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Submitted by Alexious 560d ago | opinion piece

Destiny's Death Knell Could Be The Lack of Content

Many gamers have been complaining after Destiny's beta about the possible lack of content. Here's why it could be a major problem. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

LavaLampGoo  +   560d ago
I only played the beta for a few hours and I was getting bored. With friends its a bit better but I think that won't save it in the long run.
Everyone will be buying this game when it comes out, and after a week everyone will start looking for something else
Alexious  +   560d ago
I wouldn't say after a week, but after two or three, it may well be.
crxss  +   560d ago
Hopefully destiny doesn't feel as repetitive as the alpha and beta did. E.g. - do mission, activate something, fight horde, end mission.
die_fiend  +   560d ago
Bungie said they would have data centres operating 24/7 in order to bring new content every single day. I don't think there's going to be a lack of content really, what with the PVP as well.

I think if you get through everything this game has to offer in a week, then you need to get a life
DevilishSix  +   560d ago
If that daily content is no better then those random side missions interest will be lost quickly.
GW212  +   560d ago
It was a beta... you should have been getting bored after a few hours. It's a trial of the game, NOT the game.
spicelicka  +   560d ago
I only got to play for a few hours and I couldn't get enough, I don't know what you're talking about. If you an 8 hour campaign game can survive I'm sure destiny will do amazingly well.
Orpheo  +   560d ago
I somewhat agree with Lava.

I got into the beta and within a day and a half hit level 8, completed all story missions, many mini-missions (those level 4 Vanguard missions), and got some pretty decent gear. I had a lot of fun but during my 3rd day in the beta I was getting kind of bored. The live events are a fun way to shake things up but overall the game feels deprived of content.

I know some areas were sort-of sealed off so we didn't get to experience everything Earth has to offer, but even still it looks like we got to experience most of it going off the in-game map. I also thoroughly explored the moon, which looks fantastic though I would've liked lighter gravity. With this dual location experience I've essentially played through about half the full game's locations and feel a bit underwhelmed.

I don't think this is a bad game, in fact I think this is a great game. I can definitely see myself getting super into it for a month, maybe 2, and then moving on to something else. Now when you compare that to your average non-RPG game that's some great game time. The thing is, "Destiny" was built-up as more than just an awesome distraction, it's been hyped to be the next big thing.

I honestly don't think we'll be getting that true 'next big thing' till the release of "No Man's Sky," but "Destiny" is definitely a great appetizer.

On one last note, I dislike multiplayer which I have no doubt skews my opinion. I'm a hardcore single player campaign kind of guy, the kind who would ONLY play CoD for its story without ever touching the versus mode. Co-op is more than fun, I'm just usually not very competitive, I'm more helpful. As such, I can see those who are into competitive multiplayer deriving more enjoyment from what "Destiny" has to offer.
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Paul_JC  +   560d ago
Freakin No Man's Sky... now THATS a game I can't wait for!
opoikl  +   559d ago
Hellsvacancy  +   560d ago
I was hoping for some mini games to play whilst at the Tower, other than dancing there's not much else to do
Orpheo  +   560d ago
There's the soccer ball / purple orb thing to kick around. ;)
Chuk5  +   560d ago
"People are complaining at the possibility of the lack of content after the beta even though most people had fun and spent hours and hours in the original beta anyway."

good grief. And it's not an MMO, Bungie has been pretty clear that they're taking influences including MMO standbys, but it isn't an MMO. When the game comes out, people will still get upset that it isn't big as an mmo.
Alexious  +   560d ago
The problem is exactly that it's taking the worst things from MMO, while leaving the best things (scale, a lot of content) out.
NiteX  +   560d ago
No MMO has a large amount of content when it first launches.
Silver360  +   560d ago
Let me write a story about the failures of Destiny before I see the whole game so I can get hits on my website. This opinion piece might be justified after game is released. Right now it is jumping the gun.
boskoz  +   560d ago
"Destiny's Death Knell Could Be The Lack of Content"
It is hypothetical.
Since when it is wrong to make hypothesis, and discuss about them?
The whole videogame world is made out of speculations.
Aurenar  +   560d ago
Agreed. It seems like some fanboys are a little too sensitive about their game. After trying the Beta, I'm quite concerned too.
Silver360  +   560d ago
@ aurenar where do you get fanboy from. You know nothing about me, but from your post should I call you child or childish.
The author has no idea of how big the levels are or how much content bungie is putting in levels. In the Beta there were many areas blocked off. So you are telling me he played those areas?
And I did not say his opinion was invalid I just said that he gave it without full information. Wait until the game comes out play it then opine away.
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Alexious  +   560d ago
Actually, we do. Everyone who's played the Beta does, as it's almost impossible not to complete everything in little over a couple of hours.

