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EA Access could be bigger than Steam

EA have announced they're launching a game subscription service exclusively available to Xbox One owners. If they play their cards right, it potentially be bigger than Steam. (EA, EA Access, Steam, Xbox One)

Sillicur  +   152d ago
Well, exclusve to xbox one will already make it impossible and its called EA access, so will not have other types of games, most likely ever.

If it could span PC, PS and Xbone with like 50 developers on board then it could :)

But then again if i had wheels i would be a wagon.
lelo  +   152d ago
EA's platform Origin has other games besides EA's.
If EA access is a success, maybe other developers could use it. It doesn't necessarily have to be exclusive to EA games.

As for it becoming bigger them Steam... I doubt that.
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Wizard_King  +   152d ago
Bigger than Steam.


I want some of this guys crack, it must be the premium scanté.
XtraTrstrL  +   152d ago

I was thinking the same thing.
majiebeast  +   152d ago

Yeah. I hope this dies a fast death.
Th3o  +   152d ago
I believe this was clearly a "just for hits" title...I mean Steam is pretty much set in stone.

Almost anything they do they will be around for ever. Short of completely screwing their customers and stealing for them, they pretty much have a license to print money.

Technically they are already doing that by doing the Steam market. They give us stuff that we pay using real cash, then have us resell it through steam, which makes 15% cut either way...

It's brilliant.

Let's not forget the endless market of games, and Early Access (which is getting ridiculously out of hand because some devs are ruining it for the true devs out there).

Anyways the Only dent EA access will be creating will be in it's own market.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   151d ago
I cant understand how a service for one publisher, with like 5 games on it is even close to steam...Maybe in like 5 years when all the other publishers have jumped on board. If that happens ill just switch to PC as its cheaper.
styferion  +   152d ago
There's this thing called Origin that EA Access have to surpass before tackling on Steam.. oh wait, they're made by the same company.
SteamPowered  +   152d ago
There is no bloody way EA could take on Steam regardless of what platform they use. Steam has PC buttoned up. All you have to do is say the word "origin" and Pc gamers will turn away.
Th3o  +   152d ago
To be fair, in terms of customer service. Origin is 100x's better than Steam.

In terms of market and community, it's very small.

But I give credit where it's deserved. They always helped me out asap with all my problems, and in some cases gave me free games + upgrades.

Customer Service

Origin > Steam

Everything else

Steam > Origin
HonestDragon  +   152d ago
Origin still didn't deter gamers away from playing Sim City and Battlefield 4 on their PCs. For some, it will take a lot more than just Origin to ward them away from EA.
Wizard_King  +   151d ago

You are dreaming mate, Origin is far far worse than Steam in every respect.

And the customer service at Steam in 2nd to none, heck I have even traded crappy COD titles I never played for indie titles using customer support.

I smell an EA employee.
Th3o  +   150d ago
Why on Earth would a Origin Employee ever admit "Steam > Origin everything else" ? It just doesn't make sense.

State your opinion as much as you'd like but don't bring nonsense to this conversion.

I'm ofc speaking from my experience. Steam's customer service thought effective for me most of the time, is very robotic and cold. While with Origin I could actually call in a do everything over the phone.

That was my experience.


Contrary to popular belief I doubt EA wants to waste the resources to come on here and make small positive jabs...

Also while we're on the subject did you even see my previous post? You're very quick to judge and dish out criticism.
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Rifkens  +   148d ago
Th3o is right. Origin's Customer Service is far better than Steam's. It is the only thing going for Origin though
DeadRabbits  +   152d ago
One major flaw, its EA we are talking about. The most evil underhanded anti consumer gaming company out there! Dont let their silver tongues and trickery fool ye for they do the work of the the Horned One.....Belezebub! They also eat puppies and force feed ye microtransactions!
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lord zaid  +   152d ago
Yes. That is exactly the problem. But the concept is sound. Would it not be awesome to have access to all the games you could possibly want for a reasonable monthly fee? I would jump at that oppurtunity.
beerzombie  +   152d ago
So companies that make weapons that kill millions of people a year is less evil?

