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PS4 Friend Online Notification Feature Under Consideration For Future Firmware says Sony

Sony via official Playstation UK Twitter account has hinted that friend online status notification feature will arrive on Playstation 4 soon. A fan asked Playstation UK, friend online notification status is one of the most demanded requested, when exactly it is coming? (PS4, Sony)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   394d ago
Thanks Sony:)
ATi_Elite  +   394d ago
Your battle buddy is now online

This should of been a feature since day one. Give the gamer the choice of being seen online or gaming online in stealth or incognito mode.
Aceman18  +   393d ago
i personally ain't losing sleep over it since i've more important things to worry about.

it would be nice if the feature was there, but it only takes me all of 3 seconds to check to see if my friends are on so it's worthless for me to complain about something that's semi important, and something that really doesn't ruin my gaming experience on the console.

hell i don't even complain about this when i'm gaming on my wii u lol.
jc12  +   393d ago
yeah, gaming in incognito mode on 360 was the best. Sometimes people just want to game without being interrupted by their friends...
choujij  +   393d ago
This. If they do add this notification feature, I would definitely want to be able to enable incognito, so I'm not bombarded when I go online.
Kingscorpion1981  +   393d ago
I totally agree with ATi_Elite
The_Infected  +   394d ago
Under consideration? What takes so long about adding such a simple feature?
opproject  +   393d ago
well those two guys that work at sony psn department are busy ok? what do you think sony has an army of tech support guys? what do you think is sony a big company or something? http://tinyurl.com/6sfeon6
XtraTrstrL  +   393d ago
LOL, I also found it funny that they worded it like that. Especially when it is another feature that should have easily been in there at launch, and it's another example of how the UI was rushed.
Mikelarry  +   393d ago
I would like to know as well. I have been patient with Sony but their lack of urgency to update the console with basic features is becoming irritating. They NEED beta tester AND constant updates with their customers about future updates to the console. The time for secrecy and waiting for a big event to announce firmware updates is so ps3 era
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WitWolfy  +   393d ago
Not to mention stupid. Its an update, not the second coming of Jesus.
jmainegaming  +   393d ago
Well hurry up.
Slick81  +   393d ago
Copy much
colonel179  +   393d ago
Why is Sony being jerks when it comes to firmware updates? Why is it so hard for them to be transparent with the issue and tell us what is going on. Is it really hard to make a blog post about what updates are coming and when will they come?
Ripsta7th  +   393d ago
They wil put it out once xbox does.. Ohwait...
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PS3 only does everything.
PS4 only does everything else (which isn't a whole lot).
WeAreLegion  +   393d ago
I'm usually patient, but Jesus. What's taking them so long on some of these simple features? Is it really that hard?
chaosx  +   393d ago
yeah both these next gen systems are lacking in features. They should never have shipped if they didn't have at the very least the same working features as there predecessors.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   393d ago
Besides a media server what features are the x1 lacking?
The_Infected  +   393d ago
Yea Microsoft is running circles around Sony as far as features and dashboard updates go.
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chaosx  +   393d ago
At launch ? lots !. NZ only just got voice control last month even though i got a day one console last year.

My point is they should never have shipped with less features.

Would you buy a new phone if it had better graphics but no text messages? But it will be added in a future update? No and the phone makers know that so they would never try and ship a product like that .
LonDonE  +   393d ago
LOL how about a simple on screen notification that your battery in your controller is about to run out a few minutes before it happens?

I swear so many times in the middle of a online match in a gun fight and suddenly my X1 controller goes dead on me! it would be nice to get a on screen heads up like on the PS3 and PS4, this is clearly simple feature which the X1 is lacking!!!
And that's just one thing off the top of my head.

Both systems (X1/PS4) are lacking simple things which we take for granted now from being spoiled by the PS3/360.
ImAPotato  +   393d ago
@LonDonE that feature is coming to xbox one in August.
Brandon_2535  +   393d ago
Honestly, this is a pretty overrated feature. It's not going to ruin your gaming experience at all if they never implement it. It's not that hard to check your list and see if a friend is online. If you're in a game it's even easier because most titles have an in-game sorting list and it puts compatible friends at the top.

Whenever they decide to add it in, I'll be disabling it. It's a pointless distraction to me.

Also, just imagine how annoying it would become as your list starts to increase. It would be a nightmare if you got anywhere near the 2,000 cap.
Brettman2008  +   393d ago
Disagree, this a very handy feature that a lot of people want. Just need to make it optional.
Brandon_2535  +   388d ago
A lot of people want it, but for what reason? Just like you said, they all believe it's "handy," yet they never give an actual reason.

The only time it's handy is if you're too lazy to check your list to see if someone is online. Plus, like I said before, most games also have an in-game list that sorts your friends to the top if they boot the same game.

