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Opinion: Could the EA subscription service signal the end of PlayStation Now?

Now that Sony has declined EA's Subscription service. Could this be the beginning of the end for PS Now? (EA, PS4)

Bennibop  +   296d ago
Not sure why EA access would have any impact on PS Now as EA would also make money from it also. EA is not giving access to retro titles through access just previous titles release on X1 ie last years sports games nobody would purchase after current tiles release.
LOL_WUT  +   296d ago
I expect there to be no EA games on Sonys PS now service ;)
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OrangePowerz  +   296d ago
EA can only offer next gen ges via their service since it is X1 only and not a streaming.service so I don't see why EA wouldn't have PS3, PS2 and PS1 games on PSnow.

Would be a stupid decision on EAs part to just throw money away since it won't cost them really anything, than again it's EA they are full of stupid decisions.
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MysticStrummer  +   296d ago
"I expect there to be no EA games on Sonys PS now service"

I'm guessing that's a joke.
tbone567  +   296d ago
Gamers don't want to pay 5 dollars for 2 hours of gaming on PSnow. PSnow is already dead.
Boody-Bandit  +   296d ago
I know what about I'm about to write is apples to oranges but it's what came to mind when I read the title "Could the EA subscription service signal the end of PlayStation Now?"

That's like saying Origin will end STEAM.
EA is just that EA games. PSNOW is Sony's library of games and I can't see EA having Sony exclude EA titles from their service because of a deal they struck with MS.

EA needs Sony more than Sony needs EA. I can give you a 100 million reasons as to why that is the case.

There's an old saying, "you don't bite the hand that feeds you."
I like mine better. "Try starving that large animal instead. No seriously, go ahead."

I will sit back here, WAY BACK HERE, and watch from a distance.
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dasbeer88  +   296d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if EA Access is timed exclusive for the Xbox One until eventually it'll come to PS Now like six months later.

Just sayin'.
ScottyHoss  +   296d ago
You've probably read by now that Playstation actually turned down EA, which I'm sure they may eventually change their mind on if it's successful. But the fact of the matter is that they're two entirely different services, streaming last Gen and discounting current Gen.
3-4-5  +   296d ago
EA subscription wont even exist in 3 years.
stuna1  +   296d ago
Why would it? PS Now has a wider range of customers for starters! Then there the fact of More developers on board! Plus by it still being in Beta, nothing has been finalized, that includes pricing and what games are on offer, discounts or, incentives.

If anything EA and Microsoft gave Sony the time to make tweeks and changes to the PS Now model.
Volkama  +   296d ago
Nope. Not directly equivalent. PS Now is available across myriad devices for people that want to play "Now". EA's offering is purely centred around value.

Together they could herald a new age of game subscription services though.
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stuna1  +   296d ago
Very well put! I really don't see why they're being compared. I guess it's a age old custom. To be honest I think both will have a lot to prove, because the hype is not getting it! Action is the word of the day.

Have a bubble on me.
XtraTrstrL  +   296d ago
PS Now direly needs to get rid of that 1st payment option. 4 hours, it's just stupid, ridiculous, and seems like a rip-off at nearly any price.

Make it 1-2 days atleast. It would make more sense with the progression and spacing of the other options also.
truefan1  +   296d ago
OUCH!!! That $380 million investment in Gaikai has lost a bit of relevance. Why would you stream a game, when EA is letting gamers download the game. Another thing is that sony will have to drastically drop their prices, currently is sits at 1 game 4 hours $5...., and I'm guessing those prices are that high to cover costs and the purchase of Gaikai, so lowering the prices will probably hurt.
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GW212  +   296d ago
Oh nice, truefan1 thinks this is bad for Sony.

You know what that means? This is really good for Sony. We all know that whatever this truefan kid says, the opposite is usually true.
CapraDemon  +   296d ago
truefan- Where were you during this month NPD results? i missed you lol
Bennibop  +   296d ago
PS is in beta the prices will change and we do not even know if there is a subscription model yet. But why am I bothering to explain that to the biggest troll on N4G.
DirtyPimp  +   296d ago
Bennibop  +   296d ago
@dirtypimp I realised half rant
Volkama  +   296d ago
Because you can stream a game instantly, and potentially without even owning the console it was made for.

There are advantages to streaming. Disadvantages too, but that wasn't your question.
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Prime157  +   296d ago
All you ever do is spew your misinformed rhetoric. I'd put you on ignore, but if I do that then some people would believe your spin as fact.

You never give any consideration to Sony products, so you can't compare as you lack the ability to be objective.

I, personally, am still trying to figure out if this ea-program is even worth it as the fine print is missing. Not to mention we are dealing with one of the worst companies as voted by consumers. But, hey, if you want, truefan, please jump the gun.

