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EA Access now available on the Xbox One for the Preview members, First look video inside

EA Access no available for the beta members of the service, According to many posts on Reddit the members confirmed that EA Access now available and accessible. (EA Access, Xbox One)

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4Sh0w  +   560d ago
This came out of nowhere, I wish I was in the beta. Considering all my games are digital already except for Forza5 I got as a gift, this should come in handy, especially as the Vault grows. Thank the gaming gods for the external hdd update, X1 owners are going to need it.
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Sayai jin  +   560d ago
I am in the Xbox Early Preview Update Beta Team. I received a message from MS with my code to download the EA Access App. It was a pretty simple process. Memberships run from $4.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly. I chose the yearly, because my sons play a lot of EA games. They already downloaded Madden and FIFAA for free. So the subscription already paid off for us got a $100 to $120 worth of games already. Seems like a advantageous deal so far.
Lawboy2  +   560d ago
If u have battlefield 4 trade it in now at gamestop....I got $28 for it alone with the %40 extra credit...that pays for subscription right there
4Sh0w  +   560d ago
@Sayai jin
That sounds sweet, now I want to know how soon this will be available for all X1 owners.
Sayai jin  +   560d ago
@4Show - Are you part of the early preview team? If not let me know if you are interested, No official answer from MS or EA, but I would think when upsTE 1408 ROLLS OUT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Based on the fact that this preview update is 1408 and we have tested it for about a week now and the past early preview usually last about 2 weeks...I would think that this will roll out to the all Xbox owners in a week or two if not sooner.
Axios2  +   560d ago
Awesome that ppl will get all those new games, BF4, FIFA14, Peggle 2, etc
jamsam360  +   560d ago
Music was to loud. Needs quieter.
KillerByte23  +   560d ago
Video is viewable here, I reuploaded it to fix that issue
MorePowerOfGreen  +   560d ago
So is this part of the EA and MSFT partnership that was revealed after the XB1 reveal and before E3 2013?

SO far games in the vault work(Games in vault are fully usable-like owning them), Game sharing works(although it's pointless in this case), You can pay for subscriptions with Credit cards or use a code(still some bugs for some hence being in beta form)

Perhaps an example of part of DRM plans that were attacked? MSFT tried to go through with it and are being rewarded now? You should see it on reddit, folks begging to get into the preview program beta, the most since the early days of the preview program.
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Sayai jin  +   560d ago
No bugs for me so far.
4logpc  +   560d ago
Im in the beta, but holding off to jump on. With the fact that the jump from 1 month to a year is only $25, tells me that the vault wont be updated that much. Not to mention there arent that many EA games.

They need to give us a sense of how many games will be added, and how often.

Maybe when Rivals is added ill jump in.
n4rc  +   560d ago
Same.. Got the invite today.. About to download the app..

One guy on my list already signed up.. Lol.. Seems like a great deal but I need to learn more
danowat  +   560d ago
"Seems like a great deal but I need to learn more "

Same here, although there isn't any game currently in the vault that interest me, the whole idea seems like a winner.

I downloaded the app with the preview code, and on the face of it, it looks like a decent thing, might want to see the full T&C's before I purchase a subscription though
Insomnia_84  +   560d ago
It will only be EA games so you would have an idea. I'll stick to Playstation Now that will offer games from all Publishers.
Kavorklestein  +   560d ago
Playstaion now? HA! Keep it.

Most everything worth playing on playstation now is better on a free emulator on a PC. Excluding PS3 titles.

Unless you are daft, you can't feel comfortable about the PS now beta pricing. So unless the prices take a drastic reduction. PS now is DOA.

Especially if more publishers decide to do similar access plans for NEWER games.

So what good is PS now gonna do ya? You wanna use a PS4 to play PS3 games?
The same games that you traded in with your PS3 to GET a PS4??? All for extortionate pricing?

If not, then try using a PC emulator. They work quite well for PS1 and 2. AND you can adjust graphical settings and controls, and use save states.

PS now is for people who wanna be taxed heavily so they can get trophies on OLD, but good, BUT OLDDDDDDD games.
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blackout  +   560d ago
I'm in. Payed $30 for the year. 4 games available right now. Subscription already paid for, with more to come. Every month for like the last 6 months its been nothing but GOOD news coming out of the Xbox One camp.
HollywoodLA  +   560d ago
Well, considering that I, alongside the majority of gamers and consumers DO NOT have an xbox one, nor plan on buying one -- good luck with this lol. I'm sure exclusivity on a dying platform, globally, is exactly where EA wants to be.

Hey, if it shows up on #PS4, I'll check it out. Promise!
Funky Town_TX  +   560d ago
The majority of gamers don't even have a console. The gameing market is bigger than playstation vs xbox.
HollywoodLA  +   559d ago
Funky Town_TX - So you're NOT arguing that the majority of gamers DON'T have an Xbox? Lol.. thanks for supporting my comment. Were you under the impression that you were actually making a point in that response? Try to be intellectually honest in your response next time. On point, the majority of gamers (console gamers) don't have an xbox, nor do they want an xbox. The FACTS prove that lol.. you look at the data. So, once again, thank your AGREEING with what I wrote. I wonder what your response will be lol.

