Why Do So Many People Hate Indie Games?

In recent months, I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment when I scroll through the comments of the coverage of “indie games” here on IGN (or on other sites and on Twitter, at that). While many folks praise these games (and a vast, vast majority of people who read IGN don’t comment at all), I can’t help but notice a lot of hatred cast against these games, too. This hatred doesn’t come from disliking the content of the game at hand. No, it comes from the game being “indie,” period. The word, to some, is used as a weapon. To others, it’s a reason to dismiss a game outright.

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kalkano1391d ago

The vast majority of indie games are shovelware. And, even the few that aren't are in genres that don't interest me. Then there's the fact that they don't release physical copies, and I have no reason to pay any attention to them.

DeadRabbits1391d ago

I would argue that an Indie game can take you by surprise how good it is while how many "AAA" releases have left you wanting?

andibandit1391d ago

yeah it's true that about 1/2000 indie game will take me by surprise while
1/20 AAA games will actually live up to the expectations

Perjoss1391d ago


Indie title development is not steered by shareholders interests or analysts who think they can pinpoint the features that are needed to target the widest possible audience.

Meanwhile in indie game land... "guys I have a cool idea for a really f****** fun game"

KwietStorm1391d ago

I'll second the argument that many so called AAA games/studios turn out to be over hyped junk. I'm not going to make a silly, generalized statement that the majority of "AAA" games are shovelware, but there's plenty of crap on store shelves that they see fit to charge us $60 for. I feel like a good game is a good game, period, and I don't care where it comes from. But with so much me-too in the blockbuster market, the emphasis on the creativity and diversity of Indies in recent years has been great for variety and choice.

Zichu1391d ago

I think I can see where you are coming from. I don't think people are truly understanding what you mean.

If you take a look at some of the indie games on the 360, 90% of them are shovelware or just clones of other games, mainly talking about Minecraft clones. You will get a small handful of games that can turn out to be great games.

It's great that people were able to make games for the 360 without proper monitoring, but it makes it harder to find those gems underneath all the rubble. The way MS are doing it now seems better and the way Steam do it is great. It's actually monitored. With Steam, the community decide what they want to play, if they don't find it interesting, the developer will either have to find another way of selling their game or improve it and make it something different.

isarai1391d ago

1) i don't think you know what "shovelware" means. it refers to a cheap "cash in" by reusing a game for a new platform. for example, the Wii had a LOT of shovelware, just carbon copy ports of old games from PS2/Xbox/Gamecube. THAT'S what shovelware is, indie games are completely new games, otherwise they'd get sued severely

2)Indie games span all genres and even quite a few that can be considered a genre of their own like Going home and Dear esther, very unique things that really don't fit in any predetermined genre, so that simply isn't true

3)It's no different than DLC or any PC game (which i'm sure you have to have played at least one PC game) literally it's no different than any other game besides not physically putting a disc in.

All in all it just seems like you're limiting yourself just to maintain some distorted image of yourself. simply put if you truely like gaming, it really shouldn't matter where it comes from or how it gets to you, a game is a game, and the only thing that determines if a game is good is the work of the devs, not their boss or lack their of

kalkano1390d ago

I don't think you know what "shovelware" means. Shovelware is just throwing a cheap piece of crap out there, and hoping dumb people buy it. If you've made a game in 2014, that looks like it belongs on Super Nintendo, it's shovelware.

XtraTrstrL1391d ago

Yeah, I agree on the majority being shovelware. I don't hate indie, but I also don't jump for joy once I hear the word. I think the public is trying to trick everyone into thinking the word "indie" means gold automatically. Cuz whenever people hear it, they come running.

The article seems wrong though, it seems the vibe going around is that people love "indie" a little too much. I don't like the idea of Sony overdoing it with indies, cuz there's a negative side to it that can go overboard. PS Store could end up like mobile iOS and android stores. Just tons of crappy lil games and copycat games that aren't really fit to be in the store can end up clogging it up.

kreate1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

I agree w kalkano and xtratrstrl.

I take one look at all those indie games. Than my eyes start hurting.

Only a few interest me. Other ones i bought becuz its popular and it happened to be on sale.

I think it should be 85% AAA games and 15% indie games out there.

TheFanboySlayer1390d ago

I'd have to disagree. Indie Games are good. Let's the Developer make what they want. AAA games are starting to get repetitive.

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Clown_Syndr0me1391d ago

Some people seem to think indie is a genre.
I don't understand how people can say "I hate indie games". What indie games? Outlast? Mercenary Kings? Pixeljunk shooter? Because they are all completely different.
I understand those who say they dislike most indie titles, as I am probably one of those. Not a fan of the retro style ones (although will always try them) but I love Outlast and Octodad.
There is more variety in Indie games than AAA these days.