There are, in the best case, TWO areas blocked off in the beta, not many. This isn't going to change the fact that Earth is really small, and it isn't even the smallest area from what they've said.

What we all played in beta was about 25% of the entirety of Destiny's content at launch. These are hard facts. If that's enough for you, good, but I doubt that many will agree about that.
MysticStrummer  +   560d ago
"What we all played in beta was about 25% of the entirety of Destiny's content at launch. These are hard facts."

Let's see some kind of verification of these "hard facts".
Cryptech  +   560d ago
So you've sat down with Bungie and discussed all the end game content with them I presume?
SliceOfTruth888  +   560d ago
i saw somewhere there are about 35 story missions all with different level settings to choose from, about 10 or more strike missions with different level settings to choose from and 2 end game raids with tons of ground to explode on multiple planets plus extensive pvp modes and 2 expansions have been announced.....if only there was more?
jts1891  +   560d ago
...Seriously, it's a Beta. It's not meant to show off huge portions of the game, including areas or plot. It's meant to give people a taste of the gameplay, which was fantastic, and to allow Bungie to do stress tests to see how things hold up under a heavy load.
NiteX  +   560d ago
It's an MMO-Lite it will have content always rolling out. It will be fine.
VitaOwner  +   560d ago
I put in 40 hours in the Beta. There are many full priced games that I can't get 40 hours out of. The full game will be massive and there are expansions coming. I don't get this lack of content discussion.
Alexious  +   560d ago
You can put however many hours in any game you want, that's not directly proportional to the actual content.

We're talking about PvE here, the main innovation in Destiny. Obviously PvP is another matter, as mentioned in the article.
my-proxy  +   560d ago
There are also multiple articles and videos that state there were 3 blocked off areas in old russia (which i found myself) and ONLY 10% of the full game content in the beta. Those are hard facts
Surt  +   560d ago
To many has gotten into their heads that the STORY is the main innovation behind destiny.

Yet close their eyes as to what has been the focus, in beta and alpha. MP. Like you all forgot this was a bungie game.

They didn't make a rpg. This is a next step for FPS. But still at it's core a FPS game. and so at it's core MP/pvp will still be a major focus. probably more so then PVE.

Not saying they will not put attention to pve, but come on.
Einhert  +   560d ago
All the ignorant things commenting in here unaware that the final amount of content has been announced for launch.

22 missions 6 strikes (raids)

That is a poverty amount of content for a title that is going to last "10 years."

inb4 nickel & diming DLC packs.
jts1891  +   560d ago
I have to wonder where you are getting your numbers. The most recent statement I've seen says that it will have 32 story missions and 23 strikes, and even that was open to change.
Alexious  +   560d ago
There aren't 23 strikes, only 23 Strike missions....That's a very different thing.

There are only 6 Strikes (5 for Xbox users).
JeffGUNZ  +   560d ago
Those numbers are off, the 32 story missions and 23 strike missions are from a data minnig of the Beta Build. Nothing is confirmed and Bungie has said nothing and about the final release.
GW212  +   560d ago
Um, really? It was a beta. I would have been pissed if there was a lot of content. Game comes out 9/9 and I've already played 20% of it? No thanks.

Glad that Bungie let us get a taste without ruining the full release.

