail version, you can do that still, and probably a LOT cheaper than you can now, since it is in the vault. Check Madd NFL25 prices on X1 a week or two after this goes fully live.

30 dollars is nothing for hardcore gamers that spend 60 on a new game every week or two (like myself). I know i may be in a better position than others, and that goes back to my point about it bringing different levels of value to different people.

Couple quick notes from my experience with it yesterday (and i did sign up for a year):

1. It works offline. I disconnected my ethernet, signed out and back into my profile, fired up Fifa and Battlefield and was able to play (the offline modes of course).

2. It also works the same as digital purchases, where as long as this is my home X1, any user on my X1 can play those games.

3. It's not a clunky interface. Once you have the game, you can launch it right from My Games and Apps or from a pin. You do NOT have to launch it through the EA app or jump through any hoops. You dont even have to have the EA app running.

I found the experience to be really fleshed out and smooth, especially for a beta.

TripC501424d ago

I'll use it. Don't really care if it "works" or not.

TripC501424d ago

When the article asks "will it work" they mean will it be successful, will it be a commercial success. I don't care if its a commercial success it is a good deal, I'll use it.

mrpsychoticstalker1424d ago

Awesome deal, of course it will work! Whoever doesn't agree is just in plain denial.

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