I don't care if they add it, it's just not as mandatory as everyone likes to think. Everything works just fine without it.
_NotoriousJae  +   393d ago
When sony implements this feature they should let us select which friends logging online gives us a notification. it would be annoying to see too many notifications when reaching a lot of friends.
WitWolfy  +   393d ago
Then why have the players as friends then?
buttclown  +   393d ago
They should try it like Xbox. I can select which of my friends I want as "favorites" and those are the only ones I get notifications for when they sign on.
MysticStrummer  +   393d ago
Just give me the option to turn it off, just like Trophy Notifications.

You can turn off Trophy Notifications on PS4, right…?

But yeah, the option to have notifications for some people and not others would be good.
donnieboy  +   393d ago
Ha ha!
TimeSkipLuffy  +   393d ago
yeah we know... everything will come in the future and when we finally get everything the PS5 is just on its way to the shelfs with the same amount of features that the PS4 had at launch... we know Sony... you love your loyal customers... and you love our money even more...

I hope MS is going to push features to their console and announce them proudly right in front of your face! So we can get all those features, too!
Brettman2008  +   393d ago
To me, this is a must have.
Blackcanary  +   393d ago
I really don't want that on my PS4 if they bring it give me an option to turn it of. If i wanna know if some one is online i will check to see. getting sick of these boxes poping up on my screen like when someone makes a group chat.
WitWolfy  +   393d ago
Exactly, its like the PS4 is an jealous GF which tells you everything your gamer buddy is doing. WTF!!!

Let the dude join a group chat, I just dont see why it ahs to inform you that why he/she does in the first place.
Iltapalanyymi  +   393d ago
really hope its coming soon. vita and ps3 have them!!!
Paprika  +   393d ago
Wow.... I was considering buying a ps4.... now I'm totally sold! ....... doiiii!!? No seriously, I own a ps4, this isn't particularly interesting for me. I have it turned off on ps3 as I find anything but trophy notifications annoying.
opproject  +   393d ago
they still need to bring these for ps4
psn name change,
better organization for psn store, that thing is a mess,
option to delete items form download list,
option to delete trophies,
alphabetical and other methods for trophy sorting,
pause and resume,
Dasteru  +   393d ago
It is $#!+ like this that has led me to not buy a PS4 yet. So many simple features that were in the PS3 at launch and yet Sony is still "Considering" adding them to the PS4. The PS4 is a joke that was rushed to market 2 years before it should have been.
skulz7  +   393d ago
"The PS4 is a joke that was rushed to market 2 years before it should have been."

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RosweeSon  +   393d ago
If that's the case Microsoft should have stopped and just released a new console as this one is always gonna be second place at best everyone seems to forget all the updates on xbox have been basic stuff to say the least battery charge on your controller and how much storage space you have left on your hard drive, ps4 had these from the start so hasn't needed to waste an update getting these on the system, ps4 is a winner so what if the updates are slower at least they work and do the job good things come to those who wait, Christmas and early 2015 (and probably the rest of it) are gonna be great for sony, they've already sold nearly double the amount of systems without any top notch games, yeah I wonder why it's amazing and not only that it's cheaper and technically superior, facts are facts deal with em.
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Dasteru  +   393d ago
I know i'm going to get alot of disagrees from blind Sony fanboys that cannot handle their beloved console getting downplayed at all. But the fact remains, the PS4 is missing so many basic features like MP3 playback, friend notifications, etc, that even the PS3 had at launch, it is clear that it is an unfinished product that should not have been released yet. There really is no excuse for it to be missing such basic functionality. The PS4 has the better games atm but as far as the system itself is concerned, the XBone is massively superior. Hopefully Sony will get their act together and start fixing these issues but for the time being, it is what it is.
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king_ps4  +   393d ago
4.5 million behind in sales lmao
Dasteru  +   393d ago
Games and brand loyalty account for the sales. Not system quality. I'm as big a Sony fan as anyone, just look at my post history and you will see that next to PC, Sony has always been my favorite. Even i cannot just sit back and ignore the facts. Sony really botched the PS4 bad. As good as the games are and as good as the hardware is, the system software is still a complete joke.
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   393d ago
In defense of the PS4, these "simple" changes are made more difficult since they involve tinkering with the entire system's OS. They are more hesitant with these updates because of the possibility of faulty firmware.

That being said, I think MS made a wise decision in making their OS more app based so you can easily update and change the specific feature you want to.
FITgamer  +   393d ago
TBH I hope they make it optional i like it being disabled.
KNWS  +   393d ago
Sony doesn't have this feature yet? They are more behind Microsoft with updates than i thought.
danny818  +   393d ago
this is the only feature im asking for... Jesus. And add a cool tone to it just the like thge one and the 360 have bro
gtxgamer2  +   393d ago
The system is still new, think of how long it took ps3 to implement some features. But yes this should've been a day 1 thing

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