5 Most Dangerous Cities Ubisoft Could Set Watch Dogs 2

Watchdogs official twitter account has revealed a teaser, hinting at Camden, New Jersey as the new location for Watch Dogs 2. Though the message doesn't help Camden New Jersey's public relations, it does however open up an interesting topic as suggests other high crime city's not just in America, that could make a great location for part 2 of the action, stealth and hack series.

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lisamorgan41424d ago

Nigeria should have been on this list too. I wouldn't recommend anyone going there with all the recent terrorists attack.

patelsanjeed1424d ago

Oh well there goes my wish list to visit most of these places. JK

I wander what the new Watchdogs 2 will be about?

KnightRobby1424d ago

I'd love to see London or Shanghai as they are the most surveilled cities in the world. London would be very unique as it is packed with people and would be more about smaller vehicles in cramped environments, plus parkour and hacking.

SaveFerris1424d ago

Parkour and hacking. Can we call it Watch_Creed or Assassin's_Dogs?

henrythomas2841424d ago

This is the Best Idea i have read so far, but i think with the assassin's creed series, they may be saving an idea like that for that franchise.

bixxel1423d ago

U r ruining my built up hype for the next game.

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Frankskint1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

I have passed through Camden, New Jersey must say it is a hell hole. Wander how Ubisoft are going to spin this story into Watch Dogs 2. Most of what I saw looked either run down or drug infested.

alvinmiller921424d ago

I doubt Watch Dogs 2 will be here. Look at the level of detail they put into making Chicago, what landmarks will they use there? Sorry don't by it till i see it.

mithril1424d ago

I do not think the main town of the game is camden. But Philadelphia and camden the other side of the river is a part of the map.

alvinmiller921424d ago

Oh I see. I just feel like Ubisoft a multi billion dollar company are exploiting a poor minority neighborhood for their greedy gain. I bet you when Watch Dogs 2 come out and it makes millions, not a single dollar will go back into regeneration projects for a Camden, NJ. SMH. I am done ranting. time to go play GTA V.

charliewong9801424d ago

I can't see this happening here, unless Ubisoft are working on a Watch Dogs 2 in New York with Camden being apart of the bigger picture.

ArronNelson1424d ago

A crime fighting anti terrorist hacker set in the middle east could also be a good idea, Ubisoft could consider.

Golden_Mud1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Looks like you don't know much about Middle East , not all people in Middle East are terrorists. Not even the majority.


Camden is a great city to set Watch Dogs 2 in.

ArronNelson1424d ago

I really don't see whats so great about it. The images on google show this place to be a very run down poor community. Why not base Watch Dogs 2 somewhere else out of the USA for starters.

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