Enron, Banks that steal and lie, Our own Government, Car manufacture's that allow their customers to die and cover it up, Prosecutors that lie with hold evidence for a conviction, Mine companies that choose not use safety over money and allow their employees to die, Tobacco companies the list goes on and on Ea. doesn't even make the top 100.
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Genova84  +   152d ago
Comparing apples to oranges dude. Wrong forum for this sort of discussion.
Silly Mammo  +   152d ago
For a guy with the username: beerzombie, you sure are laying down some heavy sh*t!! :0P
Michiel1989  +   152d ago
Im not a big fan of how EA handled their stuff, but keep it reasonable. They have a new CEO if im not mistaken and for fucks sake, they are making MIrror's Edge 2, BG&E 2, Battlefront 3 and they did try out some stuff with Star Wars 1313 (though that won't see the daylight unfortunately).

It's funny how all gamers seem like parrots, first lets hate on EA, then activision, then EA again. Most of the people who do hate on them on the interwebz haven't had bad experiences with certain companies but just talk shit because the guy next door does as well.
morganfell  +   152d ago
It doesn't matter. EA knows Xbox supporters will embrace this program and back it to the hilt no matter what they do or what they charge all because it's exclusive.

The X1 was built around DRM. MS has retreated and backpeddled then asked to be rewarded for what they previously swore to gamers was impossible. They told gamers "Meh, no 24 hour access, buy a 360" The list of deceptions and untruths is endless and people still back them up because their ego will not admit the truth of what they supported and continue to support. They actually deserve this.

This will be no different. I expect numerous articles in the coming days lauding all the advantages of such a wonderful company as EA.

It appears EA couldn't failed to learn their lesson with Origin and they failed to learn their lesson with Titanfall exclusivity...

Bigger than Steam? Ahahahahaha...no.

And for certain people that think EA is wonderful all one need do is look at Battlefield 4.

I can't wait for the comeuppance.
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Slick81  +   152d ago
Lol yeah content is very limited and it be cooler if their was access to 360 ea games but atleast it's a start
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hiredhelp  +   152d ago
EA Bigger than steam Bold statement lets think EA Games New and old = shed load games whist this not bad scheme. If you want to match against steam..... DONT!
Just plain silly steam no1 world wide distribution that has all major 3rd party publishers back catalouge inc some of EA older titles.
Your talking hundreds if not thousands libary of games Fact.
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modesign  +   152d ago
if your going to pay a monthly subscription to EA to play their old games, then you are a fool.
Dewitt  +   152d ago
2.50 a month, that is a fast food trip off the dollar menu you skip for one day. People act like this service is expensive, yet people buy steam sales all the time because an indie game dropped from 10 dollars, to 2.49. This is 4 AAA titles that alot of people never got a chance to try at launch. I didn't think I would enjoy Madden 25, but I had alot of fun online last night with it.
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HaMM4R  +   152d ago
Oh yeah, because they're install base with the xbone is soooooooo much bigger than that of Steam. Honestly, even if it wasn't EA there would be no way in hell they would even be able to make a dent in Steam. Not only that but they are barely the same service are aren't really in direct competition anyway. If the service were not EA, and it were not xbone exclusive then perhaps they would have a chance but as it currently stands they don't have a chance in hell.
OrangePowerz  +   152d ago
No it can't. First it's only EA games and X1 only. Secondly they talk in the user agreement about removing content so it will most likely be always only a certain amount of games and that gets cycled through. And lastly I don't seem them adding new games to the service.
Dewitt  +   152d ago
They are already displaying UFC, Rivals, PVZ, and Inquisition on their promotion, only one of those title is new. Would be a smart guess to say those titles will be coming to the vault.
HonestDragon  +   152d ago
Agreed. There is no way that EA Access can topple Steam. Even though they are both on one single platform (EA with Xbox One, Steam with PC), Steam has the advantage of having a library of games. EA only has their games and that could fluctuate like you mentioned. Also, you don't have to pay a subscription for Steam.
Perjoss  +   152d ago
Bigger than Steam? lets not get ahead of ourselves, its a monthly subscription for 4 games...
thrust  +   152d ago
First day out it has 4 games more will be added it's says that :/
Immorals  +   152d ago
I'm a fan of battlefield and this is a way of testing the next game to make sure it's not a broken mess before buying!

