EA Access App demo video - CramG

A video which takes a tour of the EA Access app on Xbox One ahead of the subscription based service rolling out for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

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Izzy4081117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Looks like a cool service, but I'll probably wait till they add more games before I pull the trigger. There is nothing wrong with having more options. I understand EA as a company sucks, but you have to admit, this does seem like a good deal.

Axios21117d ago

Even if I just wanted one of the AAA games, they're still $50, get the service for $30 and reap the benefits of discounts and early access, to say nothing of the other games with more coming.

MorePowerOfGreen1117d ago

Jackass with a smart a55 tone.

BX811117d ago

Cool I like the 5 days early access to new games.

Xb1ps41117d ago

Thought it was 30 for the year? Or did I hear wrong?

Sayai jin1117d ago

$5 a month or $30 year.

Xb1ps41116d ago

That's what I thought but the guy says 19.99 or 6.99