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GTA 5 Zombies DLC; Leaked Single Player DLC Details Surface

As usual, nothing confirmed, but who knows? Rockstar might confirm it soon enough. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Iltapalanyymi  +   433d ago
im getting sick of this zombie crap everywhere...
Lord_Sloth  +   433d ago | Well said
Then don't buy it. Honestly there aren't that many games out there about them. It's a small percentage.
UltraNova  +   433d ago
Whole games no, DLC zombies for many games YES!

BUT its Rockstar so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt..

BUT (yes, but again)they better include it in the next gen release as part of the package!
Yukicore  +   433d ago
I haven't played a really good zombie open-world survival game. So if this is true, I am really excited.
Kidmyst  +   433d ago
When I played through GTAV on on the PS3 I was thinking how fun a mod to have some zombie outbreak and mod cars differently and seeing people running down the street chased by zombies, which you can then choose to help or ignore.
WildArmed  +   433d ago

Man, RDR zombie DLC was REALLY good. So if Rockstar pulls something like that off again, that sounds good to me.
UltraNova  +   432d ago

Agreed! Thats what I call quality DLC and the only kind I would buy! (I'm not in favor of DLC in general since most of it should have been on the initial release). That and the left behind one for TLoU which I dint get the chance to play. We can add the Far Cry 3 and Saints Row DLC to the list of worthwhile extra content!

What i wanna see is Carmageddon by Rockstar! Have you played it?

Imagine Los Santos filled with zombies you run over to score points!! Man that would be super fun!
DeadRabbits  +   433d ago | Well said
Im sick of things that dont have zombies in it!
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   433d ago
Don't buy it then
-Foxtrot  +   433d ago
They should of done Aliens

Undead Nightmare in Red Dead was Zombies so an "Alien Invasion" DLC should of been in GTAV
Dungus  +   433d ago
Should have done. Should HAVE done.
aLucidMind  +   433d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if they did both, even though I doubt they will.
Ocsta  +   433d ago
Yeah GTA 5 already has the whole UFO thing in there. Zombies seem lazy in comparison.
Chevalier  +   433d ago
Nothing against zombies and aliens I think it's time for more dinosaurs. T rex that I can kill with a fighter jet preferably.
Deadpoolio  +   433d ago
Because the whole alien invasion thing wouldn't have at all seemed like they were straight copying Saints Row 4 right?
styferion  +   433d ago
or Clowns, "Clowns Nightmare" DLC where that sequence from the weed guy becomes reality.
CaptainFist  +   432d ago
"They should of done Aliens"

I like how you automatically affirm the rumor. We don't even know if it's true. All we got was a possible text abbreviation for the word "zombie" (ZMB), which lacks authenticity.

Also, it's "They should 'have' done aliens."
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-Foxtrot  +   432d ago
Should of done....Should have done

Who gives a shit...I mean really

JeffGUNZ  +   433d ago
How about they add HEISTS like they promised since launch. Man, that still makes me mad how they advertised the game prior to launch having heists and that being a big seller for MP, yet we still don't have it. No, we get hipster DLC and possibly Zombie DLC.
CaptainFist  +   432d ago
Lol. I'm sure most people would agree with me that a possible zombie DLC for GTA V is far more astounding than heists.
ATi_Elite  +   433d ago
I'm sure you still save the princess so chill out!

if you don't like Zombies then you no have to buy!

on topic:
GTA Zombies Hmmmm they must have played the San Andreas DayZ mod!
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Lou Ferrigno  +   433d ago
IMPOSSIBRU! Nobody get's sick of zombies...
DirtyLary  +   433d ago
Pop culture explosions

The Poker Boom
The Zombie Boom
The UFC/MMA Boom
ScottyHoss  +   430d ago
Poker boom? O_o
DirtyLary  +   430d ago
Ya early 2000s. Moneymaker won the WSOP and over night everyone was a poker player know it all pro.. kinda like when UFC hit Spike with the TUF series.everyone was an overnight Fan. You might be to young for my references.
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HappyWithOneBubble  +   433d ago
I agree everyone is on the zombie bandwagon. Like they can't come up with something fresh and new. I'm tired of zombies too.

