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ID@Xbox dev reveals costs of launching Xbox One game

Launching an indie game for consoles - even one developed in your bedroom - isn't something you can do for free. But how much does it actually cost?

Microsoft has made the process cheaper on Xbox One by giving away development kits to members of its ID@Xbox scheme, and there is also now no cost for patching games post-release. (Xbox One)

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Uncle_Buck  +   301d ago
Darkstares  +   301d ago
Not too bad, under $5,000. Any ideas how much to release a game on Steam, Wii U, and the PS4?
TheGrimReaper0011  +   301d ago
Putting it on steam itself costs nothing

Valva does ask a 30% or so on the income, but don't quote me on that :p
bunt-custardly  +   301d ago
Good article with a happy ending. Despite the need of around 3K GBP the end result suggests they made enough to cover costs and pay a wage.

They said there were some 10,000 scores posted on leader boards. So at £3.99 x 10,000 = £39,900 less the £3000 costs leaves around £36,000 for wages and whatever else. Obviously depends on how many others worked on the game and how long it took to actually create.
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jackanderson1985  +   301d ago
think there's about 4 staff members total in Happion Labs so around 8k each if evenly split which isn't bad
Mega24  +   301d ago
Not bad, looks cool, I like those games like Galaga and asteroids. Still play galaga to this day.
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mixolydian_id  +   301d ago
If that's the case... If they had been working on it for 8 months... that's 1K per month each?

What about office space, computers, general bills, pension, insurance, marketing?

Not to bash MS, but the over heads are not in the developers favour.

I suppose it's a dog-eat-dog business situation out there. If you've got money.. you can make money... (kinda like stocks and shares etc)

If you can't afford to spend more time and money on developing the game, the gameplay will suffer, sales will suffer... meaning less money to the dev's.

There must be a happy medium somewhere... Profitability, speed to develop/ship the game, amount of colleagues....and I imagine 3000K adheres to that margin... whitling out the newbies with little or no resources
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Silver360  +   301d ago
What I get from this article is MS requires that you copyright your IP and that if you want to release in Europe, you have to pay for your own PEGI fees. MS doesn't charge a thing for self publishing it looks like. Just realize that self publishing doesn't mean the developer gets a handout.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   301d ago
Dang this seems a little high doesn't it?
strangeaeon  +   301d ago
Not when you compare it to bigger budget games, 5k is miniscule.
n4rc  +   301d ago
Not really..

Those fees are paid by everyone.. Its one of those things that never comes to light to the general public..

Bringing a product to mass market involves way more then most people know.

Its nice to see that these guys have covered costs and made a profit already

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