PS4 Friend Online Notification Feature Under Consideration For Future Firmware says Sony

Sony via official Playstation UK Twitter account has hinted that friend online status notification feature will arrive on Playstation 4 soon. A fan asked Playstation UK, friend online notification status is one of the most demanded requested, when exactly it is coming?

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ATi_Elite1237d ago

Your battle buddy is now online

This should of been a feature since day one. Give the gamer the choice of being seen online or gaming online in stealth or incognito mode.

Aceman181237d ago

i personally ain't losing sleep over it since i've more important things to worry about.

it would be nice if the feature was there, but it only takes me all of 3 seconds to check to see if my friends are on so it's worthless for me to complain about something that's semi important, and something that really doesn't ruin my gaming experience on the console.

hell i don't even complain about this when i'm gaming on my wii u lol.

jc121237d ago

yeah, gaming in incognito mode on 360 was the best. Sometimes people just want to game without being interrupted by their friends...

choujij1237d ago

This. If they do add this notification feature, I would definitely want to be able to enable incognito, so I'm not bombarded when I go online.

Kingscorpion19811237d ago

I totally agree with ATi_Elite

Ghost_of_Tsushima1237d ago

Under consideration? What takes so long about adding such a simple feature?

opproject1237d ago

well those two guys that work at sony psn department are busy ok? what do you think sony has an army of tech support guys? what do you think is sony a big company or something?

XtraTrstrL1237d ago

LOL, I also found it funny that they worded it like that. Especially when it is another feature that should have easily been in there at launch, and it's another example of how the UI was rushed.

Mikelarry1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

I would like to know as well. I have been patient with Sony but their lack of urgency to update the console with basic features is becoming irritating. They NEED beta tester AND constant updates with their customers about future updates to the console. The time for secrecy and waiting for a big event to announce firmware updates is so ps3 era

WitWolfy1237d ago

Not to mention stupid. Its an update, not the second coming of Jesus.

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The story is too old to be commented.