And I guess this'll benefit playstation fans too, might make psnow cheaper
Keith22  +   152d ago
Bigger than steam? Yeah goodluck with that.... these clickbait articles are getting ridiculous
MasterCornholio  +   152d ago
Bigger than steam?

I dont think so.
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MysticStrummer  +   152d ago
Limited content exclusive to the eventual distant 2nd place console, bigger than Steam?

Genova84  +   152d ago
What Xbox One gamer doesn't own at least one of these games? I personally don't like any of the games listed, so this doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Also I'm aPC gamer who hasn't bought a PS4, Wii U or Xbox1 and have no intentions of doing so in the immediate future.

Also, the author made no argument as to how this could take on Steam other than a far fetched, "this could give steam a run for it's money." How's that now? That's like saying a garage start up could take on Microsoft. Sure one day it could but no one could predict that? Also aren't people still pissed at Origin for spying?
TheGrimReaper0011  +   152d ago
Bigger than Steam?!

Yeah, right! That can and will never happen.

* First of, there are FAR more pc users (that have steam) than XB1 users

*Second, steam is known for it's sales and great deals, EA is known for DRM, poor decisions and releasing unfinished games

*Third, EA tried to have a Steam like thing. It was called Origins and look how well that turned out.

*Fourth, Steam is an online store with plenty of games from different companies. EA access would be limited to just EA games

*Fifth, looking at EA's track record of releasing games that aren't finished, why the fuck would you pay to get early access to those games in the first place?!

I'm all for different opinions, but EA Access could be bigger than Steam? Not in your lifetime XD
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Lon3wolf  +   152d ago
Good luck with that, I think your chances of being bigger than Steam are very slim at best.
MonstaTruk  +   152d ago
Well, here's my thing: All next-gen consoles (excluding WiiU) & PC has a service like this, that encompasses all types of games in a subscription-based atmosphere already, INCLUDING Xbox One. Every single Dead Space has been offered to me on PS+, with UNLIMITED ACCESS. EA has kept their sports games off of Steam, but...you want to introduce a $5/month access to 4 OLDER games, while Steam (besides sports) has...ALL your games, UNLIMITED ACCESS, for sale sometimes less than an EA Access month membership? :-/

Just seems like a "too little, too late" situation from the 2-time champion of "The Worst Company in America" winners...lol
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plut0nash  +   152d ago
Hmm its still EA we are talking about.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   152d ago
Yeah... because now that I got gold I have to pay for another subscription to get old EA titles for gold... and then more publishers are going down the same route...

At the end of the year I pay:

+ Gold membership (for indies + MS games)
+ EA membership
+ UbiSoft membership
+ Capcom membership
+ Take 2 membership

Subscription total a year: over $200
While I just could have one subscription and get games from all publishers... even if it might be slower. But two X1 and two X360 games a month is quite good.

If I had the option to pay $5 a month more for Gold to get 2 extra games that would be a whole different story.
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SpideySpeakz  +   152d ago
Just more crap 'services' from EA.
This will flop like Origin.
Just wait til release, and you'll see the true nature of EA and their greed.
allgamespc2012  +   152d ago
ya but bigger doesnt mean BETTER.
Mikeyy  +   152d ago
Steam charges you $0 to log in and take advantage of any and every sale they have going on.

EA please...
Cryptech  +   152d ago
*coffee all over monitor*

Thanks for that.

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