This is the pitfall of a large-scale beta. "where's the content?" It was free with a pre-order, what the hell do you want out of it?
Fireseed  +   560d ago
I just can't help but shake this feeling that it's TOO much like Bordelands in the sense that it's a game about loot raids on pre-designed maps in various locales. The idea of "exploration" pales in comparison to what's supposedly being offered in No Mans Sky. It's the same issue with Diablo 3... where's the fun in continuously re doing the same missions over and over and over? For better loot just to clear through them better? The only thing left for Destiny to innovate on in this type of game is if they can make the story compelling in a co-op game. As anyone who's ever played Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, or Diablo they know that when their is no sense of progression and your just picking stages like you would a MP map the story will fall flat.
Sevir  +   560d ago
It wouldn't matter if the maps were procedurally generated. The game has a clear beginning, middle and end. THERE"S a Story, there for aimlessly wondering worlds that would never look the same defeats the purpose. No Man's Sky is a completely different experience to Destiny so why compare them.

By design destiny is made to deliver a narrative about reclaiming and rediscovering humanity's past that was lost to it from the darkness. Its gameplay is social and seemless and its mechanics work across Multiplayer competitive, co-op and single player, with its. bringing up no man's sky is just silly.

Honestly whats wrong with that!?
DevilishSix  +   560d ago
Destiny was perceived as a realistic version of Borderlands when it was first revealed at 2013 E3, but Bungie was insistent that it was different in the sense it was a persistent world like an MMO but not a full MMO. However to me if all that makes your game persistent are those random throw away side missions launched from the beacons and the same strike mission in the same area every 7 to 10 minutes then we have been mislead by Bungie and it really is just a Borderlands clone.

As a fan of Bungies since Halo launched in 2001, I hope I am wrong. I am getting the full game but just like many others who are honest about reality, we are concerned.
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user9597082  +   560d ago
Many gamers are also idiots.
Ozmoses  +   560d ago
I do not understand this "LACK of CONTENT" talk...

Hello... did anyone not play???? I mean events like the IRON BANNER were for ONE FACTION!!!!

there are Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, New Monarch, The Speaker.... all these people to build up rank and reception for...

we saw a sliver of game.... each map/world has golden chests and numerous dead ghosts to revive...

there are 6 different PVP modes.... and the distinction between playing solo or with friends is seamless.

there is more than enough in this game... and it isn't even out yet... you all need to QUIT acting like you work at BUNGIE... because you don't

the game is going to be a huge seller regardless of what any of you think

it's gonna take you long enough just to reach vanguard or crucible rank 3... this game will have years of replay value...

I mean this is the same company that made your cherished HALO... and all of sudden they don't know jack about video games??? I'm not buying it.. I'm not buying the hate.
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Johnsonparts23  +   560d ago
exactly!!! people these days.
Sevir  +   560d ago
Every naysayer is blowing this out of proportion! But what can you do? This is the era of social media, where the vocal minority speaks louder than the happy majority. 4.6 million played the beta and i'm sure just a handful of those players weren't satisfied which is fair because every has different taste. But I' blown away by the notion that a naysayer can put in 40+ hours in a beta on a map that was only 50% explorable due to level caps, and locked areas and then complain that there's no content in the full game because of JUST OLD RUSSIA.

If they managed 40 plus hours at a level 8 cap on half a map how much will they get out the game when you have access to level up to 20, and unlocking your subclass, and exploring The Moon, Earth, Venus Mars, The Reef and what ever else that hasn't been detailed, all this and we still haven delved into the Crucible modes and multiplayer maps that will be on the full game.
UnHoly_One  +   560d ago
Yeah I really don't get it, but maybe I just don't get bored very easily.

I probably put 40 or 50 hours into the beta, (I only played like 15 crucible matches so most of it PvE), and I was still hooked and bummed when they had to shut it down.

I was still running around in explore completing quests that I knew I'd never get to enjoy the benefits of, right up until they shut it down.
Jeff257  +   560d ago
People who are complaining about lack of content should go check out the video IGN released today where Bungie talks about Raids and other end game content. The fact that you are still gaining experience and rank after level 20 and that some raids can't even be started until rank 25 is huge. Also the daily and weekly Nightfall missions. Bungie has a big plan in place for this game and the Beta as fun as it was didn't even come close to the whole story. I for one cannot wait for the full game and I can see myself playing it at lease a little bit even on the days I have to work and far longer on the days I have off.
Sevir  +   560d ago
I still don't see how people can say there is lack of Content when The OFFICIAL full content list hasn't been Detailed by Bungie... How are people even drawing such conclusion by playing 1/10th of content in the beta?

