GP Exclusive: Read the Transcript as Jack Thompson Storms Out of Court

GamePolitics: In March of this year GamePolitics serialized the courtroom transcripts of Jack Thompson's Florida Bar trial. The response was overwhelming.

Based on that, we knew GP readers would be interested in reading the transcript of last Wednesday's sanctions hearing before Judge Dava Tunis - the one that Thompson stormed out of and in which the Bar recommended that the 56-year-old Thompson be disbarred for a minimum of ten years.

So we broke open the GP piggy bank and purchased a copy from the court reporter.

To set the scene (in case you haven't been following the Florida Bar vs. John B. Thompson saga): Judge Tunis, who was selected by the Florida Supreme Court to preside over the Bar trial and who recently recommended to the Court that Thompson be found guilty of 27 violations of professional misconduct, scheduled last week's hearing to hear arguments from both Thompson and the Florida Bar concerning possible sanctions. Judge Tunis has until September 3rd to provide her final report to the Florida Supreme Court, which will make the final determination of Thompson's fate.

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yesah3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

That Thompson and his shinanigans ,interupting the judge. For thoose of you who didnt read it here is a funny bit that he said to the judge,

"because of the fact that you don't even have the authority to sit there. Thank you, Judge".........rofl

MK_Red3689d ago

Wow... he truly is insane. Kudos to GamePolitics for this entertaning transcript. I knew JT was crazy and an idiot but this... just wow.