Working Dreamcast Hard Drive

Carl Williams writes, "The Sega Dreamcast is a console that probably has had the most new games, new hardware interfaces, hacks, etc released for it after it was commercially dead. Take this new hack for instance, a hard drive interface. One that really works. Read on for more information."

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Aldous_Snow1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

A working hdd... WOW I'm excited.

In all seriousness, it was ahead of its time. Had some great games. A boxing game in particular, can't remember what it was called though. I was always the sumo guy

And the in built browzer was slow as fck but kind of amazing at the same time lol as it had never been done before

triverse1454d ago

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing was the boxing game, I believe, you are thinking of.

I agree, the Dreamcast was ahead of its time in many ways.

pwnsause_returns1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Considering in getting the broadband modem for it,'s like $200 on ebay. Yea they made a 1st party LAN modem for it, it was that ahead of its time. And yea, Yea online gaming on dc is sorta alive guys..

Plus I need it to transfer my shenmue save and convert it to pal that way I can play the eu version of shenmue 2.

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pwnsause_returns1454d ago


As far as I'm aware this site talks about it. They're part of that scene

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ATi_Elite1454d ago

Dreamcast is the greatest console ever.......too bad it was supported by Sega who at the time had no money and no vision.

Dreamcast with Genesis money and vision and we be Buying Dreamcast 5 or 6.

billybehr1454d ago

I believe they had plenty of vision. That's why the console was ahead of its time. :)

gapecanpie1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Best gameing console I ever had. Shame that low life pirates killed it. Gaming on consoles haven't been as fun since it's death.


100 percent with you bro. Had a good time with the original xbox. You should build a PC

JaXion51454d ago

It had nothing to do with pirating, it went under due to competition, N64 and PS2. PS2 suffered from pirating back then too yet look how it well it did.

deathtok1454d ago


I lived it! Pirating was the major contributing factor. Shortly after release a group online created a hack that you could burn to a CD to load pirated games.

Sales of games plummeted so publishers abandoned the platform. Sega put out a hardware revision that patched the exploit (see black Dreamcast) but it was too late.

By comparison, the PS2 was not nearly as easy to hack...

strangeaeon1453d ago

I recall great games like Vanishing Point, MDK 2,and Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

jwm21454d ago

The DC was way ahead of its time. Direct from arcade ports made it my all time favorite home console. I say home console because my favorite all time is probably the Neo Geo because of the Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown series.

pwnsause_returns1454d ago

Kinda helped when sagas arcade platform was dreamcast based (NAOMI)

jwm21454d ago

Oh absolutely. I grew up in the arcades and SEGA made many of my favorites. To this day I still play the DC and enjoy it the same way I did 12-14 years ago.

billybehr1454d ago

Dreamcast just had games that were outright fun to play.

jwm21454d ago

Yes they had to. The games were designed to take your quarters, to keep you coming back for more. You could enjoy them in small doses and in 30 minutes felt like playing some more. Those are the games I love.

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