Overreacted much!
JeffGUNZ  +   560d ago
Apparently we can count information obtained from data mining the Beta Build as the amount of content in the final build. People on here have no idea how Beta builds work. They tear off aspects of the game and make a mini baby version of what they want to test out overall. A beta build is a separate build from the final build, so the data mining could be completely off. Bungie has proved themselves tenfold with the Halo series and their support to their community. This game is going to launch with a lot of content.
Johnsonparts23  +   560d ago
Anyone who thinks this needs to go read the IGN First article put up today about the endgame content that happens after reaching level 20. They discuss daily content updates and new and different challenges. They discuss raids a lot, which were not seen or discussed in the beta. There's going to be plenty of content for gamers, unless you're one with no life and want 24 hours of content each day. In that case, I'll pray for you. lol
DevilishSix  +   559d ago
You said "There's going to be plenty of content for gamers, unless you're one with no life"

Thats a pretty shallow thing to say there fella. There are thousands if not millions of people with disabilities that cannot and/or have a hard time getting by that play video games to releave their pain or escape to a world that is more enjoyable than the reality they live in. I am sure you did not mean it in that sense, but please remember there are those that struggle daily.
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CptVimes  +   560d ago
I played and enjoyed the beta. I trust Bungie to deliver, they've not made a bad game yet or one without replay value in my opinion. Roll on September is all I can say.
Sevir  +   560d ago
I Think I'll leave this video here!
This is why, I'm excited. READ IT, WATCH IT and SETTLE DOWN, There's plenty to see and do in Destiny.
amnalehu  +   560d ago
@Sevir, thanks for posting that video! I was already pretty excited about this game but this video really gives us a glimps of what is ahead. I didn't know about the daily and weekly activities. Sounds really fun! Did you notice the "Reef" in the map? I've never seen that. Thanks again for posting that vid.
nerdman67  +   560d ago
My only real concern about Destiny is how long after it releases will people care? Im sure there will be a lot of cool content, but until the expansions I feel like the player base will drop off support
SaveFerris  +   560d ago
I'm sure some people will be quite content with this game.
moomoo319  +   560d ago
Are you people delusional? The amount of money and faith activision and bungie have in this game to be played for years to come and you honestly think you will complete everything in a month? There are 5 destinations from earth to mars each with their own enemy type, lore, missions, strikes, weapons and enemy headquarters with their own boss. Each class has 3 sub classes with their own skill trees to level up. And after you hit lvl 20 and do all this you reach the bungie-proclaimed meat of the game, end game content. You could put 50+ hours into crucible alone in a months time for christs sake.
turdburgler1080  +   560d ago
32 missions then it's dust. Most folks don't explore every nook and cranny like you do. Also most folks don't like paying out the butt for $30 expansions that throw in just a handful of missions. Don't expect it to be tons of fun with activision and Bobby kotick controlling it. It's going to become a sloppy COD model mess. I'll pass.
turdburgler1080  +   560d ago
This games gonna run out of track real quick. Then off to the used bin it goes.
MAGTAR  +   560d ago
On ign the new video they have i saw a level 29 hunter character in the game when some one say it had less content they do not no the game i think level cap must be level 30 and we will have more planets then this the game is going to be the best fps game of all time and will last for years from now
Artista  +   560d ago
What do people expect from a game, better yet, this game?

It seems like, giving people a chance to play the game might have been a double edged sword.
LordofPwn  +   560d ago
Seems like people are forgetting that this is an FPS. name the last FPS that had this much content on a console. Go ahead I'll wait.
NeoGamer232  +   560d ago
After playing the beta I was not concerned about content. But, I was concerned about repetitiveness. Which in turned bored me.
amnalehu  +   560d ago
I love how people are basically offering a review of the Destiny beta as if it were a complete game. What is a beta? Is it a demo? Is it a try before you buy? Or is it a way for the game devs. to test the game in the real world with live servers with actual players? It's called a beta "test" for a reason. I've always thought the purpose of a test was to evaluate something or someone; in the case of video games, test for critical bugs and what not. Wait till the game is actually released, see what's in it and then pass judgement.
700p  +   560d ago
Yeah, i dont see how someone could claim lack of content based off of a beta.

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