Edit: this guy expresses a few of my concerns, but more still linger: http://www.polygon.com/2014...
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MysticStrummer  +   296d ago
Careful truefan, don't squander what's left of your pride. You're going to lose a bit more of it when July's NPD is announced.
Legacy212  +   296d ago
What does ndp numbers have to do with any of this? And if sony outsells MS again whats the big deal? Does your level of enjoyment fluctuate with sony sale numbers.
ceballos77mx  +   296d ago
The problem with your comment (biased as it is), is that ps now has games from other companies and this deal is just for EA games, click on primes link and you'll get an idea.
ghostface9  +   296d ago
This guy is right on the money sony is not letting ea access onto there console because its in direct competition with ps now. This is a pure greed move by sony and if you think its not you are blind.
ceballos77mx  +   296d ago
They dont need it, they have games from a lot more companies, will this subscription let you play assasins creed, or call of duty its just for EA games, the good side of it is that you'll get to play new games more cheaper than if you buy it retail.
GW212  +   296d ago
Right, Sony would just let all of that happen to the point that only Sony exclusives would be playable on the Playstation. Yup. Totally reasonable.

File this article under "W" for "When non-business people try to talk about business and fail miserably."

Wait, pretty much every article (and comment) on this site can be filed under that same headline. Go figure.
Majin-vegeta  +   296d ago
Lol no PS now will have more variety of titles from dif publishers.Where as EA access will be nothing more than EA titles.

Dewitt  +   296d ago
With PS Now you are paying to rent each game vs EA Access where you are paying a flat rate for a month or a discounted rate for a year for multiple titles and other perks.
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ceballos77mx  +   296d ago
Like PS plus, so thats good now.
user5669510  +   296d ago
who says othe publisher wont follow. they all in it for the money. everything can have a app now tvs, tablets, even fridges have appz now. they could try to force their way to putting their service on xbone and ps4. so yes or maybe. publisher are going to look for a way to make money. why let sony do this when they run service on pc they could just expand their services and make a service like onlive while their at it.

like i said this gen is going to be ugly
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Foraoise  +   296d ago
brotherlymoses  +   296d ago
PS now is filled with old ass games that you probably already played/don't care about, I rather buy a ps3 or ps2 and buy the games and it will be cheaper in the long run. Instead of streaming 1 game for $30 and dealing with lag/input lag.
SpideySpeakz  +   296d ago
And I would rather buy my physical copy upfront instead of paying $30 just to get a $ 6 discount on buggy EA games.
DualWielding  +   296d ago
PS Now has lots of problems (lack of net neutrality laws, for example) but EA access is not one of them
beereal360  +   296d ago
No all game console will be find but this is a win win for gamers because Sony will answer back in some way. I'm going to buy the ea pass
Silly gameAr  +   296d ago
EA Access are only EA games, and you can only play them one the X1, and they aren't streaming right? So umm...no?
CPTN MITCHELL  +   296d ago
How many ms fan boys cry about ea and bf4 and now they're all over ea d!¢k go ahead and enjoy ea crap ass games!!! Also how many people have said I'm not giving my money to ea?
Cobra951  +   296d ago
AllAboutGaming  +   296d ago
Nope. This is great competition and should help keep the PS Now sub price low. I'd rather play games from all publishers via PS Now instead of EA games. EA isn't even allowing access to all there games anyway.
gamegenieny  +   296d ago
The reason this might kill PS Now is that if it takes off and EA makes money with it, other companies will look to take the same approach and make money themselves. They wouldn't need to put games on PS Now if they have more control and possible money by doing it this way.

A big factor however is what PS Now pricing comes out as when it becomes official. That might be the only way it would work for them.
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Beklekle   296d ago | Spam
MonstaTruk  +   296d ago
People DO realize that there are more plans for pricing/content for PSNow, right? Like...PS1/PS2 enhanced games, and a unlimited subscription model? But..."EA Access" is a threat to PSNow? Pshyeah...*smh*
castillo  +   296d ago
If I had a PS4 or was getting one then I would be concerned but since an not I look forward to see what this EA Access becomes.
blahblah123  +   296d ago
I'm not paying for broken games anymore. Battlefield 4 was the last EA game I'm going to buy.
ceballos77mx  +   296d ago
Will you keep the games you download or is it like PS plus, When you don't pay you dont play them.
Because that would be ironic now that everyone who bashed the service is now saying its doom for sony
L6RD7BLU3  +   296d ago
There just EA titles LMFAO so no there won't be an impact
turdburgler1080  +   296d ago
A doom and gloom article from a PS website. Are those clouds on the horizon?

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