Sony's response : EA Access Doesn't 'Represent Good Value To The PlayStation Gamer'

Game Informer: Following EA’s announcement of the company’s new subscription program, Access, we were curious about it being tied only to Xbox One. We reached out to Sony for clarification, and it seems like PlayStation 4 owners shouldn’t hold their breath for the program.

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Ballsack1115d ago

Not really hell yeh

Coz playstation now at its current pricing is even less value to a gamer than EAs offering

Mikelarry1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

not really, ps+ offers you discounts on multiple titles from different publishers big or small not just Sony first party titles. EA subscription only offers discounts on EA titles nothing more nothing less how is that better value to the gamer??

@ riverstars86: thanks for pointing that out, ok then you are right ballsack and apologies for reading your comment wrong

PeaSFor1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

EA rly Access, So they are just delaying games for a week so they can make people pay more..

EA can barely release a finished product on their normal release schedule and they want me to pay $5 to play it even earlier or have discounts on (probably) old EA titles, LULZ!

thx but no thx even if DanzoSAMA think otherwise.

riverstars861115d ago

Mikelarry, Ballsack said PS Now, not PS+.

G20WLY1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

When did EA ever offer good value to anybody? Everyone knows they're among the most money grabbing companies in existence.

EA Access is just another mechanism, ultimately designed to milk the gamer wallet, whether through direct transaction or hidden via the MS Money Hatting Program...

Darkstares1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

When is Sony going to admit that 200% rise in PS+ membership fees are largely due to having online multiplayer behind a paywall (which is now like XBox Gold)?

For $5 a month or $30 a year with EA access you get,

1. 10% off digital purchases (meaning a $60 game is $6 off, already paying for itself)

2. Game trials 5 days before it's released

3. Full access to some EA games, The Vault.

PS+ also offers some good value but the members have no idea what those free games are (which are almost always older titles that nobody wants to buy any longer) and the discounts are only towards certain games. Isn't it the consumers who should decide, not Sony, on what we view value on?

torchic1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

why are people comparing PSNow to EA Access? two completely different things.

asking gamers to pay another $30 on top of the PS+ $50/$60 is steep for basically the same thing... PS+ gives you a wide variety of publishers over 3 different platforms (PSV/PS3/PS4) for $60 while for half that you only get EA titles and discounts on one platform...

Microsoft agreed to this plan as a shortcut method of bringing Xbox services on par with PS+

FATAL1TY1115d ago

EA access = Trojan Horse

Achievement unlocked

donthate1115d ago

The only reason it isn't good value to "Playstation Gamers" is because it ain't good value to Sony!

For almost half the cost of PS+, I get access to a vault of multiple games that grow as time goes by as opposed to getting a few games every month.

I would ask Sony:

a) if it is good value to pay to be able to play online on a console that rarely has updates (after all, it is FREE on PC!)?

b) does Sony really think PS Now is good value "Playstation Gamers"?

c) why not let "Playstation Gamers" decide if it is good value?

Simply put, Sony doesn't want to have a service to compete with their own, or they are just SALTY for screwing up the deal!

I personally just subscribed to EA Access and downloading BF4 and Peggle 2 while looking forward to more games being added into the mix.

truefan11115d ago

So 1 game 4 hours for $5 is good value but 4 games 1 month $5 is bad value? Sony is clearly salty, in this damage control sratement.

I thought ps4 was for the gamers. I guess this should be revised for the gamers, excluding those who like EA.

stuna11115d ago

With EA and Microsoft showing their hands with this program, this actually gives Sony the overall advantage! With their pricing scheme as well as what they have on offer.

Nothing dictates really what Sony will offer in the long run with PS now still being in Beta, and not really being aclimated to how well it will be received. Looking at it from one perspective, PS Now already has a huge advantage simply on how many devices it'll be offered on. Not only that, Developer backing that I'm sure will include not only 1st party developers, but 2nd, 3rd and Independent developers as well.

To me I don't really believe there's a comparison to be made.

badz1491115d ago Show
stuff1115d ago

I have a feeling that they will only offer games that have sold to a certain quota. EA still has to make a profit and are responsible to their shareholders. This, in a lot of ways,is an incentive for people to buy games digitally. But in the end it's a technique for getting people to give them money for there year old games instead of buying a used copy.

Madden 25 for Xbo is less than $20 now on ebay and will be far cheaper when Madden 26 releases.

Ocsta1115d ago

Dude. Sony know what EA are. THEY weren't interested.

Darkstares1115d ago


"we don't see value in EA offering a subscription model to play games early, get discounts and to play some games as much as they want"


In what bizarro world is this? Thanks Sony for choosing for me and not letting me decide what is of value or not.

How can the same company endorse 4 hour rentals that cost upwards of $4 yet tell me that I don't want this for $5 a month or $30 a year. What a joke.

UltraNova1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )


I guess you really wanted that Kinect when you bought the XB1 for 500 bucks didn't you?

Double standards much?

PSnow pricing was part of the BETA. If and when PSnow is released with that kind of pricing or even close to that I will join the crowd dissing it myself. For now lets be civilized here.

One question though are xbox fans ok with paying an additional 30 bucks on top of the 60 already paid for live gold?


So I take it your are still SALTY since June's NPD results...

nicksetzer11115d ago

Yea, I agree with you guys ... choice totally sucks. I am glad Sony can make all my decisions for me. Thanks Sony.

ramiuk11115d ago

well EA service isnt great,sounds better than it is.