@Lord_Sloth There's a good amount of zombie games out there. Here's a list of some zombie games that been out and is coming out. There's others too so it's a bigger percent than you think.

Day Z
Dead Rising 3
Zombie U
Dying Light
Dead Island
Lollipop Chainsaw
State of Decay
The Walking Dead
7 Days to Die
Scholla  +   433d ago
Not really, there seems to be a perception that there is this oversaturation of zombie games and it really isn't, I think period but definitely quality ones Resident Evil went to the pits Dead Rising I can't take serious and doesn't seem to grab the community overall Dead Island? ehhh. I'm still waiting for that Triple A Zombie Classic (I don't overly count The Last of Us even though it fits that description more than well).
dota2champion  +   433d ago
It's a DLC! Don't buy it if you don't wanna support Zombies in GTA
bohemian 23  +   432d ago
I won't be distracted from the fact we still don't have heists!
cfc78  +   433d ago
After Undead Nightmare i can't think of anything better for GTA5 than some Rockstar zombie action this could be awesome if true and just in time for the remaster.
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HiTMaNHuntr  +   433d ago
Undead Nightmare was easily one of my favorite DLCs at the time.

I would defiantly be down for this.
Infamous298  +   433d ago
I agree, Undead nightmare was one of the few DLCs i bought last gen and never I regret buying it, it was simply amazing.
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cfc78  +   433d ago
Trevor in a zombie apocalypse can't wait lol.
SpideySpeakz  +   433d ago
Correction: it's one of the BEST DLC of all time.
Mikefizzled  +   433d ago
Anyone reading defiantly and thinking of Burnie from RoosterTeeth' rant about how people cant spell definitely?
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IrishSt0ner  +   433d ago
Undead Nightmare was fantastic. Rockstar and Valve are the only two companies that I've felt their DLC has value for money and actually adds to their core game.

GTA w/ Zombies, yes please!
DanteVFenris666  +   433d ago
Bethesda makes good dlc to, skyrim and fallout dlc was stellar
XiSasukeUchiha  +   433d ago
Undead mode for GTA 5 would be so much fun:)
UnHoly_One  +   433d ago
I must really be missing something.

I bought undead nightmare and didn't last an hour before I quit. I hated everything about it.

To each his/her own I suppose.
Hazmat13  +   433d ago
its taking them too long to release some single player DLC
yezz  +   433d ago
Lost and Damned came 10 months after GTA IV so that's probably just how Rockstar works, they don't do 1h long DLCs..
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CaptainFist  +   432d ago
Yep, most of their story DLC has around 6 hours of singleplayer content.
ScamperCamper  +   433d ago
Yep I agree. My guess is that they are going to spice up the next gen and PC releases with cool single player DLC. Rockstar are pretty good at no having leaks. Zombies? Not sure but that's not overly original and Rockstar like doing their own thing. One cheat is missing from this list: http://www.grandtheftautofo... and that is jet pack!! As part of single player DLC, my vote is for them to release a couple new cheats, and I want jet pack please!!
Bathyj  +   433d ago
Wow. Even before zombies became such a hot ticket, I prayed to the gods all the way back to GTA3 for a full blown riot zombie mode.
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johny5  +   433d ago
Awesome I loved undead nightmare! God I hope Red Dead Redemption gets a remaster for the PS4!
G_V_Black  +   433d ago
I would love to play that game again on PS4. It's a serious contender for my all-time favorite game .
bamillington  +   433d ago
I might play it again if zombies in it
BattleReach  +   433d ago
Gameranx: the site with 10+ GTA V leaks which all turned out to be fake, or at least not came true yet.

