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Will The Last of Us: Remastered's Photo Mode Create an Exploit?

Daniel from Takuchat.com writes:

"When Naughty Dog revealed that TLoU:R would include a photo mode I was delighted as I had fallen in love with the feature since it was added to inFamous: Second Son but then I began to think..." (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

KingKelloggTheWH  +   270d ago
Really though, that seemingly ruins the hard mode if you use it....Never would have occured to me
Ezz2013  +   270d ago
not really
you have listen mode there but just like photo mode it's an option for the player

it kinda worry me when i see gamers complain about options the developers give to them
GribbleGrunger  +   270d ago
... And gamers go out of their way to avoid (turn off) listen mode because they like the thrill of the unexpected. Whilst an interesting idea, and certainly worthy of an article, the concept falls apart when you consider the most important part of the argument: the gamer.

It's still refreshing to see people thinking outside of the box though. I'll give the author that.
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   270d ago
I got to disagree, why have a hard mode if you are only going to allow users to have an option that breaks it, not to mention should they get the credit that people who actually did the game on hard should get?
Giru017  +   269d ago
Moot point, you may as well just use a playthough video or any other resource. A trophy is ultimately a personal achievement and if someone cheats their way to it, they only ruined the experience for themselves.

Since this doesn't affect online gameplay, I don't see the problem. Using a guide can be cheating. Just like someone soul glitching can ruin demon's souls, so can farming ruin dark souls. Raising the brightness on your TV can ruin a number of games and restoring a save file from the cloud can let you cheat your way to No-Death runs.
n1kki6  +   269d ago
Agreed. People use walkthoughs all the time that give the player and advantage. Different tool same outcome. If people use it that's up to them
generic-user-name  +   269d ago
I agree with most of what you're saying, the only thing I will say is that this could make the Survivor and Grounded difficulty trophies easier to get and as a result, decrease their rarity and to some people the whole rarity thing is like a meta game.

It's not a big deal, and I'm not complaining, if anything more people know about this tactic now thanks to this article so it kinda doubles as a tip/trick.

Author here btw, thanks for reading and commenting.
DonDon  +   269d ago
Damn i'm going for Grounded Mode completion now, but this cheapens the value of the trophy now since people can never know if someone used the photo mode to cheat. I already beat grounded mode on the ps3 version and that mode is HARD!! Dark Souls hard! You better use stealth 100% of the time (if possible in situation) because the A.I. flanks you even though it supposedly doesn't know where you are yet, and most of the time they kill you with one hit/bullet. Beating this mode makes one feel like they've truly conquered this game.

I hope ND makes yet another difficulty mode. But I can't think of what else they can add.
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iamnsuperman  +   269d ago
Unless your going for achievements it probably won't be exploited. The whole idea of harder modes is extra challenges. If your going to cheat what is the point of doing a harder mode (unless for trophies)
WitWolfy  +   269d ago
Thats actually kinda ingenuis when you stop to think about it.
OrangePowerz  +   269d ago
I don't think it will cheapen any trophies. Most of the times people don't start right away with the hardest modes and if I remember right TLoU has the ones above Hard locked out until you finish the game. So you learn already the locations of the enemies and know where they are because enemies in TLoU are not randomly placed they are always at the same spot. Also I don't recall any trophy that requires the player to finish without dying.
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generic-user-name  +   269d ago
Yeah, you might know where an enemy is from playing previously but you won't know which direction he is facing and if the enemies are searching for you, you also won't know where they are exactly as they like to flank.
OrangePowerz  +   269d ago
Faster to just try your luck given how frequently they have checkpoints. I would get annoyed as well to always pause and look around.
DonDon  +   269d ago
Grounded mode is open from the start in ps4 version, for BOTH the main game and the single player dlc
Kavorklestein  +   269d ago
If it does, it does, big deal. If people don't wanna use an exploit, then don't. If they do then who's gonna stop them?

At least the camera mode is only gonna be an exploit in singleplayer, if this was about the multiplayer, then maybe it would matter.
Online cheating is for pussies.

@ the disagree-
Someone doesn't like me.
Oh no.
Really, what I typed is perfectly acceptable to say and isn't really something that is in need of disagreeing, unless somebody is mad that I said the P word. HA wouldn't put it past people on this site.

PS. Online cheating IS- for pussies
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   269d ago
Cheaters do suck, they ruin games for everyone.
Bathyj  +   269d ago
This occurred to me right away because at the beginning when you're running with Sarah and there's someone right behind you, I switched to photo mode because I've never turned to see the guy chasing you before.

I guess you could use this to cheat, but why bother. Just play on easy if you need to, does anyone care about trophies that much? I'm playing on grounded because I've beat the game on survivor already, so I don't want to cheat.

The game looks freaking amazing. I must half taken 50 photos already. Some really good.
And those whining about the price of a remaster, I got it cheaper than a full price game, and traded in my Ps3 version so it was about the half the price of a new game.
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colonel179  +   269d ago
I don't think so. If you are using listening mode, then why would you bother with the 'exploit', and if you are playing hard or grounded difficulty, then what's the point if you are going to cheat with photo mode? Go back to normal..
generic-user-name  +   269d ago
"then what's the point if you are going to cheat with photo mode?"

jimmywolf  +   269d ago
even cheating, they still have too overcome having less ammo. plus even photo mode could create intense moments, constantly trying find the enemy you think you found them all. then out no were bam! you get hit in the back because you missed one.

i don't mind what anyone does too enjoy their game unless it online hacking too ruin others fun that's BS
feraldrgn  +   269d ago
No because people who play harder difficulties do it for the challenge, I really doubt they're going to use something similar to listen mode when most turn that off, for more of a challenge.

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