Xbox Games For Gold (August 2014)

Today, Microsoft announced their Games for Gold for August 2014! Four great games that have made their way to the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Are you happy with this month’s selection? Or are you disappointed? PlayStation Plus members will have to wait a bit longer, as they have been uncharacteristically silent regarding August’s drop. Let’s see what did Microsoft drop!

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gamerhecz1114d ago

pretty good month for GWG, going to look forward to Crimson Dragon!

Palitera1114d ago

I didn't even know that XBox One was receiving fre games. Will get Guacamelee while there is time.

One question, since my X360 died: can I redeem/"buy" the free games through the web page?

VforVideogames1114d ago

I do my free games on my xbox web page and when I turn my xbox on there already there.

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JeffGUNZ1114d ago

Not sure if any of you fellas are on the beta program for the updates (I am) and I currently have the August update. It now allows you to purchase content on or smartglass and if you have your X1 in a standby mode it will download and install it for you so when you get home you can play it immediately. Very awesome update.

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LAWSON721114d ago

I have been curious to see if it was bad, because I used to watch my cousin play Panzer Dragoon

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700p1114d ago

I've been wanting to rebuy dishonored for awhile but now ill be getting it for free!! :)

Palitera1114d ago

One of the best games I've ever played.

Aldous_Snow1114d ago

Its a good month for both PS+ & GWG. Gaymers rejoice!!

The_Sneauxman1114d ago

You mentioned PS in the Xbox section. Auto disagrees.

BX811114d ago

He gets auto disagrees because of his long past list of XB1 trolling comments. This is his first neutral comment I've read.

psuedo1114d ago

Those basturds have the gall to sell me the game in the "ultimate game sale" and turn around and release it free.

The_Sneauxman1114d ago

I'm pretty sure it's about competing with PS+ rather than caring about those turn arounds

psuedo1114d ago

I know. I just want to be accepted.

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The story is too old to be commented.