Hyrule Warriors Is Crawling With Gold Skulltulas

100 Gold Skulltulas are hidden across the levels of Hyrule Warriors, and finding and killing the arachnids will earn you collectible illustration pieces.

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ZAF1302d ago

Gotta kill them all!

Relientk771301d ago


uhhh I mean Hyrule Warriors

DryBoneKoopa851301d ago

Challenge accepted! Can already tell this a lot more then a dynasty warriors reskin. Really excited to pick this up!

wonderfulmonkeyman1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

I must tell you all something...

I am going to enjoy this quest far more than the majority of you can comprehend, and likely far more than most people can reasonably say they themselves will.



Nothing that small of natural origin should have more than four legs, let alone an ass bigger than its head.
So for me, this quest is the equivalent of a delicacy.

Squishing spiders in real life?
Won't get near the bastards.

But in a game?
Gimme a weapon, boys; it's HUNT'IN TIME!

Metallox1301d ago


Cutie, isn't it? <3

I don't like those guys either, I barely can kill slim spiders, but killing them in video games... hoho, I feel in heaven.

wonderfulmonkeyman1301d ago

If by "cute" you mean "nightmare fuel", then yes. Absolutely adorable...

randomass1711301d ago

Hehehe happy spider squashin'. XD

BattleN1301d ago

A glimpse of what Zelda Wii U's quest may be like? I sure hope so!

MNGamer-N1301d ago

I friggin hate spiders. Kill it with fire!