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Zelda Tech Demos Vs. The Actual Releases

N247 Writes: Do you still remember that gorgeous looking Zelda Wii U tech demo from a few years back? Did your opinion change when you saw the actual art style of the game this past E3? Nintendo is no stranger into changing things around from tech demos to final releases of the game. Take a look at this image showcasing the past Zelda Tech-demos vs. The actual released games. (Retro, Wii U)

illmatic  +   399d ago
The more I see, the more I want. This is gonna be one of the greatest zelda games of all time
Chupa-Chupa  +   399d ago
The Nintendo Skyrim but better.
DarthZoolu  +   399d ago
Don't be stupid Skyrim is on a completely different level than anything Nintendo has ever made. I wanted the tech demo to be the actual game.
jcnba28  +   399d ago

Skyrim is a broken mess. Nintendo actually finish their games before releasing them.
souldestroyer14  +   399d ago
Bugs are inevitable for a game as ambitious as skyrim. I do agree that Nintendos 1st party games are extremely polished but not one Nintendo game is as huge as any elder scrolls game
Sly-Lupin  +   399d ago
Here's the actual image:

In terms of graphical prowess, the only real example of steady improvement is with the N64. The Gamecube games and WiiU games don't really demonstrate anything more than what was demonstrated in the tech demos.

And where's Skyward Sword?
colonel179  +   399d ago
Actually they are wrong. That wasn't a tech demo for Zelda 64, that was a tech demo used to showcase N64 3D graphics (or mostly, that the N64 could do real 3D graphics without tricks)

The real tech demo looked closer to the final game, but still had a lot of polish missing. (I'll post an image when I find it).

EDIT: found this video: http://youtu.be/2aXa5Hyplyc

Although it's mixed with beta images too. The one with the tech demo pics have only the blue A and green B button layout.
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randomass171  +   399d ago
Wind Waker HD should be in that picture because I recall them saying the new Zelda was using WWHD's assets.
colonel179  +   399d ago
While I like the tech demo that was shown at E3 for Wii U. I think there's so much more that can be done with the art style that it's going to be used in the game.

I also think that they chose that art style so that they have more room to make it bigger and seamless, since a realistic art style would've used more power of the Wii U.

I like it much better, and I am happy that they made it an evolved art style of Wind Waker, and not Skyward Sword (although the landscape borrows a lot from it)
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   399d ago
If I have learned anything from Nintendo tech demos is that they are ONLY tech demos.

I still hope that they release the tech demo. It's a good piece of history.
masterfox  +   399d ago
Last tech had high hopes it was really going to look like that.
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thehobbyist  +   399d ago
Why? The actually engine shown at E3 has:
Better Geometry on Link and the environment
Better water
Better lighting

But I'm going to guess you only care about photo realistic graphics that don't age well.
souldestroyer14  +   399d ago
It wasn't gameplay that was shown at e3.
KaladinStormblessed  +   399d ago
Art style shouldn't matter too much, it's zelda. I don't quite recall the visuals ever ruining a zelda game. I would have liked the tech demo art style to be the actual game, but when they showed the zelda footage at E3 I didn't care anymore. It looked awesome, and an open world? Day one purchase for me.
AogamiZephyr  +   399d ago
I have no idea where people started getting the idea that the tech demo was going to be the art style for Zelda U, Aonuma even said the same day it was shown that the demo was based on Twilight Princess and that the next Zelda will have a completely different art style as we were shown.
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colonel179  +   399d ago
and the tech demo wasn't even done by Nintendo.
johny5  +   399d ago
Why would they show us such an awesome tech demo like that then give us what looks like the sequel to one of the worst Zelda games in a long time "Skyward sword"?

Way to rape my expectations Nintendo!
Lord_Sloth  +   399d ago
SS wasn't ruined by it's visuals. It was the Wiimote gimmick, the lame hand-holding, and the repeat boss fights.

I rather liked the artistic style and look to pick up the new Zelda game as well which will hopefully let me play it with just buttons like the greatest games in the series.
johny5  +   399d ago
I never exactly mentioned the visuals but I agree with you that they shouldn't have made it Wiimote exclusive!

Also the fact that it was a bit too linear and there was nothing memorable about the music!

Sites like IGN and Gamestop who like to rate it a perfect 10 is quite laughable because basically there trying to say it belongs with the greatness of Ocarina of time and Majora's Mask!

Which is to say, it isn't even half the greatness of those games!
segamon  +   399d ago
I played many Zelda games the last was Twilight Princess, I enjoyed them all except Majora's Mask which I felt was devoid of charm..

if this game turned out to be good which I do not doubt, I will buy a wiiu.
Clumpy  +   399d ago
Why're Nintendo always so mystical. It'll be a great game anyway, though i dont hope that they'll focus TOO much on the whole open-world concept. The old, more limited zelda worlds, were perfect allready. Though I do wish for this to be one of the more "dark" zelda games.
Baccra17  +   399d ago
Nin loves pulling bait and switches.
thehobbyist  +   399d ago
Or people should wise the fuck up and realize that tech demos are just that; Tech demos. I doubt any UE4 games on PS4 will look ANYTHING close to the tech demo that was shown off.
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AKR  +   399d ago
I don't see why people get all hyped over the realistic artstyle. It ages A LOT faster than the fantasy/cartoony artstyles that Nintendo usually use.

For instance - Titles like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess look horrid in terms of today - even though they were masterpieces at times of release. But titles like the Wind Waker or Skyward Sword, still look great. Even titles like Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy are impressive, when matched up to modern-day titles.

Fantasy-artstyle titles will always trump the realistic artstyled games.
Ck1x  +   399d ago
I think this Zelda has the potential to do what Ocarina of Time has done for the series. Zelda art styles are always polarizing, but it never makes the impact if the games are actually good or not. Game play is paramount and I have no doubt that this will be the most immersing Zelda ever!
Ck1x  +   399d ago
Here's what I love about the new Zelda, I've always wanted to see it go in a more anime inspired style. But I also hope that they "remaster" Twilight Princess and use the tech demo as a target goal similar to what was done with WWHD.
scissor_runner  +   399d ago
What is funny is the zelda wiiu is close to next gen pc tech engine wise. Lots of post processing with no frame drop.
mysteryraz11  +   399d ago
it looks terrible

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