Ex-People Can Fly Dev: Bulletstorm in VR Would be 'Awesome'

VRFocus - Before it was rebranded as Epic Games Poland, videogame developer People Can Fly created some of the defining titles of the last generation. Most recently the team worked on Gears of War: Judgment, and before that created the unique first-person shooter (FPS) experience, Bulletstorm. Since then the former title’s lead animator, Jakub Kisiel, has moved on to form indie developer Kubold, where he is working on promising virtual reality (VR) third-person action title, Aliens, Trolls & Dragons.

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Hellsvacancy1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

It'll still suck, god just let the game die already it was a terrible game, unless you're into oversized macho men type games

Besides I think you'll find most games would look "awesome" in VR, imagine playing Bad Company 2 in VR

SolidGear31359d ago

I loved Bulletstorm. Got it day one in fact for PS3 and would love a sequel. It was funny and I loved Trishka. This is the kinda funny games I like, not garbage like GTA.

The_Truth_24_71359d ago

No, just no. It was terrible before.

Summons751359d ago

NO! An awful game is an awful game

Ares84HU1359d ago

I really enjoyed that game. It was pure mindless fun. What are you guys talking about??

Fishy Fingers1359d ago

Same. Yes it was shallow and silly. But it was good fun, especially playing with friends.

Mikefizzled1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Whats with the hate for Bulletstorm. It was a silly satirical game that knew it and made fun of it. Its one of the few FPS games recently that tried to do something different with the Kill-will-skill system.

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