AuoCad - Why would I be mad, and what does that have to do with ANYTHING I said? PS4 is the #1 selling console, globally. It's literally destroying the xbox in sales across the globe. Why would I be mad? ..Your comment not only made no sense, but it didn't even address anything I stated in the factual statement above. Next time THINK before posting lol... it's a bit embarrassing.

Believe_Games - Not in 6th grade lol. And much as I stated above -- even if I was, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING I STATED? Can you actually debate the issue, or even discuss it without trying to attack people, while IGNORING the actual facts lol?

Niforge - What? I stated a factual point. It's true, the facts support it. I'm voicing my opinion as both a consumer, and an individual who owns a console and software to go along with that console. I'm not even sure what the point of your response was. Are you angry because I'm telling you the negative reaction I have towards a company who is FAILING globally, and in a sad attempt is trying to THROW MONEY AROUND in order to stay relevant? Are you advocating for mutli-national corporations to saturate markets with exclusivity deals as opposed to actually, you know, MAKING GAMES THAT PEOPLE WANT? ..Strange comment.

Strangeaeon - That's your opinion. Obviously it wasn't irrelevant, considering you all responded to it, voted on it, and clearly are irritated by it, to the extent where you had to WRITE REPLIES stating complete incoherent belligerence lol. I think that says more about you than I. Do you support multi-national corporations saturating markets through buyouts as opposed to creating software to sell their hardware? Simple question. Do answer.

n4rc - Nope, not really. Not "well said" at all. We disagree. If you disagree, state why lol. When you say "I agree, or I disagree" and then fail to actually support your position with facts -- well, that makes it rather empty and hollow. I'm sure you understand that now.

Anyway, I'm more than happy to crush any fanboy underneath their own ignorance. Let's see if any of you can actually stand up to the challenge. DISPROVE WHAT I'VE SAID. Is PS4 #1, is mirosoft throwing money around in what has emerged as a PATTERN - strategic pattern - of positioning the xbox as an exclusivity platform, not on the back of their own innovation or software lineup or content, but instead dependent on the piles of money they can doll out to the likes of EA.

You think I'm wrong? PROVE IT.

Good luck!

: )
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AutoCad  +   560d ago
Sounds like someone is mad..?
Brim  +   560d ago
lol mad is not the word i would use to describe this pathetic 6th grader.
fonger08  +   560d ago
Aren't gamers, consumers? Why are you even here if you don't care?
strangeaeon  +   560d ago
Your entire comment was irrelevant, and here is a good analogy that might break it down for you: Imagine if you will walking into a restaurant that you hate and plan on never eating at and shouting loudly "I hate this restaurant and I will never eat here"! That is how absurd your comment seems to sane people that stay away from and do not comment on things they are not interested in.
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n4rc  +   560d ago
Well said.. Its getting ridiculous

Ive just started blocking them all.. Its like talking to a stupid brick wall so why bother reading their crap? Lol
fonger08  +   560d ago
@strangeaeon and @n4rc have guys ever had discussion/argument with this guy? It's actually quite fun, and he makes you feel really smart. It usually starts with his nonsensical rant, you break down every point of his rant, he follows up with questions and points that have nothing to do with your counterpoint. It's usually always good for a laugh
no_more_heroes  +   560d ago
That is the best analogy of this site's comment section I have ever seen.
gamerfan0909  +   560d ago
Sony neckbeard troll detected.
Ghost_Nappa  +   560d ago
You are just bad for throwing out insults.
christocolus  +   560d ago

You are such a bitter bitter fanboy&a childish one too. Gamers like you feel they are entitled too everything .you believe the games industry owes you so much. In your little world everything revolves around you and your console of choice. Those who own the other consoles don't deserve anything good cos its all about you.

Dude you don't even own an xbx one so you wont be trying out this new product but you felt the need to come here and moan about it. you could have just avoided posting your biased comment here...Grow up.
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PumpkinEater69   560d ago | Spam
Volkama  +   560d ago
I am sure EA are ready and eager to release the same service on the PS4 ASAP, but they can't do it without Sony's support. It is nigh-certain that this is "exclusive" because Microsoft put in the work to make it happen.

I hope other publishers follow suit, and these programs expand. If this is popular it will totally revolutionise the industry, right down to the content that gets developed.

It'd be nice if these access plans were optional packages on the gold subscription, just to keep everything in one place.
HollywoodLA  +   559d ago
Volkama - Thank you for at least providing a coherent response. I agree, I would THINK that EA would be more than eager to have THEIR service on as many platforms as possible. My point was that Microsoft has a pattern of doing these types of thing, but I am more than willing to accept, for example, Sony's unwillingness to have this service on their console -- having everything to do with Playstation*Plus and Playstation*Now.

