Hands on with 'The Crew' - The 'Destiny' of racing games | Examiner

Examiner: "It's almost fitting to say The Crew is the equivalent of Destiny for racing games. Both contain aspects of an MMO, a focus on customizing and expressing yourself through your avatar, whether that be your hero or vehicle, a social hub, and an intense spotlight on playing with friends."

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Qwagy UK1332d ago

Yeah they both run at 30fps lol

opproject1332d ago

so what dude? 30 fps rock solid for consoles is golden, it's like 60 for pc, don't forget we use controllers so 30fps feels like 60 on pc with k&m

wannabe gamer1332d ago

u can run it at 60 fps on PC. i was in beta and all you have to do is change a number in the config file from 30 to 60 .. extremely simple. my game ran even better after i did this too. and it did not speed up the game either like we have seen in other racing games lately

SCW19821332d ago

This game looks so boring and bland!

opproject1332d ago

haha i know i was afraid that this would affect DRIVECLUB's sales but seeing how shit it is now i'm cool

annus1332d ago

Yeah I had when a game doesn't sell as well, totally changes the entire experience of the game! /s

Torgul1330d ago

How the hell could you be afraid about a game selling good or not? What s the point? Sony fans are really strange people.... Very strange!!

wannabe gamer1332d ago

did you play the beta this last week? i did and it was awesome, i couldnt get enough of it. its been years sincei found a racer with this much fun in it.

Apex131332d ago

Hmmmmm, if we put Destiny in the title we might sound clever and get people to read. Go home Roger lol

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081331d ago

I was fine with this game.......until i heard that i can't level my crew up when i race alone, and have to constantly stay online to play it. That's a no-no for me!
look like it's driveclub for me, and i actually wanted to play this game so bad because i like both styles of racers, but oh well! looks like driveclub will be my only racer i'll have on PS4. :-(