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Who Remembers: Whiplash?

Owen of Entertainment Buddha writes "Back in the days of the PS2 in 2003, there was a game developed by Crystal Dynamics that wasn’t too well known. It involved a certain woodland creature and his ‘friend’. The two unlikely heroes are chained to one another and must overcome many obstacles to make it to the end. This is Whiplash." (Crystal Dynamics, PS2, Retro, Whiplash, Xbox)

Aldous_Snow  +   486d ago
Yeah I've had it in my neck a few times. Painful
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I didn't remember, but now that I saw this post, yeah I remember this game, but I never played it.
WilliamUsher  +   486d ago
Oh, I thought this was talking about the stunt racing game from Gremlin Entertainment called Whiplash from back in 1996 or so.

I loved that game.
WeAreLegion  +   485d ago
I do! Freakin' amazing game. Played the demo on a Jampack. Then, bought it the day it came out.
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Vyktar  +   485d ago
Is this an overgrowth clone?
SpiralTear  +   485d ago
Talk about a blast from the past. Hidden gem for sure.
Goro  +   485d ago
One of the first PS2 games i ever played over 10 years ago.
FrogSpork  +   485d ago
So of all the zany characters from your past, where did these guys rank?
killer4fun53  +   485d ago
i remember swinging that rabbit awesome times :)

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