And since we don't know either way, whether there was a timed exclusivity in the works, if Sony refused the service, etc. Other than Sony's recent pubic response - which I' not entirely willing to believe - we simply don't know. But the pattern with Microsoft is obvious. It's troubling and has sickened me. Companies need to compete by manufacturing great hardware and great software, one of which Microsoft has been very poor at doing, historically, and the other somewhat poorly last gen, considering the 30%+ failure rate of the xbox360. Companies should not be handing out payouts to other corporate entities, effectively refusing content for a majority of consumers, a pattern which Microsoft is once again guilty of, on record.

niforge - PS4 is #1 in sales. Fact. I already stated this. You responded, YET AGAIN, and couldn't even debate that "opinion" - as you called it - opinion lol. Apparently fact is now considered "opinion." Hmm... funny stuff. I also stated that Microsoft has effectively refused content to a majority of gamers who own consoles this generation as well as a majority of consumers who own consoles. Fact. Once again.. you FAILED to address that "opinion"
as well lol. You could have just READ what I previously stated, and then responded. Yet you failed to do that, and continued asking the same question, which I already answered lol. Anyway, good luck proving those two wrong. ..Should be fun to watch.

By the way, there is no difference between Sony doing something bad and Microsoft doing something bad. It happens to be that Microsoft's obvious strategy is to wage a war of attrition against Sony and Nintendo (google that word lol), one of which is currently in the midst of desperate financial times, while the other is rather irrelevant in the global market, as of now. Microsoft is trying to spend it's way out of it's 2nd/3rd place position, as opposed to actually competiting in the market based on software and hardware offerings. This is reflected in the sales. Microsoft failed. Simple as that. They thought they could spend enough to win -- and I'm happy to say they were WRONG lol.

Look at that, I just stated facts. Well, I can't wait for your coherent reply. Should be funny to read the belligerence.

"oh please, please, please show me one fact." ...LOL!

: )
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fonger08  +   559d ago
@Hollywoola small golf clap for staying the obvious I'm pretty no one was arguing the Xbox was winning the console race, but you know whatever, obvious facts are obvious. It still means nothing to ordinal opinion, how is the ps4 winning a console race mean the EA access going to the Xbox bad for you or EA really? How and you can't state financial instability I'd the other to companies and reference sony. And what facts are basing you're Microsoft declining as a global brand, if you bothered to research that statement, it's quite false. Good luck with all that, it's been real
fonger08  +   559d ago
@hollywoodLa oh please, please, please show me one fact, just one. Your posts are generalizations and opinions, which by the way, are not facts. Oh and by the way, what's difference between Sony acquiring talented studios, paid-content DLC, or other exclusives? I'm just curious on your rational in the differences.

oh and 4 to 41, I'm not the only one that disagrees with rants
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KillerByte23  +   560d ago
There is the app in action, The video that was embedded was removed by me because of people complaining that my voice wasn't heard over the music in the video. I have reuploaded the video and you can watch it here
Lawboy2  +   560d ago
Traded in bf4 today for $28 today so I could get last of us...and then this happen...I was like wow now I can still use my premium and have bf4 for 2.50 per month...and I've never played FIFA or Peggie 2...can't wait
ZORDON   560d ago | Spam
Kavorklestein  +   560d ago
Gotta say, this looks just as good as it was described at the initial announcement.

THIS, or things like this, is the future of gaming. If you wanna OWN it, you can buy it at a discount, if you wanna test drive a handful of games (selection and availability will vary with time of course)
and see if they are games you MUST have, this is the way to do it.
And Early access to future EA titles before they are even out?

If it was ONLY 5 bucks a month to try new games before they came out WITHOUT the access to older games like BF4 etc, I would STILL do it.
Buying video games is a risky investment sometimes, and this could help you decide if you really wanna see more, or if you are not really feeling it after an hour or so..
At least, with EA games.

But this could trigger many other's following suit or making similar access programs via Uplay or Activision Access clients, etc..
If not, oh well, at least EA is willing to try new and exciting things.

And yes, before anybody jumps down my throat about how I mis-understood something. I didn't. I understand that there will be certain restrictions. Like features, and games, or content that may or may not be available... But I don't care. This is still a no-brainer for any xbox one owner.

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen come from the gaming world.
And if it cuts a hole in gamestop's pocket in the process? Well then... EVEN BETTER.
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n4rc  +   560d ago
I envision the day where I can simply pay $50 a month between every publisher and play any and all games I want.. Lol..
jackanderson1985  +   560d ago
i got access myself.... sub is only 25 euro per year which is pretty awesome as it seems they're not going for a 1 to 1 exchange rate with the US prices for once it seems... hopefully good news for the future
CannonB8  +   560d ago
PS4 owner here. I must admit to being slightly jealous. At the same time, I can't understand where the hate for this deal is coming from.
Seems like a great deal to me.
Haki1112  +   559d ago
The hate is from it not being on their console of choice and quite honestly I wish every gamer could think with their head like you this site would be a better place.
Kingoftherodeo  +   560d ago
for those who want in the beta.find a friend on your list who's in beta or just find anyone. from with in the beta app theres a invite friends to preview program section. pretty much send invites and within the week you are in

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