I don't understand how articles from this site always get around 700° on N4G.

But still, this could be true. I loved Undead Nightmare.
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Sketchy_Galore  +   433d ago
Even if this is fake I am still expecting an Undead nightmare style add on. Notice how frequently they talk about the new movie 'Vinewood zombie' in GTAV. I always took that as a set up for a DLC campaign. I hope so anyway.

There may be many 'zombie' games out and coming soon but none of them ever get it right for me. As a life long zombie fanatic I've always wanted a great early Romero style zombie game but most of them are too Jason-Stathamy or generally cartoony. The only one that has ever got the exact feel right for me was Red dead Undead nightmare. The only thing keeping it from being the perfect all round zombie game was the old west setting (which was great don't get me wrong, just not what I'd always wanted) so the idea of Undead nightmare set in the GTAV universe is exciting to me.
deruy343  +   433d ago
Yeah that site is known for leaks which they blatantly make up for hits. Avoid the site but comment here instead - they lose we win!
LightofDarkness  +   433d ago
Could be fun, especially if they toss in some survival elements.
Clumpy  +   433d ago
Zombies? What a surprise. Zombies everywhere! Is it all an excuse to create cheap A.I.?
Th3o  +   433d ago
Actually zombies can be very complex to program, especially since they need to feel organic as well.

Remember acting "brain dead" can be hard to simulate in games without making it an obvious bad programming.

For example, there is a difference between a zombie standing still and acting dead or randomly wandering and only reacting when he actually sees the player...and not when the player is in his area.


take a look at zombies in Left 4 dead 2, very immersive and very complex in a lot of places.
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TheTowelBoy  +   433d ago
I TOTALLY thought they were going to do alien DLC after playing through this. Lol excited about this, regardless.
Mr Lahey  +   433d ago
Still loving zombies!
static360  +   433d ago
sick of zombie but so glad to hear a possible detail of single player...been waiting soo long
PFFT  +   433d ago
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Agent2009  +   433d ago
Sure, because "main_ZMB" definitely confirms a zombie-themed DLC...
Monkeycan8  +   433d ago
And no credit to gtaforums of course..
Alsybub  +   433d ago
If true, there goes yet another surprise. I swear that all these leaks make gamers the kids that found their presents before christmas and took away all the excitement.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   433d ago
screw all the kids that say zombies suck or this dlc sucks, maNNNN this is what ive been waiting for, hype is back :))
TXIDarkAvenger  +   433d ago
Stopped playing GTA V months ago but if this is true I'll definitely be buying it.
Zool 08  +   433d ago
GTA vs Zombies (Brrrainz)
SaveFerris  +   433d ago
If this rumour turns out to be true and it is single player content, I wonder if this will involve the 'Zombie' NPC you meet on the street corner?
S2Killinit  +   433d ago
should be fun.
PiperMCFierceson   433d ago | Spam
This is interesting. Hope it become news soon! brains, braaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnsss!
inf3cted1  +   433d ago
We all know that anything that has zombies suddenly gains interest and sales
tigertron  +   433d ago
Hopefully if this is true it will coincide with the PS4/XB1/PC launch. :)
OpenGL  +   433d ago
I would love a GTA V: Undead Nightmare, it would also help justify bringing GTA V to the PS4 and Xbox One.
cell989  +   433d ago
this will effectively destroy the Dead Rising franchise. Free roam city with zombies, cars to steal, weapons, helicopters, multiplayer. AWESOME PREMISE
ThatEnglishDude  +   433d ago
Doubt it's true. I hope it's not true. Zombies are boring.

It comes to something when the new Wolfenstein game left me feeling relieved to be shooting Nazi's again.
xtremexx  +   433d ago
suuuucccchhhh a reach.
diesoft  +   433d ago
I wouldn't mind if it were true. I thought they did an incredible job with RDR's undead nightmare, felt like a really different game. If they can bring that level of change to GTA5, I am all for it.
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