Insomnia_841391d ago

Some people actually believe Indie Games are games made by Indians! Seriously!

Mikelarry1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Stop it :)

Perjoss1391d ago

When I was a lot younger I used to think indie games were just any game that was based on the Indiana Jones movies :/

mrpsychoticstalker1390d ago

Gamers hate indie games because they bought the most powerful console for the best gaming ever .. Not indies. Yet this company keeps pushing them like it's the second coming of the Messiah. This is why they hate the indies.

Clown_Syndr0me1390d ago


Personally I think indies are good for this gen, its the first gen theyve actually gotten attention and been bought to the masses.
They were on 360, but no one seemed to care...

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LackTrue4K1391d ago

Only shallow people don't like indie games...

@ Insomnia, lol....I believe it! Haha

arbitor3651391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

i would gather that alot of them are teenagers who have no appreciation of games that are retro or avant garde. they want their bland shooters that they can call AAA. so it is mainly teenagers and casuals who whine about indie games.

madworld1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

I don't hate indie games,but I sick of it,for god sick you buy a new console to play an amazing games to see difference between old and the new console in graphics power,high physicas animations and new features of the new console not to play some games I can play it on my smart phone or tablet, so what I mean here to be clear the indie games can't be a console seller,every console needs a AAA games,actually a lot of them..

isarai1391d ago

you do realize being indie does not inherently mean it's of lower graphical fidelity right? Witcher series, outlast, and STALKER series are technically done by indie studios, as is the forest, miasmata, and reset and they all look amazing.

Also new console is not all about new graphics, it's also about the new hardware, and with this gen's more familiar hardware it's making porting and developing easier, faster, and cheaper than ever which is why we're seeing so many indie titles. There are tons of amazing looking indie titles, people like you just fail to see them.

madworld1391d ago

actually I play indie games and I know almost of them,but what you mean is that with new consoles no need to AAA games,OK then what is the benefit of new console after 6-7 years??
Also to be more understandable for your perspective,there are an amazing indie games such as journey,Thomas was alone and lately I played oddworld new 'n' tasty and I am looking forward to play No Man's Sky and agree with that there are a great indie games but it is not a system seller especially for me I will not buy a console for indie game.

christian hour1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

madworldps4, indie games on ps4 are not delaying AAA games. They're not causing less AAA games to be made. AAA games are still coming out at the exact same rate they always have.

I dont get when people complain about this, you're still getting the games you bought your new console for, at the same rate they usually come out this early in a gen. Just now there's a lot of variety and smaller games coming out in between big AAA titles. How is this a bad thing? You don't have to buy them, but it's nice to have options right?

And those options aren't effecting the release schedule of your AAA games.

Also I think a lot of people confuse the word "indie" for a smartphone game. Smartphone games are a plague, they're nothing like what talented independant developers are releasing on PC and console, to compare them just shows your ignorance.

Can you play No Mans Sky on a smart phone or tablet? Don't think so. Show me a game that's as good as Fez, Super Meat Boy, Transistor, Braid, pixeljunk shooter, merc kings, outlast on smartphones and then you'd have a point. But until then people who say this are spouting pure nonsense.

Kinda like how bands that call themselves "indie" don't really know what that means, it seems nobody in the mainstream music industry knows what that means. Somehow it became a musical genre, I have no fecking idea how that happened. But it seems the same thing is happening here. Please halp! Stop the spread of misinformation :P

Now there are plenty of copycat "indie" titles out there, but honestly it doesn't take a genius to spot one, just ignore it, don't fund the asshole trying to bank on someone elses idea, and poorly at that.

These so called "indie developers" are just as bad if not worse than those AAA marketing executives causing a lot of AAA games to fit in to some imaginery demographic that's meant to represent actual people!?

They're the "made in china, knock-off of a popular brand" of the video game industry, don't let THEM ruin independent games development for you. Don't even lump them together!

madworld1390d ago

Oh man,Sorry if my opinion effect or hurt you buddy it just opinion my friend and I have full respect of yours..


christian hour1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )


Sorry only that first paragraph was directly for you, the rest was me just going off on a rant about the misconception or confusion people seem to have with seperating smart phone games from passionately made indie games.

As you said you like indie games, the ones that matter it would seem too (glad to hear you liked thomas was alone!) the latter part wasn't meant to come off as being aimed at you, I respect your opinions very much so ;)

mixelon1390d ago

We need both. I'd buy a console for stuff like No Mans Sky, indie or not.

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