Old games on it,who plays fifa 14 when 15 is out?
same with all others that on it.
new games are not included but you can buy them at 10% off price(which going off digital)would still be more than retail with no resale value.

what peopel need to remember is its EA and they a pure greed,so there is more bad to come from this and alot of direct profit.

jmac531115d ago

@Salty You are still paying for Gold are you not? $60 + $30 does not equal $50.

SonyWarrior1115d ago

im glad sony doesnt let these turd companys clutter the PS store with there trash and clutter.

MorePowerOfGreen1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

Clearly this was a painful and devastating thing for Sony to find out about. Fanboys are either envious or really worried. The fact Sony had to do PR on it tells you the gravity of this EA and MSFT partnership. Sony knows that this isn't some superficial deal but a co developed program by both companies .

The web was shocked/stunned and was silent for a day, now here comes the damage control, then the attacks will follow.

This PR damage control will only be comforting to the most fanatical and delusional PS4 fans.

Prime1571115d ago

Psnow is streaming, that's the difference. Psnow will be playable on bravia TV's. It also has plans to go to tablets. Ea access is downloading to one system.

cemelc1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

I dont understand something, do xbox owners have to pay for live + EA acces? or does EA acces comes with the live price already included?

Cos youll otherwise be paying a 60$+30$ year to keep playing online right?

Teddy-Duchamp1115d ago

Nice try! U wish, jelly fish.

Sevir1115d ago

Devastating? The normal XB trolls are out in full force, seriously, EA's line up is paltry and outside of the Mass Effect and Dead Space IP, the games they have are broken and unfinished experiences rushed to compete with another stale IP that's stifling innovation in the gaming industry.

Why on earth would I pay $30 a year to play pre release battlefield, or A slew of sports titles I don't give a rat's ass about..

Most of their IP's only sell 2-3 million with the exception of Battlefield.

The value simply isn't there. Most of these games come to PS+ in a matter of months anyway so what's the flipping point. They get larger discounts on PS+ anyway.

It's great to have options, but this is clearly a price gouge. And the program brings no value to Xbox fans either.

TheGreatAndPowerful1115d ago

This could be the reason why Sony said no to this service.

EA reserves the right to change and update the EA Access Services, and the EA Content offered through the EA Access Services without any liability to you. In particular, Vault Titles are subject to change and may be removed, and the online services for certain Vault Titles may be discontinued.

BallsEye1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )



Funny how horde of people copy info from one another that is completely false. If you pay 60$ for gold I feel sorry for you. You can get 12 months for 40$ on amazon (even cheaper at my place).

As for EA Access, I never was fan of it but it does look pretty tempting. 30$ a year is NOTHING and you get ever growing library of actually amazing games. So far even ps+ and xblg don't offer that good titles... I mean...battlefield 4, that's pretty neat!

Whoever say it has no value need to go back and see how sony charges for ps now. How can you defend this and bash ea access?

incredibleMULK1115d ago

Agreed. Insecure Sony. Not one positive comment all generation. Nothing but negative shit all generation toward Xbox/Microsoft even when they showed professionalism and spoke high of the ps4.

Now they're talking shit to ea. Someone needs some humble quick we feel what number 3 feels like....cough cough ps3.

MSBAUSTX1115d ago


I think EA is doing this because they don't feel they are getting enough money from what PS+ is offering and they want in on the money train that Sony has stumbled across with PS+.

TheGreatAndPowerful1115d ago


nothing but nice? professional? they were nothing but d**kheads all last gen but now they're too busy eating humble pie to open their mouths to say anything else.

MS marketing director: "We are going to kill Sony at E3!"
However, the key for me was the end of a revealing interview with Craig Davidson, Director of Global Marketing Microsoft. According to him, "Xbox One will surprise the world during E3." Ending with a resounding "We will kill Sony at E3".

DragonKnight1115d ago

Wow. People are really trying to compare EA Access, which is a subscription service that tries to justify (apparently successfully based on the ignorant comments here) the Early Access model that PC gaming already has and gets blasted for; to PSNow which is a streaming service and thus has an entirely different infrastructure, and is indeed completely different to EA Access?

The lengths some "gamers" will go to defend the complete lack of willpower they have so as to justify their need to be without any money and allow companies like EA and Microsoft to nickle and dime them to death.

There's nothing of value in EA Access. These are EA games. EA's games are terrible. Paying to access garbage early is still paying to access garbage, and you're trying to be proud of that?

And the absolute irony of this situation is that the people who are saying "thanks for deciding this for me Sony, why not let US decide what value is for US" would also be the first people to jump on the hate wagon if Sony did do this saying "first you make us pay for online on the PS4 (which they don't, considering there are so many games that don't require you to have PS+ to play online, so that's a B.S. argument) and now you're letting this add another $30 a year onto the price? You're just as bad as Microsoft."

And when people say that one company is as bad as another, yet support the other company they just said was bad with such fervor, guess what that is?

4Sh0w1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

lol, Who said Xbox gamers love EA now? No, Xbox gamers who want to play a bunch of EA games for a fraction of the price, get early access and 10% off new games just appreciate a good deal.

By your logic do ps owners love Bobby Kotick/ Activision now?

pfft despite the soap box rants gamers ultimately play games they like.

Call a spade a spade, sonys done a great job so far this gen but this statement is self-serving BS. Yesterday this **OPTION wasn't available, if it has no value let the end user decide.

Visiblemarc1115d ago

Ps+ is an awesome value.

The bizarre thing is people complaining that Sony won't let a company cut them out of their own ecosystem.

EA is, generally speaking, a greedy bully. I wish they didn't own so many IP's I enjoy.